SID: Hello. My guest is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and I can just picture Jonathan, we’re both Jewish believers. His Jewish mother, you know, normally a Jewish mother says, “I want my son to be a doctor, or a lawyer.” But you outdid it all. Your mother can say, “My son is an author of five New York Times best sellers.” You did it, Jonathan.

JONATHAN: Yeah. My mother is very big in the Jewish mother world. You know, so it’s a dream for her. But it’s about the Lord. It’s about Messiah.

SID: When did you first know you were to write Harbinger II?

JONATHAN: Well, when I wrote The Harbinger, I knew that the mystery wasn’t finished. First, there was so much to be revealed that I could not put in The Harbinger. In fact, more than I put in The Harbinger was what I couldn’t put in. Secondly, the mystery continued. America has been continuing moving to judgment. Third, it wasn’t the time, and I prayed to Lord, when is the time? I knew it was not the time. And just before this year began, I got the go ahead, this is the time. The shakings will begin again, and the harbinger is going to continue. You must write the book.

SID: You sent me two pictures this morning from New York City that were so prophetic. Tell us about them.

JONATHAN: Well, one of the things you see in The Harbinger is that tower at ground zero. It’s one of the harbingers. At the end of the new book, The Harbinger II, it ends at the Statue of Liberty, and it’s facing the tower. And there’s a very prophetic event we’ll probably get to, that I’ll tell you about, that happened.

JONATHAN: But what just happened right now, after we talked yesterday, Sid, is that a lightning bolt struck the World Trade Center and struck the Statue of Liberty. And amazingly dramatic, the two things that this centers on.

SID: What you prophesied in The Harbinger, it’s reading like today’s newspaper. Tell us about these things.

JONATHAN: Yeah. The harbinger is warning that America is replaying the ancient mystery of judgment. What happened in the last days of Israel is happening in America now. And America has been continuing on the course of ancient Israel, away from God. And so what it says is, there’s going to be a window of time, but then the shakings will resume. There’s actually a chapter in The Harbinger called Things to Come, and it speaks of the shakings that are going to come that are happening now. It even, Sid, it even pinpoints the year when it would happen, which is right now. And I know we’ll get into it, but all these things are coming to pass.

SID: Well, tell me some of the prophetic signs about 9/11 that were not revealed until now.

JONATHAN: Yeah. Well, one of the things is the mystery of the day, itself. And, why was it 9/11? There’s a mystery that goes back to the foundation of America. 9/11, and it’s a biblical principle, Sid, that the foundations are exposed when judgment begins. 9/11, the destruction returned to New York City.

JONATHAN: When was New York city begotten? When was it founded? New York City was born on September 11th, 9/11. God says, “I will go back to the foundation.” 9/11 went to the Pentagon. That’s America’s military power. When was the Pentagon begotten, Sid? It was begotten on September 11. Long before 9/11 was a day of calamity, it was the day of the foundation of America’s rise to world power. And the warning in the Bible is that if America does not turn back, God will remove the power of America.

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