SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Darren Wilson, Darren you told me that homeless guy was panhandling for money after he got physically healed, what did he do about the money?

DARREN: He totally forgot, he was so happy and so excited he forgot to ask for it.

SID: You told me you have been showing this film all over to students, you showed it at Judson University where you are a professor, what happened?

DARREN: Well we showed it there and God showed up. I mean he shows up every time it is shown. And a bunch of kids were healed of depression, I had a girl who the next, two days later I was teaching a class and she raised her hand before it started and she said, “Professor Wilson, I just want to thank you for making that movie, I have struggled with depression my entire life and after that movie was over I got prayer and it is gone. Every day like for two days now I have woke up and I am the happiest person, I have never been this happy.” And two weeks later I talked to her again and she is still just bubbling over with joy.

SID: And gold dust appears when this is shown?

DARREN: Gold dust, yes, a lot of times that happens, it is just when God’s glory shows up, and gold dust shows up with it I guess. But yeah we showed it at Judson and about twenty students got gold dust on their hands, it was shown at a youth group in Michigan in like fifteen minute segments and they turned it off after the first fifteen minutes, turned on the lights, and all the boys were covered in gold dust. Just strange things.

SID: I have got to hear about Mozambique, you met a woman by the name of Heidi Baker and she has a strategy to reach Mozambique, and in particular, orphans. Tell me what her strategy is.

DARREN: Well first of all let me just say Heidi is the most loving person I have ever encountered in my entire life.

SID: I can tell you when I saw your video it just provoked me to jealousy and I prayed, I don’t know how it affected you or anyone else, but I prayed God I want to love people like Heidi.

DARREN: Yeah, she is fantastic, anyway what she will do is they will go into a Muslim village, a village that’s never heard the name of Jesus before, they go deep into the bush of Africa here, and they will go into these villages and she will do some singing and dancing, and everybody comes because of what’s going on, and what they will do, she will then, she will preach, for fifteen, twenty minutes, tell them that Jesus is real, tell them who he is, they will usually show the Jesus film at some point, then she will, what she has done is she says, “I am going to prove to you that Jesus is real.” And so she says, “Bring me your deaf, bring me your blind, bring me your crippled, whoever you have got here who needs to be healed, bring them up here right now.” And so the village will you know, bring up the deaf people say, and she will ask the whole village, do you all agree this man, this woman is deaf? Do you attest to that? And they will all say, yes, yes, yes, she is deaf. And so Heidi and her children, these orphans that she has taken in will lay hands on this person and they will pray for him and instantly their ears will be opened, their eyes will be opened, and the entire village will be converted literally in one day because the signs proceeded the invitation into the Kingdom.

SID: You went to Turkey with the Gypsies, tell me about the Gypsies and tell me about Heidi when she went with you there.

DARREN: Yeah, well the Gypsy trip was really interesting, we spent ten days with the Gypsies in Turkey and Bulgaria, and you know I didn’t realize until I got over there exactly how hated the Gypsies are around the world. Here in America they are kind of like a novelty you know there is something exotic about the Gypsies, but over there they are a real problem, they are scoundrels, they steal, you know nobody likes them. And so we went and we were encountering Gypsies that had been completely transformed by the love of God, and they had turned their life around.

SID: They really know how to celebrate.

DARREN: They know how to celebrate.

SID: Fun.

DARREN: Yeah, they love to dance; they love to dance. So we were over there and it was actually the last thing that I filmed in the whole journey. We were in Istanbul, in a little Gypsy village, and there was a, Heidi had joined us for the last couple of days out there, and there was a woman there, a Muslim woman who was blind in one eye, and Heidi was trying to pray for her, for healing in her eye, but she had to rely on this Turkish pastor to be her interpreter, and it was a really interesting segment, and as I was filming it I knew that this was one of those moments where you just dream as a filmmaker, I can’t believe I am capturing this on film because on the one hand you have Heidi, who just exudes love, and that is her whole life.

SID: When I saw the footage in Mozambique of Heidi with the orphans, how many orphans does she have?

DARREN: They have over seven thousand.

SID: Did you get that? Seven thousand orphans and she, it seems like she has orphans around her hugging, hugging, she is hugging them, all the time, that love that you said exudes, that is what I am illustrating right now.

DARREN: Yeah, and so she is trying to just love this woman and pray for her but the Turkish pastor wants to convert this woman first, and so you have this kind of dichotomy, on the one hand you have got just love with no strings attached, no obligations, God loves you and you know, let God touch you and then you have to decide for yourself. Whereas on the other hand, you have got religion coming in and saying no, you have to become a part of our club first and then you will get your healing. And so it is this back and forth between these two and it was just absolutely fascinating to watch.

SID: But you know there was a line by Heidi Baker that is ringing in my ears, she kept saying to this pastor that was let’s say, legalistic, “You have to love them.” She was almost pleading, “You have to love them.”

DARREN: Yeah you have to love, it is all about love and the pastor even said, “I do love her but I want to train her. I need to train her first.”

SID: He just didn’t get it.

DARREN: No, didn’t get it.

SID: Tell me about something that you saw with your own eyes in Mozambique.

DARREN: Okay I will tell you, it was the one time, the only time where I was filming where I almost dropped the camera, because I wasn’t prepared for it, and that was the first, we had gotten to this village and again they had never heard the name of Jesus, and Heidi had called for, the Lord had told her there was a deaf woman here, she had to pray for the deaf woman first, not to pray for anybody else until you pray for that deaf woman. So she called literally for twenty minutes, and I am sitting her thinking twenty minutes, it’s like she is not here, you know let’s move on. But Heidi is just stanch; I am not going to pray for anybody until I find this woman. So finally they bring this woman. She wasn’t there, somebody had to go get her. I remember, I asked Heidi “What took her so long to get up there?” And she looked at me really strange and she said, “She’s deaf, she didn’t hear me calling her.” And I’m like oh yeah. So this woman gets up and she has a little baby like it was a brand new born baby, and she is totally deaf, the whole village testifies, yeah this lady is deaf. And so Heidi starts to pray for her, she has the children pray for her. And the woman hears, it is on film, you see, and I remember hold the camera and tears are just streaming down my face, I have two small children myself, and just tears, I am shaking and my other camera guy has you know little children himself, and he could barely hold the camera because you are realizing this woman is finally going to get to hear her baby cry for the first time. She is going to hear her baby, her young child speak her name for the first time, and it just, I could hardly stand. And the presence of God was just so thick there. And then once that happened the whole village, the whole village was converted.

SID: Last thought, how has this changed you Darren?

DARREN: It has changed my DNA to be quite honest with you; it has changed me literally from the inside out. That’s what I tell people when they watch the movie, when I go to show it different places I say look you have to understand, this movie is zero to sixty in about 2.3 seconds and I have had two years to process what I have seen. And in those two years it has completely changed me from the inside out so that now I know that God is, he is a God of encounter, he is a God of extreme power, and he is a God of extreme love.

SID: Speaking of extreme love, do you remember when Heidi said “You have to love them”? Well you can’t love them until you have experienced love, and I want you right now, don’t wait, to experience the love of God. I pray in Yeshua’s name, that you would have an encounter with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Don’t settle for religion, don’t settle for tradition, there is more, you can experience the love of God and then you can do what Heidi said to others. You can’t give someone something you don’t have yourself. Then you can love them. It is time to experience God’s love yourself.

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