Our Guest Robin McMillan

SID: Robin, is there a hope for the United States of America?

ROBIN: I have absolutely no doubt, as I sit here, that God has to pour out his spirit in our nation in an unprecedented way. And here’s why I believe that, first of all, the gospel tells us that the harvest is the end of the age. There’s a harvest yet to come. The Bible also tells us in Romans chapter 11 all Israel shall be saved. That indicates another massive evangelism among the Jews. The Bible also tells us in Amos that we will have an unprecedented harvest to gathering all the Gentiles who are called by God’s name in a time where there’s an outpouring of the intoxicating power of the spirit and it must happen in the season where the Jewish people were brought back to their homeland, never to be displaced again.

I believe in a harvest for the United States and an outpouring in the United States because of a number of prophetic revelations I’ve had. And because of the very nature of God, when there’s gross darkness, he will bring bright light. And I will say this too, during the Jesus movement, our nation was turned upside down. And if you look at society, if you look at the social conditions today, they are identical now, as to that era where God moved mightily in our nation, he is going to move again.

SID: You know, like most revelations, they are so profound, yet they’re very simple.

ROBIN: Yeah.

SID: And actually, in studying your materials and hearing you speak I don’t know why we don’t understand it, but we don’t.

ROBIN: Yeah.

SID: Tell me about the wagon of hope.

ROBIN: Well, there’s a Bible translation called the Wuest Translation.

SID: One of my favorites.

ROBIN: And Romans chapter eight begins this way, “for we are saved in the sphere of hope.”

SID: Hmm.

ROBIN: Sid the truth is, the hope of God and God Romans 15:13, “now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace and believing that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy spirit.” There is no one, if you said, tell me what verse do you know about hope, they’d say hope deferred makes the heart sick. I think that’s ridiculous. No one can defer your hope but you. The devil can’t, circumstance can’t. You have in your power to maintain hope but because you were born again into a sphere of hope and Christ, the hope of glory lives inside us.

SID: All right, but wait a second, there are people where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, that are watching us right now, listening to us, viewing us right now and they say, but you don’t know about my kid who is in prison for drugs.

ROBIN: Right, right.

SID: You don’t about my wife who’s having an affair with one of my best friends.

ROBIN: Right.

SID: Or you don’t know about the diagnosis I just got.

ROBIN: For those of you who have suffered, your children a mess, maybe your marriage is in trouble. Maybe things are going on in your community and you have no answer for. Let me say this to you. The Lord says, is there anything too hard for me? I release to you authority to speak into every one of those situations and a grace to believe that the God of the whole earth will come to your aid and answer your question. He loves you. He knows what’s going on. He’s looking for people that will cooperate with him to release that power, to change those situations.

Here’s the thing Sid, we all have challenges. For instance, even the great prophet, Jeremiah, suffered with hopelessness.

SID: You were telling me in the dressing room before the show.


SID: Just a few lines from the book of Jeremiah, and they just literally, I believe that as you teach just a few minutes on that it’s going to inject supernatural hope into people.

ROBIN: Well the first thing we need to realize that hope[lessness] is a consequence and not a cause. It’s a delusion it’s the consequence of an inaccurate belief system. And so, in Jeremiah 15, Jeremiah makes an accusation against the Lord. He says, “are you like waters that fail, that streams that cease? Are you unfaithful?” And here’s what the Lord says, and you find it the clearest in the amplified translation. Therefore, thus says the Lord to Jeremiah, “if you return and give up this mistaken tone of distrust and despair, then I will give you again, a settled place of safety and quiet and you will be my minister. And if you separate the precious from the vile, cleansing your own heart from unworthy, unwarranted suspicions concerning my faithfulness, you shall be my mouthpiece.” Now listen Sid–

SID: Isn’t that strong?

ROBIN: There are pastors all over the world, who have ceased to have the authority as one of God’s ministers and one of God’s mouthpieces because, they have yielded to a mistaken tone of distrust and despair. You know what God’s remedy for it was?

SID: What?

ROBIN: Give it up.

SID: That’s simple.

ROBIN: Give it up, disagree with it. Then he said, I will make you my mouthpiece. God does not want hopeless people speaking for him, Sid. He says, if you will cleanse your own heart from unworthy, unwarranted suspicions concerning my faithfulness, you will be my mouthpiece.

SID: And by the way, that’s not just for pastors.

ROBIN: That’s for everybody.

SID: That’s for you, that’s for me, that’s for everyone. I mean, when you come to your senses and realize what Robin just taught. It’s a deception. And if Jeremiah, the great Jewish prophet could be deceived, no wonder, cut it out.

ROBIN: That’s right, I heard that, I got it, yeah. And if he read the rest of the bucket book of Jeremiah, he made the turn. He made the turn.

SID: When you’re going to make the turn, as a matter of fact, I want you to make a turn right now. I want you to make sure that you don’t have to have the Jesus of religion.

