David and Anita Duggan (2006)

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to have their eyes opened so they can see on earth what God has already done in heaven. Have their ears open so they can hear on earth what God has already spoken in heaven. You see that’s the realm of eternity to be able to be spokesmen for the living God. This is your heart’s desire, and I have a couple that’s moving in this realm. My guests are Anita and David Duggan, speaking to them at their office. They work with the Gary Oates Ministry. David before we went on the air I said to you “What is God showing you?” Tell me now what God is showing you.

David: Sid we are in the final hours of the last days. One of the ways we know that that is agreed upon by theologians throughout the earth is what’s happening with the nation of Israel. It’s been probably about 3 years ago, but the Lord spoke to me very clearly and He said to me “That in these last days before the return of Jesus that the distance between heaven and earth is diminishing.” I saw in the realm of the spirit that that divider, that veil, between what we see in the natural and those eternal things that are unseen in the realm of the spirit that that distance was narrowing. That is the reason that these angelic visitations, us being allowed by the grace of God to see what He’s doing by His Spirit and through angelic ministry is becoming more and more pronounced throughout the church around the world.

Sid: I’m getting reports, there seems to be an increase of people’s eyes being opened to see angels. I’ve never heard so many stories as I’m hearing now. Not that we’re looking for angels, but the truth is there are angels ministering to us all around us. How much better when we can see them as opposed to not seeing them?

David: Yes.

Sid: As a matter of fact Anita, I remember the first time I met you, you walk around with your camera all the time and you take pictures, and literally in many of your pictures… like do you see the angels before you take the picture, or do you see it after?

Anita: No I either see a light, some type of light moving, or some type of little ray that comes down, or I actually see a form of an angel. When I take a picture I would say 9 times out of 10 they’re there.

Sid: Now tell me about that trip to Peru with that little child.

Anita: Again it was our first trip and there was a young couple that came through the jungle, they travelled 3 hours to come to this crusade. Their baby had been sick for weeks, and the baby had not been able to take any nourishment at all. The father was holding this child, he was lifeless. I’m not going to say this child was close to death because I don’t know, but his feet were limp, his legs were limp, his arms he was totally lifeless. The baby had not been able to keep any nourishment for 2 weeks. They did not know what was wrong with the baby, and this child was very very close to death. I prayed over this baby, and I didn’t know this, David told me this. The next night they went up on stage with a healthy baby that was totally healed, and they were testifying how the glory of God came in and healed and revived their child to wholeness.

Sid: You also told me before we went on the air that you were getting an impression about someone that has a young child, or a child that’s having a critical problem.

Anita: Yes. I had an actual vision of seeing parents crying out in distress that they have lost total hope in their child being healed. That the doctors have given them a negative report and that they have given up all hope and that this child was going to die; I know in the name of Jesus that God is going to heal that child.

Sid: I agree in Jesus name. Now I want either of you tell me of some healings that you’ve seen.

David: Sid the most amazing healing that Anita and I have ever seen occurred in Cali, Colombia. It was a young woman her name was Amanda, she was 38 years old. She was bound to a wheelchair; she was barely over 4 feet tall; she had some type of degenerative condition so that she was losing her motor skills, her hands were twisted and held at chest level; her right leg was completely atrophied; no muscle tone; her skin hanging just like a wet limp dishrag. There was a tumor on her knee; there were splotches, dark splotches on the complexion of her face, and her arms and legs. They rolled this lady up to Anita and myself; we knelt down in front of her and began to pray. Anita put her hand on the tumor, and the Holy Spirit directed my eyes to this women’s hair, her hair was very vibrant and thick and beautiful. The Holy Spirit said to me “Pray that her body will be as healthy as her hair.” I prayed that prayer that cancer, or that tumor under Anita’s hand melted away, and as we watched this woman it was like an action adventure film where you see a character morph from one condition to another. The Spirit of God started at the top of her head, her complexion cleared up, her hands straightened out. She began screaming with delight, her right leg the muscle tone came back, she began pushing out of the wheelchair and taking tentative steps. We were holding her and helping her; she had a condition I think it was called Scoliosis where the spinal column, I mean her spinal column was literally shape like a “C.” I wasn’t even aware of that condition at all, I just had my hand on her back, and I could feel here spinal column crunching and cracking as it moved from left to right as I was facing her and came into a straight and perfect alignment.

Anita: Her mother was behind her sobbing, and I asked the interpreter to ask her mother “If she had walked before?” Her mother said “She hadn’t walked since she was a little itty bitty child.”

Sid: My goodness, now you two have seen some so many miracles. Do you two have the faith to be in agreement right now for people to be healed of anything? Have you seen the deaf hear?

Anita: Yes I have.

Sid: Have you seen the blind get their sight?

Anita: Yes I have.

Sid: Obviously you have seen the lame walk, how about the mute be able to speak?

Anita: Oh, our last trip to Peru!

Sid: Tell me about that.

Anita: This woman came in with 2 little children. It was a church that David got to preach at. My interpreter said “The child was about,” one was 5 and one was about 3 or 4. My interpreter said that the mother told him “That the daughter, the 5 year old, had a speech impediment and couldn’t speak hardly at all, and the little baby had never spoken.” I bent down to their level and laid my fingers on their mouths, [crying] and I just asked the Lord to open their vocal chords up so they could speak and free them. The little started saying my name “Anita, Anita,” and the little boy opened his mouth and said “Anita, Anita.” They were just able to speak, and the little girl followed me… God healed them Sid.

Sid: Hmm.

Anita: He healed them instantly. They were able to talk and it just happened a few weeks ago.

Sid: David I want you to start a prayer, and Anita I want you to finish it for people to be healed, and people also to be able to see in the spirit, hear in the spirit like the two of you do.

David: Before I pray there’s somebody that has a high lateral hernia and God is healing that. Having said that Father we ask in Jesus name that there would be a release of faith in the hearts of Your people; those who are listening to this broadcast that there would be a release of faith that miracles of healing could take place, whatever that need might be. Anxiety, relief from stress, relief from the cares of this world and all of the diseases that are associated with stress, I pray in the name of Jesus that there would be a release of the peace of God in the hearts and lives of those who are listening that would bring relief from physical conditions that are related to stress in the name of Jesus.

Anita: Thank you Lord. Father I thank you that Your word never comes back void. I thank You Lord that when we cry out that You are there to help us, that You hear our voice. Lord I thank you that You ears are in tune to our voice. Father I pray right now in the name of Jesus that You would open up a clear vessel to our senses. Father I pray for our eyes, Lord I pray that You would open people’s spiritual eyes to be able to see into the spiritual realm. Lord I pray that You would open people’s ears, fine tune their ears Lord to hear what the Spirit has to say. Lord I pray that You would open our mouths that we would only speak the words that You would have us to speak Lord. Father I pray for all of our senses; Father I pray for the lost Lord I pray that if You would reach down and touch Jewish ears to open up and hear the voice of God, Lord I pray in the name of Jesus that You would come down in a mighty sovereign way and heal Your people’s hearts in the name of Jesus.

Sid: Mishpochah, I believe that God’s Spirit is being released on you for anything that you need especially pain of all kinds be gone now Jesus name.

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