SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. The rarified care of Heaven is going to be invading wherever you’re watching me from right now because my guest, Rabbi Michael Zeitler, when he speaks about Israel, especially when, Michael, when you blow the shofar, the ram’s horn, you just got back from Peru. You said you had like 2000 miracles in Peru.

MICHAEL: That’s correct.

SID: People are hearing angels singing.


SID: They’re seeing gold dust. In fact, you’re even running out in the streets. Now what is a nice Jewish guy doing in Peru having 2000 miracles happen? I’ll tell you, Michael, you were raised in a conservative Jewish home. My father used to say, “Conservative Judaism, that’s not even Jewish.” When I became Messianic he said, “Conservative looks pretty good.” But you were raised in a conservative Jewish home, and you had an experience at a young age of anti-Semitism. Tell me about that.

MICHAEL: Well I had some friends in my neighborhood and we were good friends, and just one day came home and one of them had a yellow broomstick handle in his hands, screaming and yelling that I killed Jesus, that I was a Jew. At eight years old I didn’t even know what he meant. I ran home crying. My mother and sister didn’t know what was going on. And after that every time I heard the name, not Yeshua, but every time I heard the name “Jesus” mentioned I would smell baby’s vomit all the time after that.

SID: So you didn’t want to be around anyone speaking the name Jesus.

MICHAEL: It was an aversion to me to have anything to do with it.

SID: Okay. So in high school this nice conservative Jewish boy gets involved in witchcraft, gets involved in what other things?

MICHAEL: Got involved in Buddhism. I was a hippie. I was into drugs, sex, rock and roll, all of that.

SID: Anything but Jesus.

MICHAEL: Exactly.

SID: Okay. You have a girlfriend. You go off to Peru with her. But it’s Easter. So what is a nice Jewish boy do when everyone in town is going to church on Easter? Would you go with your girlfriend?

MICHAEL: I went with her to a movie. It was the only movie that was playing that had English language. There was everything with subtitles, and it was “Jesus Christ Superstar” of all things.

SID: Did you realize it was that?

MICHAEL: I didn’t want to go. But there was nothing else and I was bored. So I went and during the movie, God can use anything. I was delivered from that curse that just happened so long ago when I was eight years with the baby’s vomit. I was able to sing the songs from “Jesus Christ Superstar” and nothing. Everything was gone.

SID: Now, but you started going to church with your girlfriend, because I guess you’re open to anything. And you come back to the states and he goes to a Full Gospel Businessmen’s meeting, and they find out someone Jewish believes in Jesus. He doesn’t know Jesus from anything. And so he shares his story. What kind of story could you share at that meeting?

MICHAEL: The whole story about the baby’s vomit, about witchcraft, about being a hippie, about going into Buddhism, everything I shared, and I didn’t even know I was doing it. It was the first time I was public-speaking. I was in front of 150 people.

SID: Okay. But a Jewish believer in Jesus comes up to you, points his finger in your nose, and what does he say?

MICHAEL: Joe Cohen, a good friend of mine.

SID: Sounds Jewish to me.

MICHAEL: Oh yeah, definitely so. He says to me, “That was a nice story, but do you know Jesus?” And I said, “No.” And he witnessed to me. He spoke to me outside, giving me his story about how he came to know Jesus and said, “Do you want to know him?” And I said, “Yes, I’m ready.” And that night that I accepted him, it was over an hour and a half in the parking lot with him, I gave up all these little good luck things and witchcraft stuff, and all kinds of different things, paraphernalia that I used to carry around with me, I threw it in the garbage that night.

SID: And then he goes to another meeting and he learns that 2000 years ago at Shavuot, the spirit of God descended on these Jewish believers and they spoke in supernatural languages. And what happened to you at that meeting?

MICHAEL: They were very insistent about me being Jewish and knowing Jesus, and I was a little bit apprehensive because I thought based on my past experiences that it wasn’t a good thing. And at the end, the leader invited me up and they said, “Let me lay hands on you.” And they put their hands on my body and they said, “There it is. There it is.” And all of a sudden I feel something bubbling, Sid, out of my stomach and language, a foreign language comes out of mouth, sounds like at one point Chinese. It went on for two hours.

SID: Two hours!

MICHAEL: Yeah, I couldn’t stop.

SID: What did you think was going on?

MICHAEL: I didn’t know. I was shaking like a leaf. Everything was going on at the same time. It was wild and I had no idea what was happening.

SID: Then he goes through, you can see step by step how God is leading this conservative Jewish man. Then he takes him to a meeting where the man talks about forgiveness.

MICHAEL: That’s correct. Another Full Gospel Businessmen’s meeting, and a man names Austin Myles, tremendous giftings of God, and toward the end of the service he says, “Those of you who need to forgive whatever it is that you have problems with.” And then he says something very unusual. He says, “And childhood memories of people that hurt you, whatever you need to forgive.” And so after I forgave, then all of a sudden a flood of childhood memories came into my mind and I started to release unforgiveness. And I felt at that moment my arm shoot out in front of me and like electricity in water flowing from this point of my elbow all the way down out through my fingertips, and it just continued to flow like that. I never experienced anything like that before in my life.

SID: And since that point something else has been happening. You pray for the sick and what happens?

MICHAEL: They get miraculously healed.

SID: Real quick, tell me, you go out in the streets like you just got back from Peru.


SID: Tell me a story of someone in the street.

MICHAEL: A beggar, who I did not know until after it was explained to me, was born deaf, and he was there outside a restaurant begging. I said, “I don’t have any money to give you, but I can pray for you.” And I asked God to open his ears that he would be able to hear. He was instantly healed by God and he was able to hear. And he was shouting and carrying on, even though he couldn’t really speak. He was [unintelligible]. It was so exciting.

SID: You just got back from Peru. Two thousand miracles and when he speaks about the God connection between Israel and people that know God, miracles explode. Michael, when we get back, you’ve got to talk about Israel. Don’t go away.

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