SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter of the Supernatural here with Kris Vallotton. And boy, leaving you at the edge of your seat. I mean, for three and a half years he’s shaking. He’s got a demon, he’s got no hope. He’s getting these visions of doing horrible things. He’s hopeless; he’s finished; he’s history! And he just happens by coincidence, except we know better than that, he hears a radio show. “God has not given you a spirit of fear but of love, power, and a sound mind.” And it was like the power of God penetrated and he realized that this was a foreign entity and he commanded it to go because it was nothing more than an illusion that was trying to destroy him. And it left and he got so excited he said “I’m going to tell everyone about this.” And all of a sudden he had a thought. What was that thought?

KRIS: That thought was “If you tell anyone I’ll kill you.”

SID: Was it like an audible voice or just a thought?

KRIS: You know I think it was just a thought, but it was so strong it was like an audible voice.

SID: And all the symptoms came back?

KRIS: All the symptoms returned.

SID: Did you start shaking again?

KRIS: In five seconds. I couldn’t drive I shook so bad. So I pull over alongside the road. I told you it was pitch dark, it was an eerie place, no moon that night, and I’m literally wondering how I’m going to get home. I can’t think. And this still small voice says to me “Does the devil hate you?” And I said “Oh yeah, he hates me.” And He said “Why didn’t he kill you when you first received Me?”

SID: Good question.

KRIS: And I said “I don’t know.” And He said “Because he can’t. He’s a liar. And his power lies in illusion.” And He said “As long as you believe him, then you empower his lies.” And immediately this peace just flowed over me. The shaking stopped and I got back in my right mind again and off I went home.

SID: It was almost a demonstration of the reality of God, the reality of the devil, and the greater strength in the Word of God, who happens to have a name: Jesus.

KRIS: That’s right. You know, Isaiah 54 says “Oppression will be far from you for you will not fear.”

SID: Speaking of fear, you had more than your share. It was almost like you were tested now on what you had just learned.

KRIS: That’s right.

SID: For instance you were driving, there were children in the car, and someone started chasing you?

KRIS: Yeah, you know what we did was we did eighth grade…my son went to a Christian school. There was only eight graduates in the eighth grade graduation. A pretty small school; again, we were living in the mountains. And we go to Santa Cruz beach, and we’re coming home from Santa Cruz beach. We pull over to get gas and to let the kids go to the restroom and get something to drink. We get back on the road and this guy pulls up right next to us. We’re in a ten passenger van. He pulls up right next to us. Driving down the road, we’re getting on the onramp. Pulls over right next to us and goes, like “Your tire is flat.” And he’s in a white Chevy, an old white Chevy truck. So I start to pull over and I look out the window of the van and we’re going about five miles an hour on the freeway now, pulling over, I’m in the gravel. And I look over and his eyes are glowing bright red. And so I’m like “I’ve seen that before from the visitations I’ve had.” One of the evil spirits that used to visit me had bright glowing red eyes. So anyway do I’m pulling over, and just as I’m pulling over this voice says to me “Peace be with you. There shall no harm come to you.” And I’m like… I haven’t a clue what that’s about. I’m like “I wonder what that’s about.” So I look over at the guy and I’m about to pull over and I see his eyes are red and we’re in the gravel and I think, I just had this thought: “Don’t pull over.” So I thanked him, “Thank you very much. Yeah I got it.” And I go to pull back on and he runs me off the road.

SID: Oh my goodness.

KRIS: And so I’m like “what is going on?” I have no clue what’s going on. And so I kind of stop and he gets out of his truck and he starts running towards the van and he looks really violent and I go “I’m out of here.” So I take off and for forty miles this guy tries to run us off the road, traffic’s stopped on both sides of the road. This is on Highway 5, a major highway in California. He tries to ram us from behind. He pulls his truck sideways on the freeway and he waits for us and we’re going down the road and he’s waiting to ram us from the side and so I stop, he stops, he gets out of his truck, he starts running for the van. The kids in the van, they start screaming “He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!”

SID: Oh my goodness! How fearful were you when all this is going on?

KRIS: I had total peace. Actually I kept laughing. I’m like “This is crazy.” And I just had this total peace because a voice said to me “Peace be with you.” And when He said “Peace be with you,” this overwhelming sense of God’s presence just came over me. Is that amazing?

SID: We serve an amazing God. You know Kris I want you to look in the camera right now and I want you to pray for someone going through fear.

KRIS: You know I just thought a few minutes ago, I was thinking of my testimony while I was sharing with you, and I thought there’s a woman, that she’s for seven years been on antidepressants. And I really felt like, and she’s having a lot of the same symptoms, can’t sleep at night and has an incredible fear of her children being molested or taken from her. And I felt like the Lord was releasing you right now. Just like that man who was on the radio with me, I’m sure he didn’t know me, but he said “God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but love, power, and a sound mind.” And I really believe right now that the Lord is delivering you from that spirit. And not only that but there’s problems inside your stomach and in your colon area and I think that probably is stimulated a lot from anxiety. And the Lord right now… you can feel like a warm oil going down your esophagus and over into your stomach area and the Lord is healing you right now. And I think your name is Jane and I also see someone named Karen that’s somehow related to this whole thing. Maybe it’s your daughter. But the Lord, He’s doing a healing in your life right now that has many dimensions. He’s healing you physically, the whole stomach issue, He’s healing you spiritually because He’s delivering you from that spirit, but you’re going to be opened up to the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is going to begin to talk to you and there’s going to be dimensions of God’s voice that you’ve never ever seen before. The first visitation is going to come tonight. And the third thing is He’s healing you emotionally. David said this in the 23rd Psalm…

SID: I tell you what; our time is up but here is the important thing right now for you: Kris Vallotton was a dead man. God rescued him by the power of His Word. Today he pastors a wonderful church, Bethel Church.  God did that in his life and God wants to do the same in your life. God is not a respecter of persons.

KRIS: That’s right.

SID: He knows you. He had you watch. I tell you, if you turn your life over completely to God, repent of your sins, believe the blood of Jesus washed them away, make Jesus your Lord. Your own words not Billy Graham words, your words. I tell you, this is what you were created for. There is a destiny on your life. Don’t miss this chance now.

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