SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Rabbi Michael Zeitler, and Michael, you just got back from Peru. It’s the most miraculous thing. When he speaks about Israel, you see so few people, believers in the Messiah, traditional Jews, people, Buddhists, anyone who understands plan for Israel and the connection between Israel and the United States of America. And when Michael starts sharing, especially the miracles that have happened in Israel, it releases a miracle atmosphere, and many times he’ll just blow the shofar and people are instantly healed. Tell me about the time that people heard an angelic choir while you were speaking.


MICHAEL: Yes. I was in Peru and basically it was God just orchestrating the whole thing. All I was just doing was narrating. And I blew the shofar and then this one particular pastor starts singing, and it’s in the spirit, and the Lord says, “That’s an angelic song that he’s singing right now.” And when he finished singing it, everybody heard the angels singing the very song that he was just finished singing.


SID: Not just one or two people? Everyone.


MICHAEL: No. Yeah, the pastor. I asked. I said, “How many of you heard the singing?” Yeah. They raised their hands. And there were miraculous things that took place. Seven people were miraculously healed as they heard the angels singing of their hearing. They had bad hearing. Their hearing was completely healed.


SID: Let me ask you a candid question between two Jews. What’s this big fuss about Israel? Why is it so important?


MICHAEL: Because it’s God’s time clock, Sid. As goes Israel, so goes the spiritual Israel, the church, okay, Israel in the natural, the spiritual Israel, so goes the world. Everything that takes place in Israel then continues to follow suit with the rest of the world. That’s why it’s so important. It’s the apple of God’s eye and it’s where God says His presence will be. It was before in the Tabernacle with Moses. It will be again in the New Jerusalem when He returns.


SID: In your book you teach about the connection between the United States of America and

Israel. Many people don’t know this. Tell us a few nuggets.


MICHAEL: Okay. Well the United States, when the Puritans came they thought they were coming to a promised land and they were believing that this was truly the Promised Land as they related to what happened with those so long ago in Israel. And all the various different presidents in the administrations in the White House were supportive of having a nation for the Jewish people to come back to Israel. It wasn’t called Israel. There was no name for it at that time, maybe Palestine, which was basically what England gave it, but the United States and Israel have been literally, like you said, married to one another, and being able to be influenced. And so the United States has blessed the Jewish people and blessed Israel, the United States has prospered and grown economically and in other ways because of the blessing of the Nation of Israel.


SID: And you point out when the United States goes against Israel what the world might call is natural disasters, economic disasters happen.


MICHAEL: Yes. All various different kinds of things, like what happened with Katrina. Ten thousand people were removed from Gaza forcibly and 10,000 people were displaced and killed in New Orleans.


SID: And what I also love is the connection between great events in the history of Israel and great events in the history of the church. Tell me a few.


MICHAEL: Well in 1948, when it says in Isaiah, “Can a country be born in a day?” It happened. This little tiny nation, smaller than the state of Delaware, is now established. Eighty different people groups have a 2000-year-old language that’s resurrected from the dead. And in 1948, as that was happening, also at the same time just a few months later, the healing revival, the healing movement started with Jack Cole, with Catherine Kuhlman, with Oral Roberts, all happening at the same time. Another one, in 1967, with the Six-Day War, just a few months after the Six-Day War when they were outnumbered by the Arabs there was no way that they were going to be able to succeed in victory. And yet, after a few months, the Jesus movement starts in Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, and leaders like the leader of the Messianic movement, Marty Chernoff and so many others that are leaders today came forth from that. As what was happening in Israel so went God’s time clock to affect the spiritual Israel and the world.


SID: And I love all the miracles that God does in the land of Israel. And watch what happens to your faith level as Rabbi Michael shares about these miracles. I don’t know about you, Michael, but I feel the presence of God starting to invade this studio. Tell me one miracle in the history of Israel.


MICHAEL: Okay. In 1948, the War of Independence, there’s 200 Syrian armored vehicles, 45 tanks coming to the oldest kibbutz called Degana and all they have, because the British, two weeks before their independence is announced, all the weapons that are available are taken away from them. They only have four cannons and they’re from the 1870s from the Prussian War. Lieutenant Colonel Moshe Dayan quickly has it assembled and fires on the lead tank coming into this kibbutz. They take the tank out. The Syrians get scared and the whole 200 of them turn and go back to Syria thinking that there’s other weapons available from Israel.


SID: Now that’s just a little example. But there are so many examples, and believe me, as you hear these miracles your faith will grow. And I’m gonna have Rabbi Michael blow the shofar. He just got back from Peru, 2000 miracles. Be right back after this word.

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