SID: Boy, that sure triggers a whole lot of stuff. But what did this ancient mystery reveal would happen after 9/11?

JONATHAN: Yeah. Well, the mystery says that the nation, first that’s falling away from God, it’s warned by God. He allows this strike on the land. This is classic biblical sign of judgment. It happened with ancient Israel, it happened with ancient Judah, it happened with America on 9/11.

JONATHAN: But, then what happened? What happened to ancient Israel is they didn’t come back. They went farther away from God. They defied him. That’s what the warning is. And the thing is, America has been following the steps of ancient Israel from that day. It’s been falling away, farther and farther, brazenly going away from God. And that, Sid, puts us at a much [more] dangerous moment now. And that means that there are more harbingers and more signs that have manifested since the harbinger, and since we first spoke about it.

SID: Are there harbingers of judgment that continued after you wrote the book, Harbinger?

JONATHAN: Yes. Yes, Sid. In Isaiah 9:10, the scripture that speaks of the enemy attacking the land. It says, “The sycamore will be struck down.” Isaiah 9:10, “The sycamore has fallen. But we will plant the cedar or the erez tree in its place.” Well, that happened in New York City. They actually planted this biblical tree as defiance. It’s the erez tree. They called it the tree of hope. Like America, we’re coming back stronger and stronger and stronger.

JONATHAN: Sid, do you know what happened to that harbinger? Do you know what happened to that tree? It started withering away at ground zero. The biblical sign of judgment that a nation that is going away from God is literally withering away. A sign that America spiritually, morally, is withering away.

JONATHAN: And then the next sign of judgment is God says, “I will break off the branch. I will break the branch.” Sign of judgment. They started breaking off the branches of the tree of hope, the erez tree. So now it didn’t have branches, basically.

JONATHAN: And then the final sign in the Bible is called the fall of the erez tree or the fall of the cedar. Well, the tree of hope, the erez tree at ground zero, fell. It was destroyed. It represented America, fell, the sign of the fall of a nation. And when it fell, it was on a Hebrew holy day. It fell on Passover, and in the heavens the moon was darkened that night and turned blood red. You had three signs of national judgment all at ground zero.

JONATHAN: But that wasn’t the only thing, Sid. One of the signs of Israel’s last days is that images of gods appear. The prophet, Ezekiel, is taken into the Holy place and he says, “I saw the image of the God, and God says, now judgment’s coming.” Well, Sid, do you know, another harbinger, an image of a false god, appears in New York City, so big, it has to be the biggest false God in the history of the world. The head alone is like 300 feet. It’s the god of death and destruction and darkness. It appears over the buildings, over the Empire State Building, a sign of what is yet to come.

JONATHAN: And I’ll tell you another thing, because there’s so much, I’ll just give you a little taste. President Obama was actually part of at least two of the harbingers. And in one sense, I won’t get into the detail, but he actually inscribed words of one of the harbingers, and they were words that were from ancient times, that sealed judgment on a nation.

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