SID: Hello, I’m here with Jennifer Toledo, and this young woman was involved in the most amazing supernatural surgery, before that happened, to almost prepare here, she had a vision in which she saw the compassion of Jesus, how he wept over children, he wept over injustices throughout the world. Jennifer, tell me what it means to be a child, what are the things that Jesus was weeping over? In planet earth today, what does it mean to be a child?

JENNIFER: You know when you hear that, sadly you would think normally to be a child is playful, fun, but today to be a child is very different. The world we are living in is so hostile towards children today, and it’s really the greatest area of injustice in the world is towards children. And if you kind of take a global perspective there are over six billion people on the earth right now, and over have of the earths population is under the age of fifteen. So over three billion of the earths’ population are children, and of those three billion, two billion live in dire poverty. So two out of three children live in dire poverty; that means

SID: People can’t comprehend those numbers though, you know that.

JENNIFER: Yeah, I mean it is just so massive, but if you just start to kind of break it down, I mean there is every area of issues of injustice that effect children, whether it is poverty, or disease, aids, war,

SID: Listen, I was listening to your CD on the weeping room and the things you were telling me about even war, tell me what they do with children as far as being soldiers.

JENNIFER: Well currently we are seeing a trend, I mean it has happened for years, where children are brought in to fight other peoples wars, and so young children are, you know, stolen from their cities, from their homes, they are drugged up, they are beaten, they are forced to commit horrible crimes and then

SID: Why?

JENNIFER: Because you know the warlords, the leaders are looking for soldiers and sometimes can’t find them so they have to come to children, and children are easy, they are easy, they’re easy to find.

SID: On this tape you were telling they numb, how do they numb their feelings?

JENNIFER: They numb the children, they will oftentimes force them to kill their own family members or they will do horrible things, I mean we have heard stories about making children watch just newborns be slaughtered and different things, just to numb them so that they can become their killing machine for them, it’s common. All other areas, even in wars if you think up until World War II – 90% of fatalities in war were soldiers, since World War II, we are now seeing 90% of all causalities of war are women and children. So things have really changed. And areas of children on the streets, there are over one hundred million children forced to live on the streets in our cities, and they experience every kind of exploitation, abuse, it leads to malnourishment, you’ve got seventeen million children, seventeen million children starving to death every year.

SID: What about aids, what impact is it having on children?

JENNIFER: Aids, you know we are seeing often, commonly in Africa we hear stories, but it is spreading all over, Asia is in bad condition as well, but with aids, we’ve got twenty million people living with aids, children are continually, on a weekly basis, having to bury family members, you’ve got millions of

SID: What about sexual exploitation?

JENNIFER: Sexual exploitation, there are ten million children Sid, involved in sex trade industry, ten million children, that’s prostitution, sex trade tourism,

SID: Tell me one child that you personally saw, what they were doing, and what they are today. Let’s take a real person.

JENNIFER: Oh my goodness, there are so many. We’ve seen, we’ve seen children totally,

SID: Take one.

JENNIFER: Okay, one child I can think of she was involved you know in horrible relationships in terms of her family, growing up she was mistreated, abused, she was sold sometimes to neighbors for the family to make money sexually, chained to walls, beat, I man just horrible, horrible environment, lived in great poverty with a single mom, and then you know parents, dad died of aids, mom died of aids, living with grandma, grandma can’t take care of her, grandma’s dying, and so the cycle just goes on and on, but this is everyday life for so many children.

SID: Was she rescued?

JENNIFER: Yes, actually she is one of the children in our children’s home.

SID: How is she today?

JENNIFER: She is doing great, she has come to know the Lord, God is just really healing her wounds, her heart.

SID: Okay, so you are in this weeping room, you are getting, I believe you picked up supernatural compassion in this weeping room, so you decide to go to Africa, you’ve got everything taken care of, how old were you?

JENNIFER: Twenty-one.

SID: Twenty-one, you’re on your way to Africa, you’re going there and you get there and you find out you don’t have any money, everything was cut off.

JENNIFER: Right. SID: You find out they discriminate against women, white women, and the village you are in have made a blood covenant with Satan?

JENNIFER: Well this was my first trip into Africa, I really didn’t know what I was getting into, I went in to one of the most difficult places in northern Kenya, called the Tricana, and all the environment was very hostile, it was just very difficult on every level, but the tribe I was working with was in blood covenant with Satan, and basically this had been happening for several generations, and they had to offer all these blood sacrifices to the devil to keep him appeased, and if not, horrible things would happen to them, their huts would set on fire, their family members would bleed from their nose until they died, I mean just horrible things, and so they lived in terrible fear and continued to pay homage to these demons because they didn’t know how to escape and their whole land was under the curse as well.

SID: So what in the world are you doing there, why did your parents say, if you were my daughter I’d say Jennifer come home.

JENNIFER: My parents did say that, no they blessed me to go, but it was really a set-up of the Lord, because had I known that you know prior to going, I obviously probably would not have gone, but

SID: I mean you put yourself in Jennifer’s place but a great miracle happened there, and wait until I tell you about that supernatural surgery, so don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

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