Sid:  Have you noticed all the things going on on planet earth that seem to be fulfillment to Bible prophecy?  Well, there’s so many things going on that aren’t in the news and that why I have L.A. Marzulli on because he has done documentive, I mean extremely competent reputable people of these events that are going on worldwide and he put together a three DVD set called “Watchers” in which he covers, one covers the UFOs are they real, what are their purposes, what’s the scientific evidence.  The second DVD’s “Signs in the Heaven and the Earth and Watchers.”  Third DVD “Fingerprints of the Supernatural” there are so many areas that I want, I’m frustrated L.A. there are so many areas that I want to talk to you about; like the magnetic fields that are changing on the earth.  And things that are unexplainable like the noises and you even have them on the DVD the earthquake in Washington, DC, but let’s talk about these Torah codes.  A number of years ago I investigated them and the way they develop them is that they had equal distance letter sequence like every seventh letter they would write down and it would form a world and then it would form a message.  And then they found that many of the events in the past were hidden in the Bible and they called it Bible codes.  Now L.A. I’ve often wondered with a book as big as the Bible maybe some of this is coincidental have they ever taken a big book like say, War and Peace and done the same thing and found predictions in them?

L.A:  Oh yeah, they’ve taken Moby Dick for instance and have done the same type of a thing and the skeptics would say, “Hey look” we can get messages.  But what’s interesting with the Rabbis and we sat down with Rabbi Gladerson, Professor Harrolick, Rabbi Orliorips whose really the inventor of the Torah Codes, my good friend and co-producer Richard Shaw and I have interviewed these men and what’s amazing is we see a very tight matrix of codes sometimes over the plain text, I’ll give you one which is startling.  Osama Ben Laden, cursed is he; 3,000 9/11 Twin Towers; 3,000 dead, and that’s over the plain text where it says where the ground opens up with Nathan and Moses coming down from the mountain and ground opens up and swallows the children of Israel, some of the children of Israel, and in the plain text 3,000 died that day.

Sid:  So it’s kind of like a double thing in the code but it’s on the story that’s related to the code.  Yes, and so none of that is in any other books obviously.

L.A:  Yes, and you don’t find this type of information on let’s say Moby Dick or in War and Peace, or other tones.

Sid:  Tell, me about some things you’ve found that were predicted, they found them in the codes before the events occurred.

L.A:  Well, one of the biggest ones was the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin.  The codes were very detailed, very tight matrix, what I mean by that is that the key words were found in one portion of the Hebrew texts.  It was very clear and it was done of course well ahead of the actual event and unfortunately those in power didn’t heed the warning and the results were tragic.

Sid:  Let’s look into the future; what does the Bible codes have to say about Iran and their nuclear bombs?

L.A:  We have a very tight matrix, a Torah code that we did with the key words what were put in ahead of time.  Adam, Arab, Purim, Iran and Amalek.  And what’s interesting, all these words come up in a very tight matrix of letter, very tight matrix of letter.  And the odds of this happening are in literally 1 to the hundreds of thousands so this is not something; this is certainly something more than coincidence.  And what we see, what’s interesting is part of a swastika.  That Z shape Amalek and Amalek going down and Amalek to the right are creating what is part of a swastika or above that we see the word Adam.  Below that the word Iran, next to that Arab and other underneath that Purim, which is of course we know what happened with Esther you know thousands of years…

Sid:  That was the preconceived plan to destroy every Jewish person on the face of this earth that actually turned out the exact opposite and the people that perpetrated this they all died.

L.A:  That’s right.

Sid:  So that is pretty interesting, you know I interviewed a man that was a specialist in Bible codes and he did one with my name and it is unbelievable.  He knew my wife’s name, now you think that that’s unbelievable, let me explain this.  This was in the Torah code before I even was born, and she has the most unusual middle name I’ve never heard of anyone having that before.  Her middle name is Thurley and that was in the code.  It had It’s Supernatural, our television show.  I had two key employees at the time, those two key employees names were in my Torah code.  I mean, it is amazing.  But you know what’s even more amazing than the Torah code, it is the Bible prophecy.

L.A:  Yes.

Sid:  Tell me a couple ancient prophecies that will blow us out of the water.

