SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Katie Souza. And Katie, I am so excited that a supernatural way to speed up prayers that might have taken 20 years, things that you’ve been contending with, and contending and battling. It’s all being compressed, I think because the Messiah is coming soon. Now tell me about this tool, that you call it, called ascending and descending.

KATIE: Well ascending is not just meant to be a supernatural carnival ride. It’s a powerful tool and it can cause acceleration, ‘cause when you can ascend up into Heaven, ‘cause we have the legal right to do so, you can get whatever is in Heaven and bring it back down to Earth and cause the promises that God is speaking in your life to happen in an increased and accelerated manner. And we’ve seen an example of that in Jacob and the ladder. Remember that story?

SID: Yes.

KATIE: Jacob sees the ladder, right? It’s going from Heaven to Earth. And at the top of the ladder God is standing there and He’s speaking these promises unto Jacob. And as God is doing that the angels are ascending up the ladder then descending back down. Okay, that’s kind of a strange order, you would think, that they would descend first, right?

SID: Sure. If they’re coming from Heaven, they descend.

KATIE: Right. But Hebrews 1 says that angels are ministering spirits sent to minister to us. They’re already, there’s angels already down here. They’re already helping us. So that day when Jacob saw that, what happened was this. As God was speaking promises over Jacob’s life, the angels that were already down here at work did what angels do. The scripture says that angels hearken to the voice of the Lord. So they heard God speaking the promises. They ascended up into Heaven, got the stuff that they needed to make the promises for Jacob’s life come to pass, and then brought them back down to Earth and released them.

SID: Okay. How does that affect me? Those are angels doing it. Are you telling me I can do that?

KATIE: Yes. We’re seeded in the holy realms of Christ. Seeded is past tense, meaning we are already there. Christ already won the right for us to be there. And men in the Bible ascended into Heaven. You saw Moses and Aaron, and the 72 elders. They went up, they ate and they drank, which tells me they went up in their bodies, too. Paul talks about the man that went up into the third heavens, whether in the body or out of the body, he didn’t know. And John, John the revelator went up into the heavens and he got all the downloads for the Book of Revelation. So you can see that they went up and they got these encounters with God, and they also got revelation and enablements, and brought them back down here to Earth.

SID: All right. Give me an example at how you ascended and got information. Tell me about those farmers.

KATIE: Okay. So I’m on tour. I’m in Oklahoma City and it’s harvest time. I’m staying at some farmer’s house, right? And all the farmers in that area had lost their harvest for the five years previous, right at the end when they were gonna harvest. It’s harvest time again, and suddenly this huge storm comes. And there’s torrential rain and 60-mile-an-hour winds, and hail is on the way, which all destroys the crops.

SID: So they’re gonna miss another harvest.

KATIE: Another harvest. Okay. So we’re all sitting on the backyard looking at the [unintelligible]. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. Bind the storm. We muzzle the storm. Be quiet in the name of Jesus. And it’s not working. And as we’re doing this the Lord speaks to me and He says, “Why are you trying to battle something that’s originating in the second heavens from underneath it? You don’t even know what’s going on. Why don’t you go and ascend up there and find out what the strategy is of the enemy so you can have the victory.” So I excused myself. I went inside the room. I said, “Lord, you just told me to go, so I’m gonna leave here and you can take me right now.” And I was there, Sid. I was there in a second and I saw the strategy of the kingdom of darkness.

SID: What did you see?

KATIE: I saw two dragons, a red one and a black one. Now I looked up those colors later on. To be in the red means only to be indebted. To be in the black means an area blacked in a drought. You see, the sign of the enemy all those years was to let those farmers put all their energy and their time, and their water, and their fertilizer and everything into their crops, and then cause them to lose their harvest right at the end so that they would be in the red owing, so they’d be in an area blackened with drought. And so there was the disguise of the enemy, and now I could see it because I knew how to use the tools ascending. And so I’m up there, and I look down, and without even asking God has supplied me with a sword. That’s just how it works in the realm. You have everything you need. And I took it out, and I only had to take like three or four strikes at this red dragon and he went down. I turned around and I took one strike at the black dragon and he went down, too. Now think about that. They harvested that year. In 20 minutes–

SID: Wait a second. All the storms and everything were coming towards them?

KATIE: The storm stopped. The fields dried up enough to where they could get their harvest in. After all those years a major breakthrough. And it happened in 20 minutes of ascending. Ascending is a powerful, powerful tool.

SID: But it also helps you with physical things. Tell me about your skin condition.

KATIE: Okay. That was with the glory cloud. So can I go into that?

SID: Sure.

KATIE: Your buddy David Herzog talks about that. Years ago he had a teaching about God. He used the creative power of glory cloud to create the whole world. In Genesis 1, the earth is void and then the spirit of God or the glory came down and hovered over the void of the earth, and then God spoke into that void, into the cloud and said, “Let there be light,” and bang, there’s light. So there’s creative power in the glory. Okay. So I’m on high and I’m in my worship time with God, and in our worship God’s presence or His glory will become manifest and become tangible, because that’s what the scripture says. So as I’m worshiping the glory just exploded. It exploded so much that my arms felt like they weighed 200 pounds. I was pinned to the bed. I had burning tangible glory in my face. And what happened was this, is a few days before that I had found a patch of melanoma skin cancer on my leg. And I prayed for it. I put my hand on it. I prayed for it and I didn’t feel anything, and nothing happened. But now in the glory, in the presence of the glory which has light in it too, because the glory cloud has light in it, I began to command that patch to die in Jesus’ name. Three days later, Sid, it dries up like a little flake of skin and I just literally flicked it right off my leg and it was healed.

SID: You know what’s kind of interesting to me is that the latest things in skin care is to use lasers, which are light. How much more the light of God, but we’ll get into that on another show. But what I’m interested in is there is supernatural banking in the glory. Well there is a bank crisis in the United States of America and many other countries. How about supernatural banking in the glory? Don’t go away. Be right back after this word.

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