SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest Katie Souza was a career criminal. It’s hard to believe, Katie, you were in movies and television, and modeling, and got in with a fast crowd, got into drugs. But what I don’t picture is these high speed chases with guns. I mean, that’s Bonnie and Clyde stuff.


KATIE: Definitely.


SID: How does a nice girl like you get into this?


KATIE: You know, I grew up around guns my whole life. I had been a tomboy. So when I got into drugs and it totally turned my already volatile personality into somewhat of a terrorist personality, so it was natural for me to go that direction to start doing collections on other drug dealers and to start forcing people to pay their drug debts.


SID: Just out of curiosity, you’re forcing people to pay their drug debts. Aren’t you concerned that they might have a gun and they’re crazy from drugs anyway, and you’re life is going to be over?


KATIE: You know, right at the moment I never actually thought about that. I just went in head first to do it. But it did actually go from very dangerous entanglements later on. Because I would collect on bigger clients like biker clubs they would start actually putting contracts on my life and try to take my life many times.


SID: Then, maybe I don’t know, did you get greedy? What was it? You started your own meth lab.


KATIE: Well I got tired of buying and selling drugs. That’s a real hassle. And so I said, well you know, if I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do it right. I’m gonna be the top dog. I’m gonna start manufacturing my own speed so that I can do good dope and I can sell dope, and be treated somewhat like a rock star, because if you’re a meth dope that’s the kind of treatment that you get.


SID: So did reality really set in, in 1999, when they finally got you, they finally were gonna send you away for, what, 11 and a half years?


KATIE: Twelve and a half, yeah. They did. They caught me. They apprehended me, federal marshals did. And my first year in lockdown I spent in and out of the hole because I was fighting everybody, and I ended up actually attacking an officer. And so I was completely out off control like I was on the streets. And then one day God walked into that cell and He arrested me



SID: Wait a second. God walked into that cell. What really happened, between you and me?


KATIE: Okay. So I had found out that my codefendant was going to testify against me, and I was looking to up to 20 years in prison.


SID: Ouch.


KATIE: Right.


SID: So that would sober you, I would think.


KATIE: Yeah. And it made me really mad at the time, as I wasn’t walking with God yet. And so I went out to the yard, and me, her and a girlfriend actually threw down and had a fight over it. So we got taken to lockdown. And while I’m in lockdown, this was like my umpteenth time in the hole, I’m in a cell that’s covered with urine and feces, and vomit, and it’s freezing cold, and I just all of a sudden it hit me. Wow. I am tired. I have been doing this for ten years on the streets. Now I’m doing it in here. And now I’m looking at all this time in prison, and I just felt like I was at the end of my rope. And at that point I had a diabetic seizure. And when I woke up I was done. I was completely done. And I said, do you know what, I just give up. I surrender. And that was what God was waiting for, Sid.


SID: And then you actually had these Bible studies, and you started, what did you call it, a God Pod in prison?


KATIE: Yes. In my unit we got so involved in God. We started doing the Bible studies and worship, and praying for people, and baptizing people in the shower.


SID: But you started hearing God’s voice, and God said to you, you get an early release. How specific was it?


KATIE: Well I was meditating on God on night and He came and said, “You know what? I’m gonna do a jail break. I’m gonna get you out.” And then He even gave me the exact date He was gonna do it. So I run out to the whole facility the next day and I tell everybody what God told me, and at the end of the day I got 12 women laughing at me.


SID: I can imagine.


KATIE: Right. And then my counselor gets wind of it, and she’s like, “So you think you’re leaving on that certain date?” I’m like, “I don’t think so. I know so. God told me.” She picks up the phone, Sid, looks me in the eye, picks up the phone and calls the guards to come and escort me to the facility psychiatrist. Then I get to the facility psychiatrist and she’s told that I’m hearing the voice of God, so she wants to put me in suicide watch. But six months later I won a case that I had in federal court, and the exact date the Lord gave me came to pass.


SID: What impact did it have on the prisoners that knew that you were so crazy they sent you to the psychiatrist because you knew the exact date and told everyone you were gonna get out so early?


KATIE: It was a massive impact from everybody, and it was great because even the unbelievers were like, wow, now we have something to believe in. Now we can see that God is real. And even my counselor, I can remember her calling me, paging me after she found out what happened. She paged me into her office and she said, “My fish are dying. Would you please pray for my fish?”


SID: Your faith must have been zoom, skyrocketed.


KATIE: Absolutely. It was.


SID: But you know what’s so amazing to me is as fanatic, and that’s the word, I mean, if “fanatic” is a good term for football, why not for God, you know? As fanatic as you were for crime, you’re that fanatic for the Lord.




SID: And why is He showing you principles that are keys, if you will, that speed prayers up supernaturally? Why you?


KATIE: Why me? ‘Cause we’re doing a prison ministry now. We have an international prison ministry. And those people need everything God has. They need healing. They need deliverance. They need acceleration. They need to be discipled quickly. Everything needs to move in a faster level because God’s Kingdom is coming in such an accelerated manner and we’ve got to keep up.


SID: You go, she goes and she speaks in prisons now, and everything happens almost instantly. It’s a whole acceleration. But it’s a tool that Katie has been downloaded, that will speed up your prayers in an amazing fashion. Give you supernatural information in an amazing fashion. Don’t go away. Be right back after this word.

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