SID: David Martin has received supernatural keys that when you operate in these keys, what did God say would happen?

DAVID: Signs, wonders and miracles beyond anything I’d ever imagine possible.

SID: Literally Heaven on Earth. Let’s talk about the key of obedience.

DAVID: Well there are so many, as we just in the phenomenal story of the Rwanda impartation, being obedient to do whatever He says. And God has told me some things to do that really didn’t make a lot of sense. But this one—

SID: And that goes back to your thinking getting in the way of the supernatural.

DAVID: So true, Sid, so true. And in this case, in this particular story, I heard about a gal that was dying, 28 years old, two or three children as I remember, doctors had done everything they could over the course of time, numbers of years, sent her home to die. I heard about it and I felt like God said to me, “Make yourself available to go pray for her.” And so a friend of mine that told me the story called the father and said that I’d be happy to go to minister to his daughter. And he said, “No,” a very prominent businessman. He said, “We’ve already had great men of God here.” He’s a very prominent minister besides businessman, and on a number of minister boards, and said, “We don’t need you.’ But God said, go. And again, he was 1500 miles away from Tulsa and God said, “Go,” Sid. So I bought an airplane ticket, flew there.

SID: Wait a second. Did you get that? God said go. Her father said don’t. Now what would you have done? David is determined to obey what God says. So you went there. What happened?

DAVID: Well I called the father from the airport and said, “I’m here to pray for your daughter.” And he said, “I told you not to come” I said, “Well God said come.” So he allowed me to come out and pray for his daughter and I prayed. That first day, there was a small, enough improvement, that he let me come back day after day for a week. By the end of the week, Sid, she was completely totally healed.

SID: You know, if you hadn’t gone, number one, you wouldn’t have learned and had the joy of seeing God operate through you. But number two, that young lady might not have ever gotten better.

DAVID: Well they had sent her home to die, and that was over 10 years ago.

SID: Okay. Let’s talk about the key of humility. Now this is an area that very few people teach on, very few people are interested in. It seems like society is the opposite of what God says. God says, “Humble yourself.”

DAVID: Well the key aspect of humility is the Bible says, “He resists the proud, but he gives more grace to the humble.” Grace as I see it is God’s ability to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves.

SID: I like that.

DAVID: I think Charles Katz gave me that. But it’s God’s ability to do for you what you can’t do for yourself. It’s Divine intervention and that’s what we need. We need God’s Divine intervention. That’s what sets the stage for the supernatural. Literally, this was in 1983. I had just moved to Oklahoma to go to Bible school in ’82, serving in the church, on the platform. And literally, the ceiling disappeared. The roof, there was an open vision. I didn’t know it was a vision at first. I thought a tornado came. But I’m looking up at the blue sky. But there in the blue sky, Sid, I saw, I received the sovereign vision, a sphere of light with beams of light touching just a handful of people in the congregation. And I said, “God, what are you showing me?” He said, “I’m ministering to those that are ministering to me, those that are worshiping me in spirit and truth, and literally those that are walking in humility. “These people,” He said, “recognize their need for me. They’re not living in self-sufficiency. They’re walking in obedience of my word. They’re humbling themselves and they know they need me.” Then He showed me a second vision. In a second vision, I saw a battery with two posts, a positive and a negative, and when you touch a positive wire to a negative wire there’s an unseen force. And this is the key thing that He was showing me. The beam is an unseen force. We can’t see it, but we’re connected to God by this unseen field of energy of sorts. So the second vision was, again, unseen energy of electricity. And when you connect a positive to a negative there’s sparks. There’s heat. There’s a transfer of power. And God said to me, “I am representative of the positive side and those that walk in humility are the negative.” And then He showed me another picture, again, with positive and negative of magnets, again, unseen field of energy, magnetism. And again, put two positives together, in this case they repel. Two negatives, they repel, but two opposites, positive, negative, they’re attracted and they’re held together by the unseen force. And God said to me, “That’s how my spirit works.” When you walk in negativity, not in the way of behavior or in a mindset, but in need of me, you live a life that you need me, you’re worshiping me, for every breath that you have you’re the negative.

SID: But here in America most people don’t look at God that way. They look at God when they have an emergency rather than God, I need you to exist today. God, I need you to be the husband to my wife. God, I need you to be the father to my children. God, I need you to be, to have me walk in Divine health. God, I need you every second. That’s what you’re talking about. But we don’t have a mindset like that.

DAVID: Well, towards Him or His work. And this was one of the key things He showed me, is that we need to have that respect and recognition. His word is absolute truth and we need to live according to it. So if He says, meditate on the Word day and night, that’s not a suggestion, that is a commandment.

SID: You know what? Most of us pick and choose which things, which precepts to follow in the Bible and which not to. But God says that’s His whole word. I think we have to have, as you put it, as God told you, we have to have a new mindset. Wait until you hear some of the miracles that happened when he starts following this new mindset. We’ll be right back.

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