SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Darren Wilson. Darren is commissioned by God to film love. His big question is, how do you film love. So he goes to a witchcraft, occult festival in of all places Salem, Massachusetts, as he says, to pick a fight. Hidden cameras and be able to photograph this and the confrontation. And all day long nothing is going on. So he says, “What have I got to lose? I’m just gonna put my cameras in the open.” He’s with evangelists with Sons of Wonders, and he starts taping a witch in a red hood. What happened?

DARREN: Well we start to pray for this guy and everything, what was happening at that point is everybody that Jason was praying for when we’re in the middle of this festival, afterwards, they’re all coming to my crew and they’re saying, “That guy is better than any psychic we’ve ever gone to in our entire life.” Like he knew stuff about us nobody knows. And so he starts in on this witch, and I’m thinking, literally as I’m filming, I’m thinking, finally, here we go.

SID: Confirmation.

DARREN: This is what I’ve been waiting for. This guy is obviously into the occult. And so Jason starts to pray and every single thing out of his mouth is a word of love. Everything that he’s saying is like, “I know this about you and I know this about you. And I know that love this. I’m gonna bless this.” And everything that’s coming out of his mouth for like 15 minutes are words of love. And the guy is just staring at him. And I’m staring at the witch and I’m filming. And as I’m filming I always know when something is gonna be in the movie when the Lord speaks to me while I’m filming. And the Lord spoke to me so clearly and He said, “Do you see? I did not come here to pick a fight. I came here to love.” And when I understood that I understood it changed the whole film because that’s when I realized what I was trying to do, which is have a showdown, that’s not what the Lord wants at all, and I don’t think He wants it for anybody. He doesn’t want to fight with you. He just wants to love you.

SID: And the thing that was overpowering is when the witch took off his hood.

DARREN: Yeah. Jason said, “I want to pray for you now,” like an actual prayer kind of blessing. And he said, “Hold on. Let me uncover my head,” for them was a sign of respect. And that was one of the powerful things I think I’ve ever filmed.

SID: I’ll tell you something else. I mean, the whole film was powerful, but something else that was amazing to me is Darren went with a friend of mine, Jeff Jansen, out to where in Africa?

DARREN: In Tanzania.

SID: In Tanzania. And he sees a little tent behind the main tent. And what did you think that tent was for?

DARREN: We were filming a big crusade that Jeff was putting on, and I was there to kind of helping him out. And I saw this little white tent and I thought it was for the hearing impaired. That’s what I thought. And it was not for the hearing impaired.

SID: What was it for?

DARREN: I found out when the crusade started and they started carrying all these people who were manifesting the demonic, they started carrying them into this tent.

SID: That’s the deliverance.

DARREN: The deliverance tent. And so I remember standing outside of the tent with my camera thinking, am I seriously gonna do this? Do I really go into this place? And I dove right in.

SID: Previous to that you had a vision that you didn’t understand. Tell me about that.

DARREN: Three days before I left for Tanzania I was waking up one morning and I wasn’t quite asleep, wasn’t quite awake, that kind of been in between. And I saw this picture, vision, whatever you want to call it. I saw very clearly of this woman on the floor kind of screaming and shouting. And then I kind of like woke up. And I remember when I went into the tent I was filming some things, and at one point I looked down and I saw that woman that I had seen in my dream three days ago. And so I knew, I’m like, I dreamed about this woman. So literally I knew exactly where to put the camera, exactly how close of a zoom to get because I had seen it all before. And so actually, that’s one of the first things you see in the movie, is this vision that I had three days before. At first I thought, is this how God is gonna have me do the whole movie, He’s gonna show me what to film? But that was the only time that ever happened, but it was pretty cool.

SID: You know, there’s another thing that really, I saw this film and there’s another thing. I constantly think about this. He went to Thailand. I heard about Thailand. There’s actually cities that are built around the industry of sex.

DARREN: Yes. One that we went to in particular is called Pattaya City. And 40 years ago it was a little tiny fishing village, and Vietnam hit and it became the major stop off for all the American soldiers. So the whole city is built around prostitution.

SID: And there was a woman that represents the Messiah there that’s there to love all of these people caught up in the sex trade. And she was talking to a man, and the man said, “Well look at it this way. The girls are better off than working in the rice fields, working in the bars and being prostitutes.” And what did she say?

DARREN: Well she says, “Well do you want to know what they tell me?” Because she goes into these bars and tries to get these women out. And she says, “Do you want to know what they tell me? They tell me that it would be better if they died today and went to Hell than if they continue doing what they’re doing. But they have no way to escape.” Because it’s different for the man because the man is paying them to tell them how wonderful they are and how much they enjoy this. But in reality, they’d rather be in Hell. That’s how bad it is.

SID: What affect did going to this area, this city that’s built around the sex industry have on you?

DARREN: Well it’s hard to quantify like this spot affecting you more than your spot. It’s just kind of the whole process of making it was just, for one, it was eye opening. But two, I didn’t realize how dark the world really is. I didn’t realize how much it permeates and how powerful it is. But at the same time, I had no idea how much more powerful God’s love is and how it can literally obliterate any darkness.

SID: But you really took on quite an activity when he interviewed a woman that was bred from birth to be a bride of Satan. I know that’s hard to believe. But when I saw her speaking I knew she was speaking truth, I mean, some of the things that she did before she became a believer. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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