On “It’s Supernatural:” as a young child Earthquake Kelly was a master of witchcraft and voodoo. As he got older his powers increased. He could cast spells and kill people by cursing them and leave his own body at will. He soon died from a drug overdose and went to hell. See what brought Earthquake Kelly back to life and discover the amazing power that can bring people back from the dead.


Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent twenty-five years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of, “It’s Supernatural.”


SID: Hello Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I mean I don’t know any other life, I wouldn’t want to live any other life. My guest is a fourth generation voodoo priest who died and went to hell. Before we get to that, Earthquake Kelly, how did you get the name Earthquake Kelly? Well I see the Earthquake part, but how did you get that?


EARTHQUAKE: Well back in 83 I was competing for the 84 Olympics in Los Angeles and there was a guy I was fighting for in an elimination bout, and he was starting to get the best of me and I closed my eyes and threw a jab and to my surprise he was laying out on the canvas, so the guys, the sports announcer at the time said that guy hits like an earthquake, so people started calling me Earthquake from 1983, but actually before that I had a dream and in this dream the ground was shaking and a voice said because of you the ground is shaking, because of you the ground is broken. And I believe God really gave me that name first before the people in the sports arena.


SID: Okay, but you just don’t look Irish to me, where does the Irish come in, Kelly?


EARTHQUAKE: I traced my family tree back all the way to Ireland to the slave trade, there was a man named John Kelly who was in Ireland, he left Ireland and went into the Caribbean, bought some land, had a plantation there, and from the slave trade that’s where we got that name from.


SID: And your great ancestor you came from was African and she was involved in voodoo and Mr. Kelly did not have a good time because of this voodoo, what happened to him?


EARTHQUAKE: Well my people from way back they put a curse on him and it is a historical fact throughout my family tree that we know about the curse that was put on the Kelly linage there in Haiti, and all his crops started to fail so he decided well I’m not growing anything here   and he took some of his slaves and went to New Orleans believing that he was going to get away from it, of course you know some of the things happening down there. He went from there to Texas and that’s where my father was born.


SID: Okay, so here you are with this voodoo heritage on one side, and your father marries a Pentecostal Christian, what a combination.


EARTHQUAKE: Right, he sure did.


SID: So there is kind of a tug of war on your life, but your father doesn’t even want you to be born, he tries to get your mother to have an abortion?


EARTHQUAKE: right, my mother tells the story, and she said I waited until you got grown to tell it, and it was really hard on her to tell me, but she did tell me. She told me the story, and thanks be to God she said there was another hand inside of her, she could feel another hand in side of her feeling all of these things.


SID: You mean when she went to the abortion clinic and they were giving her all these shot and these needles to kill you, she was being supernaturally protected.


EARTHQUAKE: That’s right, that’s right.


SID: But your father, he took matters into his own hands, he beat your mother, what did he do to her?


EARTHQUAKE: Well what she told me it was pretty rough, he would beat her and do some awful things to her trying to destroy me on the inside, but still God said no, no, He has purpose for me and I survived by the grace of God.


SID: So you survived, you are born, obviously you survived, but your father starts beating you.

Why did he dislike you so much?


EARTHQUAKE: I have no idea, I have no idea really, all I know is the beatings just kept coming and coming and thank God –


SID: He would beat you with a belt buckle?


EARTHQUAKE: The buckle, yeah, many times.


SID: And I understand from your book the doctors didn’t even expect you to survive too long.


EARTHQUAKE: No, they didn’t give me much chance, they said if I lived to see the 9th grade I would be an old man.


SID: Okay, according to my notes this is amazing. At four you start taking drugs, your brothers are selling, at five you see your grandmother use voodoo against someone, and what happened?


EARTHQUAKE: He dropped over, he keeled over, and that’s really what started me being interested in it because I said wow, what a lot of power for somebody to say a few words and a grown man to just fall over backwards and I started getting interested in it because I didn’t even know there was that much power in it. You know except what I saw on TV as a child, now I could see it with my own eyes it was like wow I wanted some of that.


SID: Did you try it?




SID: At that young age?


EARTHQUAKE: Oh yeah, oh yeah.


SID: What happened?


EARTHQUAKE: when I said the words that I heard, it felt like something started swirling around and got on the inside of me, and these things got on the inside of me and I became possessed and it started a spiral of going downhill from then on.


SID: You became, how old were you when you had a gun and were working with prostitutes and pimps?


EARTHQUAKE: About thirteen, thirteen.


SID: I mean you lived a whole life by the time you were a teenager.


EARTHQUAKE: A life of a fifty or sixty year old man by the time I got into my teens. Yeah it was a dangerous thing to do to work with the prostitutes, I had to go to each one with the day tricking and sit there with a pistol and make sure they got paid. I was only thirteen, it started working on my mind after a while Sid, I started going really crazy after –


SID: What happened when your dad brought home a witch to mentor you?  What was she mentoring you for?


EARTHQUAKE: She told me that I, being a Haitian background and that I was to be sent down to Haiti to work under Papa Doc Douvailier to be raised up under the President of the country to control the people through voodoo. And so at the time I was floored because of the power thing and I was preparing myself to go.


SID: What was your preparation like, how many hours a day did you put into this?


EARTHQUAKE: Well not so much the day, mainly the night because I didn’t get much sleep because there is something about, what they call the witching hour, which was between twelve o’clock and three or four o’clock in the morning which a lot of evil things are being – you are learning a lot through that time.


SID: She would give you; this witch would give you the names of demons that would then inflict harm on people.


EARTHQUAKE: Oh yes, by the hundreds, oh yes.


SID: So you then would then call out this name and then evil would happen to people?


EARTHQUAKE: You could send things to people, right.


SID: What happened, wait till you find out what happened when he tries to use his power against some real Christians; don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

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