Sid:  My guest in the studio is Franklin Walden, and Franklin you said something you didn’t realize it that was just music to my ears, that God wanted to use you to reach Jewish people and I said, “I know why because when you’re under the anointing of God terrific miracles, creative miracles happen.”  And before we started this interview you said to me “I feel the presence of God.”  Tell me what you’re feeling.

Franklin:  I feel the anointing is so strong and it is moving now upon the people that have ear to hear what God is speaking to them to bring deliverance for the soul, mind or body; to deliver them totally out of the power of darkness.  Someone is being healed right now, they have a serious, serious stomach problem it is an infirmity.  It’s like a demon spirit and it’s leaving and it will take about two days for them to empty all that poison out of his stomach and they’ll be free.  Someone else is deaf in their left ear and God has just opened it, hallelujah!

Sid:  I love it when God speaks that way, now how much doubt that you have that people are going to be healed from what you said?

Franklin:  I have no doubt.

Sid:  One hundred percent.

Franklin:  One hundred percent.

Sid:  Is that what happens when you hear Words like that?

Franklin:  Oh Yeah.

Sid:  That’s the way it’s supposed to be because the words are coming from God Himself, God’s not a man that He should lie.

Franklin:  If I couldn’t pray the prayer of faith I wouldn’t pray if I didn’t believe God hadn’t spoken I wouldn’t speak.

Sid:  What would you tell someone that is listening to us right now that has prayed, had people pray for them and they haven’t received from God, what would say to them and they’re getting a little discouraged as a matter of fact.

Franklin:  First they got to accept Isaiah 53 and accept it that Jesus Christ is the eternal Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world.  Everything that God prepared, when they do that it’s in the mind of the Father they’re already healed and hang on to that and say “That’s mine and don’t ever bat an eye of doubt just say “I am healed.””

Sid:  No matter what happens?

Franklin:  No matter.

Sid:  No matter what they feel like?

Franklin:  No matter what you feel like, no matter what your five senses tells you, don’t listen to them, listen to God’s voice over your five senses.

Sid:  Tell me about the time the Angel of the Lord appeared with lights in this congregation and wherever the light appeared people got healed.

Franklin:  That happened in Old Tabernacle where we were having a camp meeting, I had been out in the woods praying all afternoon and the anointing was really strong because you see they came from everywhere.  I stepped to the platform and they always brought me on with all that believed and …

Sid:  You stole that from Kathryn Kuhlman or did she steal that from you?

Franklin:  No, I just got it, I don’t know where…

Sid:  Okay, the same Spirit.

Franklin:  That’s right, and as I did I saw the light and I couldn’t preach, I just had to point out one, one, one…

Sid:  Was it like a tiny little flashlight or…

Franklin:  It was like a ball of fire like, I got a picture of it, I should have brought it.

Sid:  And so this like fire would land on someone and…

Franklin:  Right over the head.

Sid:  And when it would land on someone did you say anything or did they just get healed or what happened?

Franklin:  You got it, that’s all I said, “You got it,” whatever it was.  And let me tell you something real strange.  A few days ago I met one of the ladies and this was years ago and she was a lady that I tell about, the last one.  She was a Smith and she was sitting on the front row and it looked like she was pregnant, and when that light got to her at thirty seven, the tumor went away, nine pound tumor her skirt almost fell of her.

Sid:  You know what I believe Franklin; I believe that that’s almost like a foretaste of what is going to be happening with this young generation that God’s raising up right now, that this will not be the abnormal this will be the norm, that’s what I believe.

Franklin:  Recently God showed me something; we take and reach out into the world to come with a supernatural.  By faith we bring that supernatural back to the natural man to bring him into a place to where he can understand what God is doing.  And when you do that you get a supernatural miracle.  So you reach out by faith and you have to bring the supernatural to the natural.

Sid:  So people that are listening to us right now that want a healing, can they do what you’re saying and telling; be a coach right now, coach us on how to do it, I’m ready. to take my hand now and pull this from the invisible world into the natural.

Franklin:  Just reach out there, by faith, take it, pull it back and say “That mine.”

Sid:  Mine, mine, mine,

Franklin:  That’s mine.

Sid:  As Kathy Walters likes to say.

Franklin:  I got it, I’m going to hold on to it, I’m not going to let it go.  Devil, you have been defeated, I’m the winner, you’re the loser Hallelujah.

Sid:  You really do that, you really say those things.  What about the time you were told that you had three hours to live?

Franklin:   Well, the doctor come in and he was a Catholic man and he was trying to prepare me to die and that night at 3:00 after he left, that night at 3:00 I had the awfulest pain in my stomach that I’ve ever had in my life.  And I never have suffered much pain like that and I told my wife I said, “Honey, she was in the room with me, and I said “Give me your hand, don’t call the nurse, let’s just let this be something between you and I, I want you to hold my hand as I go  and I thought I died.  And she didn’t call the nurse and I didn’t know nothing for three hours later, I come back to my wife praying for me all the time.  I thank God for a wife forty-seven years that prays such as David, but that’s what I saw this place I thought was heaven and I thought.”Oh, this is heaven and the Lord said, “No, this is not heaven, this is what I show you like the thousand year millennial reign of Christ is going to be like.”  I wouldn’t miss it for anything, oh the…

Sid:   Oh, what did you experience, what did you feel?

Franklin:  Oh, it was so peaceful, nothing, there is no sense of death, there’s no sense of any harm, there’s no sense of anything except the presence of God.

Sid:  That must have been what it was like for Adam and Eve before they fell.

Franklin:  I believe that.

Sid:   So you experienced… and that’s for all of us, all of us that make Jesus our Lord and Savior that is.

Franklin:  The next morning the doctor came in and here’s what he said, he said, “God shut the heaven up.”  First words he said “You’re not going to leave; you’re not going to die.”  Said, “God spoke to him that all the people that I prayed for was out praying for me and they was asking to give me back to them.”  And I said, “To some that are being, that are coming back to the Lord, the prodigals.”  “They got saved in your ministry, they was not able to pray for you, they just got right and their praying for you; you’re getting people saved now.”  And he said, “That’s what’s doing it.”

Sid:  In other words, your doctor had a prophecy that all of these people that were praying for you, whereas he gave you a death sentence three hours to live, how did he know that you were going to live, did he take a test or how did he realize?

Franklin:  Because God spoke to him.

Sid:   So, in other words, he didn’t say that it was because of the test, he just knew life the way you know when people are sick and they are going to be healed.

Franklin:  That’s right.

Sid:  Do you believe everyone can be healed of every condition if they’ll believe?

Franklin:  If they’ll believe yes, because you know what, most people don’t understand.  I hear, I’m not worthy, most of the people that Jesus healed they were not real followers of the law either, they were sinners, read it. And today, even in Kathryn Kulman’s meeting it was the same way.  In my meeting…

Sid:  You know I was in Kathryn Kulman’s meetings and I used to notice that and wonder why and I’ve had that experience myself where the non-believer’s get healed before the believers, why, that shouldn’t be why?

Franklin:  Well, the believers look like, they feel like God owes them something sometimes.  Not a true believer but just a part-time believer I guess you’d say.  But it happens in my meeting; I’ve had the worst sinner get healed of incurable disease and I see one over here that have been serving God twenty years and couldn’t even get a miracle.

Sid:  Because they’re believing but their really in unbelief and don’t even realize it.

Franklin:  Well…

Sid:  Well, I’ll tell you what we’re running out of time right now.

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