SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Jennifer Toledo. It’s really almost hard for me to believe, but this young lady I’m about ready to interview, Jennifer Toledo, was in Africa, she was dying, there was no hope for her, nothing, they wanted to cut out some of her organs, she had this rare disease she picked up, and Jesus came into the hospital room, sliced her open, massaged each one of her organs putting life back in, closed her up, she woke up and, well we’ll get to that in a minute as to what happened, but I’ll tell you what, that’s my kind of surgery. Did you have to pay a lot for that surgery?

JENNIFER: It was free.

SID: But he paid a lot for it if you look at it the other way.

JENNIFER: That’s right.

SID: So listen, you’re like 7 years old, you’re like so many Americans, unfortunately too many Americans, your dad leaves home – you have no father. And you began praying, as a little child, what did you pray?

JENNIFER: Well, I remember the day that my dad left and I was just feeling very devastated and I was in my room crying and just asking the Lord who’s going to take care of me and who’s going to be my daddy and one of the times I remember most clearly hearing the Lords voice and he just spoke to me very sweetly and he just looked at me and he just said, “I’ll be your daddy.” And it was very simple but it was all my 7 year old little heart needed and from that day he just continued to prove himself as my father. SID: Now you mom is a single parent, household, didn’t have a lot of money, and you learned how God, your Daddy, answered prayer. Tell me a couple of things you saw happen as a child.

JENNIFER: Growing up, there are so many different times where we just literally had to trust him as a real actual physical father, and, simple things, like fathers provide food for their kids, and there would be times when we didn’t have food left in our house and we would just pray and say God you’re our dad, so dad’s feed their kids, we need food and very simply but with absolute faith, and we would go to school and come home from school and I remember walking home so many times and there would be bags and bags of groceries just left on our doorstep with all the best things. And this happened so often we would just celebrate and rejoice that God had miraculously provided, we never knew where the food came from, there was never a note, but these kinds of things happened all throughout my childhood.

SID: But you know one of the things that I have difficulty is as I look over my notes about you is, then when you are about 16 years of age, seeing God provide like few people have seen him provide, trusting him, he is your daddy, and yet the pull of the world was pulling you out and you were in a Taco Bell, and again you heard God’s voice, what did he say?

JENNIFER: Well at that time I was, I really loved God but yet was still very selfish, and I was sitting in Taco Bell with a group and just clearly, I just began to feel conviction of the Holy Spirit, and I just felt God tugging at my heart you could say, and very clearly he just said to me, you need to make a decision, you can’t keep living this way, you are either going to live for me or you are going to live for yourself, but you can’t do both. And that really struck me because I thought I could do both, and I really realized for the first time what it means to die to yourself and to begin a process of surrender and so from that day began a whole journey in my life of surrender

SID: Was if difficult giving up your friends?

JENNIFER: It was very difficult, I mean at 16 to give

SID: But wait, a few years later now, you’re about ready, you’ve fought, the love of your life, I can just picture it, Jen, the love of your life, and what did God say to you?

JENNIFER: God said that that wasn’t, he would bless me if I went through with that but it was not his highest for me and it would limit me from reaching all that he had for me at that season, so

SID: Did you doubt that that was God, because this is the love of your life, your hearts is going pitty-pat?

JENNIFER: It was very difficult to accept, but I knew it was the Lord and I had asked for confirmation and I had gotten it, so it was very hard, it was very hard to process, but I had peace in my heart and I knew it was the Lord and I never wanted to live a day knowing that I hadn’t walked in his fullness and his best, I never wanted to choose second best.

SID: Now I have two CD’s by you, I hear they are phenomenal; the one I’m holding up right now is “The Weeping Room.” This came from a vision, tell me about that?

JENNIFER: I had an encounter a few years ago, I was just praying, and just asking the Lord to show me his heart, and

SID: That’s a dangerous thing to do.

JENNIFER: That’s true, that true, no it’s a good thing. But truly in pursuit of friendship, wanting just to know what was precious to his heart, I began to have a vision, and in the vision God just takes me up to heaven, what looks like the Father’s house, it’s the only way that I can explain it, but it was just a house full of many rooms and each room had so many different things, but he took me into this room that was called the intimacy chamber, and from there he led me into another room called the weeping room and in that place he just began to share his heart with me about the poor, the broken, the children, and issues of injustice and that experience totally changed my life and the course of my life actually.

SID: When you were in this weeping room, what was Jesus doing?

JENNIFER: Well, you know when I first went into this weeping room, the Lord, I wanted to go in and the Lord said well you need to think about it because it is a lonely place, and I thought well why would there be a place like that in heaven, it just didn’t seem to make sense, but he said that’s where I spend most of my time, and I said well what’s the name of the room, and he said it’s the weeping room. And I really didn’t understand but as I went down I saw it was just very simple, very simple, humble room with a little wooden chair and a window, and the Lord just sat on the chair and he looked out the window. And in this window you could see every single cry coming from the earth at one time, every person crying out, every prayer, every act of injustice, you could see it all, and Jesus sat on the chair and he looked, and he watched it all, and he saw, he heard every single thing, and he just sat there and he took it in and I, in reality I just began to weep, and I just began to just cry, and just, I was so overwhelmed because God is so beautiful who would choose to see the pain and the suffering and care and listen to it all.

SID: Some of you are saying that oh, that was just a reaction to pizza but let me tell you it wasn’t because I can confirm it in the word of God, it says through his spokesman the Prophet Isaiah, speaking of the Jewish people, “In all their affliction, in all their affliction, I was afflicted.” Can you imagine the Creator of the universe saying, in their affliction; that means in your affliction; he was afflicted. Don’t go away, I want to hear about this supernatural surgery and I want to see about this supernatural compassion, we’ll be right back.

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