SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Rabbi Michael Zeitler. Michael, tell me about that little 12-year-old girl, born deaf. What happened to her?

MICHAEL: Twelve-year-old girl, born deaf. I had blown the shofar and three people came up to give testimony that they could hear, but she hadn’t received her hearing. The Lord directed me to lay hands on her ears and to ask God to open her ears. She instantly received her hearing and the expression on her face, Sid, to hear sounds for the first time, her mother crying because she knew that her daughter was now hearing. It was just absolutely fantastic.

SID: And when Michael shares about miracles of Israel, Israel is a miracle nation. When he shares there is a release of glory. I believe, Michael, it comes from Genesis 12:3, in which God says, “I, God, will bless those who bless the Jewish people.” When Michael shares about the miracles of God he’s sharing about the blessings of God, and the blessings overflow and people get so miraculously healed. One more.

MICHAEL: Another one in the War of Independence, Sid, really hard to explain except just to repeat what I know. The unit was without ammunition. There were thousands of Arabs below, down below on this Galilee hill that they were on. And in desperation they pour gasoline over 50 empty drums and roll them down the mountain toward the Arabs. At the same time a tropical storm is starting. And so between the thunder, the lightening, the flaming barrels and the sound of them hitting the rocks, the Arabs thought it was a secret weapon and they all ran off.

SID: Rabbi Michael, my faith is soaring right now. I believe it’s time for you to blow the shofar. And if you are ready we’re gonna have more miracles than we’ve ever had in the history of our show. Blow that shofar, Michael.

MICHAEL: [shofar]

SID: And I know that as you start speaking what God is telling you right now the miracles will break loose.

MICHAEL: Sid, right now I see the Lord healing people. God is moving in backs and necks right now. There’s somebody that has a herniated disk. There’s seven herniated disks in your back, and God is replacing those right now with a brand new spine. I see, thank you Lord, there’s a liver that’s being healed right now. You have cirrhosis of the liver and God is replacing that liver with a brand new liver. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Almighty God. Right now there’s somebody who has pressure on their brain and God is releasing that pressure right now from your brain. You were gonna have an aneurism and God is releasing that right now for you. Sid, there’s people that are having their hearing opened right now, that they heard the shofar and you heard the shofar, and your ears were instantly opened. There’s someone else right now that has a corneal ulcer in their eye, it’s your left eye, and God is healing your eye right now. Thank you, Almighty God. Stomach ulcers are being healed right now. Thank you, Lord. Depression just left. When you heard the shofar being blown, depression and fear just left. It literally just left your life forever and left your thinking, your mind. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Almighty God. Someone, their right leg, they have a shortened leg and they have a problem with their knee, and their femur bone, the bottom part of their calf, God’s healing you right now. You can get up and you can walk around. There’s someone that just heard the shofar, and hearing my words, you were in a wheelchair. You have multiple sclerosis and you feel an electricity going through your body right now. I want you to get up out of your wheelchair and tell us what happened, because God just took you out of the wheelchair right there while you were watching. Thank you, Almighty God. Thank you.

SID: Do you remember this Jewish man that didn’t know his right hand from his left hand, and was challenged by another Jewish believer in the Messiah, and he said, “Nice story, but do you know Jesus?” I challenge you right now. You’ve got a nice story, but do you know Jesus? You know, it said Adam knew Eve, had intimacy with Eve. God wants you to have such a flow of His love, such a flow of His peace that nothing, nothing can steal that from you. The only way to have that is to start out by saying, “I have made many mistakes, God. Please forgive me. I believe your son, Jesus, died in my place, and by his blood my mistakes are washed away and I’m clean. And now that I’m clean, Jesus, come inside of me. God of love, come inside of me.” I see the tears coming from your eyes right now. Say that loud now.

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