SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Earthquake Kelly. And Earthquake it is pretty fascinating, which moves in, what did you mother do about that, what about your brothers and sisters, you were what, the seventh child, did that have significance?


EARTHQUAKE: Yeah, in voodoo they deal with numbers just like we do as Christians, but they copy everything God has, so they wanted the seventh child. Me being the seventh child they picked me to go down in to Port au Prince and City Sela to live down there and work with the President at that time, Papa Doc Duvalier. But thank God I had a praying mother, and she is still praying, thank God for that.


SID: Okay, so you are being equipped by this witch to be I guess some sort of a priest with Papa Doc Duvalier of Haiti. How come you didn’t go there?


EARTHQUAKE: One day my dad, the witch and myself, the witch packed my suitcase for it, it was a little brown bag, she packed it for me, she said this is the day for you, I am going to take you into Manhattan and put you on a boat and you are going to sail down to Port au Prince.


SID: Did you want to do this?


EARTHQUAKE: Yeah I wanted to do this because I was into power at that time because I was watching some things happen, man they did some, some things really take place in that realm. And when she told me that I could have free course down in Haiti, I was all for it, the power, with the money, the control, being a child being over a lot of grownups, stuff like that sort of excited me. And when the day came for her to take me away they were going to sneak me out the back door, put me in a car and take me into Manhattan and put me on the ship, I was going to sail down into Port au Prince, my mother came out of nowhere, I mean out of nowhere, she saw us sneaking out the house and she said where are you taking my baby. And the witch says he is no longer your child he belongs to me, and my mother said no way, and she grabbed, my mother grabbed me by the arm and was pulling me. And the witch was pulling me and I was going back and forth like a tug of war. And something happened, they got me away from my mother, they were going towards the back door, and before they could get me out the back door it was like they both saw something that was so big and it scared them, they let me go and they ran out the door. And I don’t know what they saw but I believe it was because my mother was praying and God must have sent an angel to prevent them from taking me down to Port au Prince.


SID: You know what I also found pretty interesting about these two powers that are sort of in competition with each other, this witch used to put curses on people, and you broke into a realm where you could leave your body explain that.


EARTHQUAKE: Right, right, right, I could astral project, I could throw my hand through glass and not be cut, I could put a match under my hand and not be burned. I could do all kinds of different things. At that particular time I had a couple of friends of mine who went and got saved, and I mean they were really saved and I didn’t like the idea that they got saved because I felt like they left me there in the realm, and so I sent out a couple of spirits after them and I said you go   and you curse them, you destroy everything they are doing. Those little spirits came back to me and they said we couldn’t touch them. I said go back and put a curse on them, I command you, order you to do so, and they came back to me again and said we can’t touch them, they are protected. So I astral projected out of my own body and I went to see the reason why I would tell these spirits and they would come back and I know I had sent them to do other things and had never had a problem. So I went to see for myself and when I got there I saw the two brothers walking around this particular place, and I saw these seven, almost eight-foot tall angels with swords were protecting everywhere they went. And I said wow that’s the reason why those spirits came back and couldn’t do anything. These guys got some way stronger than I had, these guys were protected, I mean protected by giant angels.


SID: I’m curious, why in the world did your mother stay with your father with these beatings, I mean how bad did he beat her?


EARTHQUAKE: He beat her to the point now where she doesn’t have any sight.


SID: Why did she stick around?


EARTHQUAKE: Back in those days Sid, you know it was different from these days. They taught you to stay with the man for the children’s sake, and a lot of the old school women, they did that for the sake of the children, and my mother was one, she just wasn’t going to leave there.


SID: Okay, these spirits are communicating with you now on a regular basis and one, they even taught you as a young child how to get high off of a melting, what, a plastic gun?


EARTHQUAKE: All kinds of stuff, I won’t go into say what it is in case somebody wanted to hear, but it – see what happened, I wanted to shoot heroin with my brothers, I used to watch them tie up and get ready and hit the main line and stuff like that, and I wanted to shoot that, I was only about four or five years old. And they said you’re too young, you can’t shoot up right now, but I really wanted to and said no, they pushed me out of the room and so I heard this voice say, you don’t have to wait for that, I’ll show you what to do to get high, thee was this voice, and I could feel a presence right over my shoulder and he showed me what to do. And so at four years old I listened to this voice, this evil spirit and I started what is called “huffing” they call it huffing and–


SID: Let’s fast-forward though, okay so this voice teaches you how to get high as a kid, how to put this stuff together, you hear this voice again that tells you how to get super high, tell me about that.


EARTHQUAKE: Yeah, well I was fifteen, just turned fifteen and this voice said you have never really been high so why don’t you get this real super high so you can brag and boast, you know tell all your friends and all the drug people in the community, in the neighborhood that you can, you know, hold your dope. And so he told me what to do, he told me to get the cocaine, the weed, the tools, some pills, these tools –


SID: Fifteen!


EARTHQUAKE: Yeah fifteen.


SID: And this voice tells you to put all this stuff, what were the pills?


EARTHQUAKE: These pills, they were so strong, you take one pill, you cut that in half, then you cut that half in half, and it will keep you high for eight days, just a half of the half. I took about three or four of those, smoked some weed, did about five or six hundred dollars worth of cocaine all at one time, plus some beer, I hated beer but I was at this bar sitting there at the bar and some guy said you gotta drink or go home. So this guy knew I was underage and he still gave me the beer on top of everything else I had taken, and I overdosed, overdose of drugs, stopped my heart, it was just too much.


SID: That’s what the devil wanted to do, he wanted to kill him because he knows he is making an earthquake now for God, don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

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