SID: Imagine, 21-years-old, going to Africa, being involved with a tribe that has made a blood covenant with the devil, people that go against this tribe, strange, horrible, supernatural things happen. And Jennifer Toledo, in addition to that, you have no money, so what did you do about this situation with these, I mean no one is going to come to God because if they come to Jesus, they have these witch doctors after them, so no one can make any ground there, so what did you do?

JENNIFER: Well first I just began to pray because it just felt so overwhelming, I mean on every area, I mean there was poverty, there was famine, there was draught, war, violence, I mean so it just felt completely overwhelming obviously, and I just began to just pray and just tell the Lord why am I here, what’s this about? And God just asked me a very simple question, he said, “Jennifer, do you still believe, do you believe that I still use David’s to take down Goliath’s?” I had to think about that, I mean of course I believe that you are the God of miracles and I know you can do that but I know you can’t mean me, I now you can’t mean this place, but I just began to ask God of a simple strategy, for his heart for that place, and because I had really encountered compassion in the weeping room, my heart was so moved for these people I really wanted to see transformation come to that place.

SID: Now I have to tell you that anyone who listens to this CD, the Weeping Room, anyone that listens how to become like a little child, their faith is going to zoom. I mean I don’t know what feedback you are getting, but I know what happened to me and I know what happened to my staff that listened to this, and I must say, you do have childlike faith, and you do have compassion, so what happened?

JENNIFER: So we asked God for a strategy and what he said was to draw all of the leaders of the region together since it was originally the leaders who originally put the tribe in the curse, in the covenant, and so all the leaders came together, 1500 pastors, tribal leaders, government leaders, gathered together for seven days, and they repented for their covenants with the enemy, they broke curses, and then, what God told us, he said this is how you fix it, the only way that they can come out of covenant with Satan is they have to come into a stronger blood covenant, and so the whole tribe corporately came into blood covenants with Jesus Christ, it was so amazing.

SID: The whole tribe?

JENNIFER: The whole tribe.

SID: What happened to the witch doctors?

JENNIFER: Well what happened was when this happened, instantly God showed up in power and there was a complete shift in the atmosphere and we asked God for signs, and you know it hadn’t rained there in years and people were dying because of the drought, it starts to pour down rain, right in the middle of the desert, and then all of a sudden once this is done, a huge bolt of lightening, I mean this is like listening to a Bible story, this is the God of today, this is so awesome, huge bolt of lightening strikes this mountain called goat mountain, and that’s the place where all the witch doctors, you know that’s their place, that’s their high point, and they come running down the mountain in fear, because their power has dried up, something has changed, God stepped in, the curse is broken, and many of those witch doctors ended up getting delivered and saved and set free.

SID: Listen, like we say at Passover Seder, I’m sorry, like we say at Hanukkah, “A great miracle happened in this place.” A great miracle happened in this place, but then you picked up a rare tropical disease, tell me what happened to your body.

JENNIFER: I got very sick and didn’t know what was happening but knew that I was in very bad shape, I had been rushed to a hospital that was 14 hours away, and even getting there was a miracle. But once I got there I had been told if I had just been a few hours later I would have been dead. All of my organs had begun to shut down, and this toxin in my body was just completely destroying everything inside of me. And I was told there really wasn’t much they could do, there wasn’t a whole lot of hope, what they needed to do was a surgery to try to salvage whatever they could but something rose up inside of me and I just said no, I’m not going to have this surgery, I know that Jesus can heal me, this is my dad I’ve seen since 7-years-old who has taken care of me, has provided for me, he will not fail me now. And I just began to stand on the promises in the Bible. And what happened, as I was laying in my bed, I saw Jesus walk into my hospital room, and He took the back of His hand and He just cut me open, pulled my skin back

SID: Did it hurt?

