SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Darren Wilson, Darren was literally commissioned by God to travel the world and capture the miraculous. I tell you one of my favorite things that I saw on your video Darren was when you went with Jason Westerfield out on the campus of Yale University; tell me about that.

DARREN: Yeah well I was actually told by a friend that I trust that I gotta meet this guy, Jason Westerfield, in Connecticut, so I went there, I had one day with him, I had never met him before and we went to the heart of Yale University’s campus. And while we were there Jason just had a really powerful experience with the Lord and he kind of was you know, having this experience and I’m off to the side waiting patiently for him to stop having this experience so we could go film, and afterwards he came up and he was relating to me some of the things that he saw, and I said wow, that’s pretty neat that you know, you had that happen to you. Meanwhile I was very bored. So then he looked at me kind of strange. I have since talked to him and I asked him why he did this and he said the Lord told him to do it. So he looked at me and he said, “You want to see into the spiritual realm?” And I said, “Sure, hit me with your best shot.” And so he says, “Take off your glasses.” So I took my glasses off and he put his hands on my eyes and he said a real simple prayer, he said, “Lord open his eyes and let him see.” And he still had his hands on my eyes and he said to me, he is like, “Now Darren, just so you know when I take my hands off of your eyes you are going to see into the spiritual realm, so don’t get too freaked out.” And so I am like okay. And so he takes his hand off my eyes and he said, “Now look up there between those two chimneys, and I look up there and there was these little poppy like sparkly firecrackers going off in the sky, saw them with my bare eyes. And I am putting my glasses back on and what is this? And it opened up like a banner.

SID: Now it wasn’t just through the power of suggestion?

DARREN: No, no I am seeing these things pop out, it is like the fourth of July in the sky, and I said, “What is that?” And he says, “That’s the glory of God,” he says, “That’s the glory realm of the supernatural.” And I’m like, “Holy cow.” And so he points down the alleyway, and he said, “Look they are down there.” And I look in the shadows and they are popping off in the shadows. And this is just blowing my mind. And so he said, “Oh, turn around and look.” And I turned around, and keep in mind five minutes before this happened I was bored out of my mind and so I am like just walking around, we are in a big huge courtyard, and I know what the courtyard looked like five minutes before, and so I turned around and half of the courtyard is covered in this like thick fog, and the other half there is no fog.

SID: Is there any natural explanation?

DARREN: No, no, unless somebody, unless those firecrackers were, I don’t know. But no, so I said, “What is that?” And he said, “That’s the glory cloud, that is the cloud of God’s presence.” It was the most, it was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me, I mean I was so shocked, I remember I picked up my camera, never even thought to hit record or anything like that, and we were, we walked out of the courtyard and we hit the street, and one of the guys that was with us said, “Look down the street,” So we looked down and the cloud was following us and the whole street is covered in this fog.

SID: Now when you were commissioned by an angel to document the supernatural you didn’t expect to be living it, did you?

DARREN: Didn’t expect to be living it, no, I thought I was just the messenger, so at that point that was when Jason said, he was like, “Well God is here so now we can pretty much do whatever we want.”

SID: I would like to see a clip from the film of the homeless man, what did you think of that particular clip?

DARREN: That was, it is probably my favorite part of the movie, it is the, I remember at this point this is actually the one-year anniversary of when I started filming the movie, I knew when I was shooting it that it was going to be the end of my film, I knew it. And it was midnight and we were heading home and this homeless guy walked up to us and he was an absolute stereotype, everybody has met this guy, you know smells, he is limping, he is asking for money, and you know Jason said, told him, it was like I’ll give you some money but first I want to give you something better.

SID: Let’s take a look at that right now.

Announcer: I was with my friend Jason Westerfield and we were heading home when a homeless man approached us, he was a stereotype, he smelled, wouldn’t look us in the eye, he had a limp and he was asking for money. Jason told him he would give him some money but first he wanted to give him something better. So first he prayed for the man’s back, which he had been complaining about. Then he prayed for his leg. And I just sat there and stared at this man. He had no one, owned nothing, was a homeless bum living on the streets, what was happening to him right now? What was God going to do to show him he loved this man? And that is when I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this man was going to be healed, not through anything Jason was doing, or Heidi, or Dennis, or Bill, or whoever, but through the love that God had for this man. He wasn’t homeless; he was a prince. He wasn’t broken; he was made whole.

Man: It feels much better.

Jason: Feels much better, how you doing?

Man: Good.

Jason: This is William, look at you, feel lighter?

Man: Yeah.

Jason: Those weights are gone and God healed you right there and God healed your neck and back and you look better, you look like, your face looks normal now.

Man: Yeah, thank you very much.

Jason: God does work miracles, he loves you, God set you up tonight to be right here, you thought you were coming for silver and gold, some money, but the Lord said, “Hey, I got something better for you.” He will give you that but he wanted to bless you tonight. You are his son; he loves you.

Man: I appreciate everything.

Jason: Yeah, God bless you.

Man: Love you guys.

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