ROBIN: Come on.

SID: That you have the Jesus of your own personal, intimate relationship with the God of love.


SID: Pure Love.


SID: Not human love, not a love that is fickle, but someone that is pure, unadulterated love. Say this prayer out loud. I want it to be a new beginning for you, that you would make a mega jump in knowing God. Say this out loud, Dear God, I’m a sinner, against you and you alone have I sinned, and I’m so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washes away my sins and according to your word, I’m clean. It feels so good to be clean and now that I’m clean, Jesus come and live inside of me.

ROBIN: Yes, yes Lord.

SID: I make you my Lord. I want an experience with you. Amen. Robyn, I want you to pray for are an injection of supernatural hope, and I say—your hopelessness is a delusion.


SID: Cut it out.

ROBIN: Go ahead, pray that.

SID: Give it up! We release the faith and the power, in the name of Jesus, to give up despair, to give up delusion and to give up hopelessness and call it what it is. It’s a lie, it’s not the heart of God. The mercy of God is present now to impart into you, to give you an infusion of faith, to give you an infusion of hope that will transform not just you but your family. It has the capacity to change your region, your neighborhood, even your nation, because the power of God is not hindered because Jesus is alive. He rose from the dead and he reigns forever. Amen and amen.

Our Guest Stephanie Schureman

BOB: Welcome back to Something More. I’m your host, Bob Duvall, here with Stephanie Schureman. And before we took the break, Stephanie, we were talking about how busy you were. I’m sure you still are.


BOB: But you were raising six kids, and you didn’t feel like you even had the ability to spend the time to hear Jesus.


BOB: I’m sure that had to be extremely frustrating.


BOB: So, what happened that you got your breakthrough?

STEPHANIE: Well, as you know, when you’re a mother or any kind of a parent, the next thing is an emergency. So, the diaper needs to be changed. The next meal needs to be fixed.

BOB: Right. Right.

STEPHANIE: Just everything. There just doesn’t seem to be a minute of the day many times that goes by where you have time to, actually, do anything, let alone think or pray. And so, one day I was feeling this way. I was completely frustrated. I was beyond – What I wanted to do was get everything done, and then spend time with the Lord.

BOB: Right.

STEPHANIE: That never happened. I did it over and over and over, and it never happened. It was never a possibility. So, this particular day I went down to my laundry room, and I saw the piles of laundry, and I –

BOB: [Laughs]

STEPHANIE: And I just laid my head over onto my big, huge pile of laundry. And I just began to weep. And I said, “Lord, I will never have time. There’s just not enough time to ever spend with you. How am I ever going to do that?” And it was almost like as I breathed in the Lord said, “I want to do it with You.”

BOB: Mmm.

STEPHANIE: And it just broke. Everything broke right there. I began to weep. I said, “Lord, I want to do this with You, too.” [laughs]

BOB: Yeah.

STEPHANIE: And so from that moment on, everything I did, it didn’t matter if I was changing diapers, cleaning the floor,  the most mundane tasks became extremely important. Because I was doing those things with the Lord.

BOB: Mm.

STEPHANIE: And that’s how many times we think of ministry as being in front of a lot of people. But, no. Ministry is right in your home doing the most mundane tasks. If you’re taking care of an elderly person, if you’re taking care of a baby, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you’re doing it is as unto the Lord.

BOB: Mm.

STEPHANIE: And the Lord is pleased when we take those on as our daily tasks. That’s what He’s put our hands to, so why not do it in the glory of the Lord. And worshipping while we’re doing it.

BOB: Absolutely.

STEPHANIE: Just talking to Him.

BOB: Makes sense to me. Yeah. Now, what if somebody, and here, so far, they’re convinced, “Yeah. I need to hear Jesus.”


BOB: “And I want to hear Jesus. You know, it says in the Bible that God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts,

STEPHANIE: That’s right.

BOB: And His ways are higher than our ways,


BOB: And how am I ever going to understand, even if He is talking to me?” [laughs]

STEPHANIE: [Laughs] That’s right. I have made it my life goal to read through my Bible every year. This year I’m on my, I’ve just finished fortieth time.

BOB: Mm.

STEPHANIE: And I’m not that, I read through two or three times on some of those years, because I finally upped it to where I could get through more than one time a year. (laughs)

BOB: That’s really a key. I mean, if we really want to hear what He’s saying, the entire Bible is what He’s saying. But, yeah. Go ahead.

STEPHANIE: Right. Exactly. And I learned that as I would read through the Word of God something would come up during my day, and it would trigger back to where I, actually, was in the Scripture at that time. The Word of God is so relevant. It is way more relevant than today’s newspaper. And so the, obviously, [laughs] even it’s more relevant than what’s on the internet. Let’s put it that way.

BOB: Yes.

