SID: And Netanyahu was not supposed to win that race.

JON: He was not supposed to win that race.

SID: But history tells me different. What happened?

JON: It was absolutely extraordinary. Against all odds, Prime Minister Netanyahu won. We had dear friends we were having dinner with and they were weeping. And she said, “I just want you to know the results are in and against all odds, your Daniel 7:22 turnaround verdict has come through.

SID: And because God was so pleased that you prayed for this turnaround, he said a promise to you about the United States.

JON: He sure did Sid, it was extraordinary. There’s no passage of scripture that talks about the watchmen anointing as much as Isaiah 62, “I have set watchmen on your walls, oh Jerusalem, who will not hold their peace day or night.” And we were on the walls of Jerusalem facing the Western wall, when the Holy Spirit spoke to me something extraordinary. He said, “As you stood with me for my elections in my covenant land so I am standing with you for a turnaround in your 2016 presidential elections.”

SID: You wrote a book. It is not an accident this new book just came out, White House Watchmen. Why at this time in history is the message in this book so strategic?

JON: Sid, I think it’s because unlike any other moment in American history, we are at a dramatic crossroads where we can go either one way or the other. We can either spiral down again into the challenges of what can only be described as global governance tied to idolatry that brings subjugation not only to our nation, but to the nations.

SID: And the communists-socialists will get their way.

JON: The communists-socialists all amalgamated together in a Hitleresque expression. God has set us apart as a nation unto him. Our covenantal foundations, 400 years ago, my forefathers came over on the Mayflower inspired by the Jewish people. They dreamed of consecrating a land that would be covenanted to God generationally. And I saw by the Spirit how literally America has a choice to make that is going to be detrimental or very instrumental in securing his blessing for generations to come. The decisions we make at this time, the prayers we pray and the actions we take, they’re essential to securing God’s dream for the United States of America. We’re going to go one way or the other.

SID: And you headed this turnaround tour on a train and you called the train, I love the name, the glory train, because the purpose of the train was to turn around the nation. And you went to all 50 States to pray for a turnaround on the nation. But then, I thought Donald Trump is done as a candidate, when the news of his locker room talk and what he was doing, et cetera with his sexual immorality. I thought he was finished.

JON: Yeah. There’s no doubt. President Trump has made mistakes as have we all. And it’s been interesting how God has even used that, as we’ve pointed a finger at the President, President Trump, we’ve seen the Lord point the finger back us, judge not lest you be judged. And we’ve seen in both sides of the aisle, tremendous redemptive exposure and holy conviction restored. But it was very interesting. This really shows Sid, the power of the prophetic, the power of a word of knowledge that even continues within the administration today. The openness to prayer and the prophetic ministry. On the tour, we ministered at a little church in Virginia to a lady who was wearing a hoodie and just prophesied over. And to my surprise, I saw the doors of the White House open, and I saw her walk into the White House. And then we stayed in touch. I got a call from her, right as the news was breaking. You remember that the news media released these quote, locker room tapes, unquote right before the election to strategically sabotage President Trump and make it virtually impossible for him to win over Hillary Clinton.

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