L.A:  Well, the one that I’m looking at right now is the prophecy of Ezekiel, especially the prophecy found in Ezekiel 38.  Ezekiel lived about 2,600 years ago and he wrote prophecy with great specificity, for instance he outlines a group of nations that will come up against Israel in the latter days after they’ve been re-gathered from the four corners of the earth.  That didn’t happen until 1948.  The leading one is Gog, many Bible prophetic scholars would have you would look at Gog and Magog and put that as Russia or Turkey perhaps.  But what is alarming to me is that Russia is all over the Middle East Right now, in Syria and Iran; they’ve got their figure prints everywhere.  And what we see in my opinion is the formation of the Gog Magog war that the prophet Ezekiel wrote about 2,600 years ago with great specificity those nations listed.  And by the way Iran is the second nation right after Magog, Iran and it’s called Persia.  And of course we know that Iran was called Persia for thousands of years and only until the modern era was it changed to the name Iran.  Now that’s the second nation listed.  The strange valid bedfellows in that prophecy that come up against the land of unwalled villages; another dynamic in that prophecy which did not exist 2,600 years ago in the ancient world a land of un-walled villages is simply they did not exit.  You would build the highest walls you could to keep out invaders with the advent of the airplane and the beginning of the twentieth century all that changed and it became obsolete.  You didn’t build mortar fortified castles and modes and that type of a thing.  So Israel right now was a land dwelling in peace and safety for the most part.  And certainly with a land that is surrounded in the city by unwalled villages.  And I find it alarming what is happening in the Middle East right now as we speak with the unrest of the Arabs is a supernatural component behind spring.  All eyes are on Israel, Iran has threatened to wipe out Israel.  When we look at the unrest in Syria which ties us back into another prophecy Isaiah 17 which says specifically “Damascus has become a ruinous heap.”  We don’t know how Damascus is going to be destroyed but it wouldn’t be a stretch of anyone’s imagination to think that perhaps Assad would destroy his own Capital City or perhaps the rebels would destroy Damascus.  So the situation as I see it is charged, tenuous and tumultuous, I’ve never seen this pregnant before.

Sid:  Isn’t it amazing how the lands of the north that Ezekiel talks about the former Soviet Union is integral with all of these Arab uprisings that are going on.  They’re even supplying the scientist for the nuclear bombs in Iran.

L.A:  And what’s amazing about that is that alliance has never happened before and yet we’re seeing just like Biblical prophecy tells us would happen in the days before Messiah’s return now we’re starting to see all this form.  But unless you know the prophesy it means nothing to you; if you know the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and you see these nations begin to collate and form sort of a loose confederacy then one can only wonder you know when this war is actually going to happen and if it is the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 prophecy.

Sid:  Okay, I have a question for you, you are quite a student of the end-time Bible prophecy, that’s obvious to me, I am also.  I have interviewed people that say they absolutely see the United States in the Old Testament prophecies I have studied it and I don’t agree. I don’t see any mention of the United States as being one of the end-time players, what do you see?

L.A:  Well, we’re on the same page here Sid and there’s no, we didn’t discuss this earlier.  I write about this and talk about this and talk about this succinctly and I believe that the United States is taken out.  I blogged about this, the idea of an EMP, the Electric Magnetive Pulse Weapon which is basically a nuclear device set detonative about 200 miles over the central part of the United States.  If that happens, if an EMP would move us back preindustrial revolutionary times.  In other words, the car wouldn’t start, the toaster doesn’t work, the grids are down, your cell phone, iPhone, your computer, nothing works; we are in pre-industrial revolution time.  And I’m not making this stuff up, Newt Gingridge has even talked about it and other.

Sid:  You notice that someone like him gets blasted by the media when he says things like this?

L.A:  Oh, I think that it’s a real concern, I mean it’s a real concern and the Iranians have been experimenting and this is no secret either, Google it and do some homework on it.  The Iranians have been experimenting with a weapon that would, a rocket that goes about 200 miles into the atmosphere.  And this is a very easy scenario, they just take anyone of the oil barges which they have and they retrofit it so it now is a missile launcher and they park that baby down at the Gulf of Mexico and they fire the weapon.  It’s as simple as that, and then we are literally back in the Stone Age.  You know we are; people don’t understand if that happens the food that we have, the refrigeration, doesn’t work, you know the cars don’t start, the lights don’t go…

Sid:  You know you talk about so many amazing things documented, for instance the change in the moon, that was predicted in the Torah Codes that would occur in 2011.  You talk about the magnetic fields changing and that’s why these earthquakes and in fact, everything is changing in the atmosphere and you prove it.

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