SID:  Hello, Sid Roth your investigative report here with Carol Reed, and a man that would become her husband, Isaiah.  Last week we found out Isaiah, you were one of the major pimps in Hawaii, making upward of twenty millions dollars a year. You had a stable of women of which Carol was one, and Carol, one of the women, one of the other prostitutes was so jealous, she stabbed you in the eye? 

CAROL:  Yes, seven days after I had my oldest son, Decat, I went into a bar and we got in an altercation and at the end of the altercation she came with her little hunting knife and stabbed me in my left eye where I lost my vision in that eye, and ah, it was really hard you know because here I, I just had a baby and now I’m going through, going back into the hospital and losing my sight, and it was just really me believing you know God was speaking to me in all these different ways. 

SID:   Yes Carol, well – now, I don’t think back then you knew diddly what was going on. 

CAROL:  No, I didn’t know anything. 

SID:  Now Isaiah, you in the meantime have a radical experience with God but you did wrong and you have to pay the price, you go to prison and from prison, you call Carol who is now out of Hawaii, you call Carol to marry you?  Why? 

ISAIAH:  Well, when I got saved of course I had a father in the Lord, and started getting discipleship in prison.  And like you say, I had to pay for my crimes that really was a mandatory twenty, but I only did five years. So the pastor said that Carol would be my wife and I said well, she’s not saved, you know she had all these issues as I went for a Godly woman. And the pastor said this is a word of the Lord.  So I waited five years, and the day that I was getting out of prison, getting processed out by the grace of God, the Lord spoke to me and said, call Carol now.  And I said, well Lord, I don’t have a cell phone in this cell. He said, call her now. So the long and short of it is a guard took me to the guard shack and let me make a long-distance call and I called her in California and asked her to marry me and she said yes, in the midst of all of her confusion. 

SID:  Now Carol, what was going on in your life when Isaiah calls you out of the blue? 

CAROL:  Well, this was right after my father killed the young man so I was in a lot of turmoil, I was very suicidal, I had two children, I was sitting that night, I’ll never forget, it was two-thirty in the morning and I was debating how I could kill me and my kids. And I heard – 

SID:  For real? 

CAROL:  I was going to kill us.  I was tired of living.  I remember I was screaming out to the Lord and I told Him how can You allow me to stay in my mess?  And I heard the Lord tell me, you know you got it right.  You’re in it, because I’ve always been at the door.  I’ve just waited for you to knock and then He told me, you can’t leave here until you do what I say.  So you might as well get comfortable, and as soon as I heard that – it was two-thirty in the morning and the phone rang, and it was Isaiah calling on the phone saying I have one minute and one question, “Will you marry me?” And immediately I said yes. But the funny thing that happened, after that as soon as I hung up the phone I heard a voice say, he doesn’t want you, he just wants those kids. And I said okay, fine. Well now I don’t have to kill the kids I can just kill myself. I’ll take him his sons, and when I finish taking him his sons, I go on and kill myself.  And so the pastor found out that he’d asked me to marry him and so they volunteered to pay for me to come to Hawaii with my kids. I only came there to get rid of the children and then go kill myself. 

SID:  But along the way, you went into a church.  Why? 

CAROL:  I went in the church to make a mockery of God.   I had no desire to get saved.  I had a twenty-dollar rock of cocaine in my purse. I was going to just go in there and make a mockery of his God he said he had found and I was going to go back out and do my thing. And low and behold when I walked in the church praise and worship was going and I don’t remember what was preached but I knew that I had reached the place that I was looking for, I just didn’t know that was what I was looking for. And I ended up at that altar, and within a minute, within less than a minute, within a second, God came, and the Holy Spirit just baptized me in the Holy Spirit and I was delivered of everything, low self-esteem, lesbianism, drug addiction, smoking cigarettes, lying – 

SID:  Instantly! 

CAROL:  Instantly.  Within less than a second I was delivered.  When I got up I actually had to look down at myself to see who I was. Because it was like I had came out of a bad dream. 

SID:  Now Isaiah, when she told you what happened to her, what went on inside of you? 

ISAIAH:  Well, when I first saw her and you know I picked her up at the airport like she said, she was still dressed up, we call it “hoochy mama” she had on everything showing, and so I says man, God missed it.  You know here I am I had been saved five years and so I had this religious kind of a mind. I was really embarrassed. And like she said she ended up at church in front of all my Christian peers. And I said now they’re going to think I’m full of lust because look who I desire to marry. And so the Holy Spirit started dealing with me in the service saying, you can believe I can save you but you can’t believe I can save her after all you’ve been through. And so I just closed my eyes and just trusted God, I didn’t know she was going to get saved that night but I really was kind of repenting that I would stop being religious. And sure enough, I mean she got gloriously saved and baptized in front of the whole church congregation –   

SID:  Question?  God began speaking to you about him and about your life.  Tell me about that? 

CAROL:  Yes, when I received the Lord, I knew that it was a touch from God, there was no denying that it was God, but I still did not trust Isaiah the man. And so I told him I don’t know about you but that night I had a dream, a vision, and the Lord showed me and Isaiah walking from, on a pulpit, him walking from one side and me walking from the other, and when we reached the pulpit a Bible opened up and a dove flew out, and He said I ordain this in the name of the Lord.  Go ye therefore. And then I knew I was supposed to marry Isaiah. And that next week at the testimony service I told them not only am I going to stay here, but I’m going to be your wife. 

SID:  Let me tell you something, if you don’t feel the presence of God, the spirit, the Shekinah glory of God – you need to have an encounter with God through His Son Jesus.  We’re going to come back and we’re going to find out – you literally went into a masque and the spirit of God invaded that place?  Don’t go away, we’ll be right back. 


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