JENNIFER: Didn’t hurt, it was really awesome. This is actually in a dream, as I was praying I fell asleep and had this dream, pulled my skin back, one by one He began to massage my organs, and put them back in, cleaned some things out and He just smiled and said, “It’s good.” Closed my skin back up, He had my perfect color skin in His hand, put it back on top and I’m, in my dream I’m just celebrating because I’m not going to have a scar, you know and I was so excited, and I’m awakened out of my dream, and quite honestly, I still felt ill. But I just had to make a choice, and I said, what is the nature of God? Would He give me this dream to tease me? I don’t think He would. And so I just began to declare, I’m healed, I’m healed, even though I was in pain. But every time I said I’m healed, strength came to my body, supernatural strength, and pretty soon I was stronger, stronger, stronger, and after ten days of being in the hospital and not eating for ten days and being in very poor condition, completely, I was completely healed that day.

SID: No surgery?

JENNIFER: No surgery, Jesus did my surgery.

SID: So what did the doctor’s say?

JENNIFER: So the doctor’s of course at first couldn’t believe me and they came running in, no way, you know, but they rushed me off for testing and I had multiple tests and every single test came back exactly the same. These are the same doctor’s that had tested me, but every test said this is medically undefined, we can’t explain it, this morning her organs weren’t functioning, now all of her organs are functioning one hundred percent, there is no poison in her body, she is completely healed, we have no explanation.

SID: If you didn’t know God, young lady, you wouldn’t be here right now. I bet your parents were pretty happy when you came back.

JENNIFER: They were. They were quite traumatized by the whole event. But actually it was good for my parents because they got to see the faithfulness of God and trust in Him as well.

SID: You know you work a lot with children, you have a real compassion for children; in fact you told me that God sealed compassion in your heart, very briefly tell me about it.

JENNIFER: When I was in the weeping room, had the encounter in the weeping room, I began to see just all that moves the heart of God, I began to feel his emotions for the first time, it is one thing to know in your head that he is compassionate, it’s another thing to actually feel his emotions, and I began to ask God to let me be a person who feels his emotions, and so I asked the Lord to brand compassion on my heart and I knew that that would cost me a lot, because compassion will drive you to lay your life down. But he did, in the vision he took a branding iron and he branded the word compassion on my heart and so my life has continued to be, my prayer has been that God would use me that I would be a vessel of compassion.

SID: Well let me tell you, these two CD’s that we are offering, one, The Weeping Room people will develop compassion, and this one that is called The Gospel of the Kingdom, Jennifer, when you actually taught this people had evenly visitations and people when they listen to this had heavenly visitations, but there is one thing that you said, of everything that you said that I wrote down, and it is so important, what does it mean to be a child, a totally dependant child, what’s happening to the children of the world, what’s happening to the adults that are believers that have forgot their first love, that forgot that God wants to be your daddy, what happens to those who have never experienced Father God as their Daddy, with me my father died, he’s in heaven, but the only father I have is my heavenly Father, my daddy, and I’ll tell you something, he is, how important is it to know that God the Father is your Daddy?

JENNIFER: It’s everything. And I just want to say too, for those that are watching no matter what you are going through, no matter what is happening in your life, he is faithful, he will prove himself to you as a faithful, loving Father. I can’t imagine going through my life without knowing the love of my Father, and he sees every act of injustice, he sees the wrongs that have been done, he sees the circumstances in your life, but he will prove himself to you to be faithful.

SID: Well, next move is yours. But God’s already made his move; he says, “I love you.” I mean do you realize can you comprehend this? The Creator of the universe reached down in the form of a man called Jesus to pa the price for your sins, to pay the price for your diseases, and I keep hearing that someone’s hip is being healed right now, pain of all kind is being healed right now, especially in the back, I tell you spines are being, I can hear it cracking, there is someone’s spine that is being healed right now. Who did that? Your Daddy, and I tell you that if you do not know Him, He wants you, there are no rejects, the only reject is if you reject him. He will not reject you. You say you’ve gone too far, hah, you don’t know what I went through, you don’t know what kind of life I lived, but I tell you that you have not gone too far if you are watching this television show, you have not. God himself had this orchestrated, God is real, God is love, but your sins have separated you from the greatest love, the love that you’ve been looking for your whole life, so what do you do, you repent your sins, you ask for his help to turn from them, and you make him Lord. And you start saying Daddy I need you. That’s called being a child, that’s what Jennifer is talking about, you must become like a little child. And that’s what I see in you Jennifer; you are like a little child.

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