STEPHANIE: That way it makes it more relevant. [laughs] But the Word of God is more relevant even tomorrow than it is today. It is perfect for our lives. It’s our lifeblood. And we need the transfer of information that comes from heaven that is in the Word of God. It is relevant. It is real. It is powerful. It is life changing. The Lord has set me free and healed me from just reading the Word.

BOB: Wow. Now, Jesus speaks to different people in different ways.


BOB: He has kind of a different language maybe,


BOB: For different people.

STEPHANIE: Absolutely.

BOB: So, how do you figure out what unique way He’s speaking to you?

STEPHANIE: Well, you know, I can hear the voice of God. And I know I can see pictures when I close my eyes. The Lord speaks to me that way. And because we’ve practiced hearing from Jesus we know that’s how He’s talking. But there’s a lot of people that say, “Well, Stephanie, I can’t hear Jesus at all.” Especially when we’re training children in the prophetic. There are some of them that can’t see a picture in their mind.

BOB: Uh-huh.

STEPHANIE: But they can actually get a picture and draw it on paper.

BOB: Hm.

STEPHANIE: And so, we actually had an experience this last year where we had a child that we knew was hearing from the Lord. We knew he was picking up things. And he was not able to say it with his mouth. And so we got out the paper one day, and got the crayons out,

BOB: [Laughs]

STEPHANIE: – and said, “Okay. Just do a simple picture of whatever.” And, of course, we did this with everyone. We actually had two children that were not able to hear from the Lord. They could draw. And they had the most accurate –

BOB: Hm.

STEPHANIE: Prophetic pictures that we had seen. And we were shocked and just blessed.

BOB: Yeah. Yeah.

STEPHANIE: At how the Lord was speaking. So there are many ways that the Lord can speak. Art. Music. He speaks, you may wake up in the morning hearing a song and just know that that’s from heaven. And it may even be a secular song. The Lord spoke to me one time about [laughs] “How sweet it is to be loved by you,” that wonderful old song.

BOB: Right. Yeah. Yeah. [Laughs]

STEPHANIE: And my heart just wept when I, when He was–

BOB: Yeah.

STEPHANIE: I knew He was singing that song straight to me,

BOB: Wow. Wow.

STEPHANIE: And I was like, “Oh, how sweet it is to be loved by you.”

BOB: Wow. (laughs)

STEPHANIE: So what a precious way. The Lord speaks to us in gentle, precious, sweet ways, and,

BOB: Okay, Stephanie, so, I understand I need to hear God’s voice.


BOB: I need to hear Jesus. I’m with you.


BOB: And I’ve discovered how He speaks to me, and I’m hearing things from Him. But sometimes I don’t understand what He’s saying.


BOB: I don’t get it. What do I do?

STEPHANIE: Go back to the Word of God. The Word of God will teach you His thoughts. His ways are higher than our ways. His understanding is way higher than ours. Now Jesus spoke in parables in the Word, and so many times if you have a picture of something that keeps repeating, like we said, numbers – But there may be a picture. Maybe fish come up, or something. You keep seeing fish over and over. What’s the Lord talking about? Well, go back to the Word of God and say, “Lord, I’m going to look, I’m going to search for fish. And I see You’re doing this. And it could have something to do with multiplication. It could have something to do with – Fish can also represent lost souls that are coming into Jesus. Could be even praying for other believers, because we know, even the Christian symbol is a fish.

BOB: Uh-huh.

STEPHANIE: So it could be praying for other believers, and missionaries, or whatever. Maybe the Lord’s calling you to something. So begin to tie whatever picture that the Lord is showing you over and over to something out of the Word of God, or even a story. Go in and search, even do a word search through the Word of God. And the Lord will show you. You will know.

BOB: Okay. We need to take one more quick break. And when we come back, one of the things that Stephanie says you can do if you’re not sure what God is saying is you may just have to wait. Wait on Him. And she had an experience where she had a dream, [music] and she didn’t know for five years what it meant.


BOB: But God showed her. So come right back after this.

Our Guest Kevin Zadai

KEVIN: And being a Christian on this Earth is more than just trying to act right, and good behavior. There has to be a permanent change, and it has to be a change that is transferrable to other people. So we have to be something different, that’s not of this realm. That coal that touched Isaiah’s lips was not from this realm. Jesus told me, He said, “From now on, you give out to people something from this realm up where I live, and you give it to people down here on this Earth.”

SID: Can you do that?

KEVIN: I can do that through prayer, I can do that by speaking.

SID: Can you do that right now, for those viewers

KEVIN: I sure can.

SID: that are watching?


SID: Right this moment.

KEVIN: Yes. Father, in the name of Jesus, I just thank You that You are extending Your fire, from Your throne. Lord, I just ask that You would baptize; baptize in “the Holy Spirit and with fire.” I thank You, Father, in the name of Jesus, that there is a move of God coming upon this Earth, that is not from this realm; it originates from the holy altar of God. Father, I thank You for introducing into this realm, and into the viewers right now Your holy coals, from Your altar. And I ask, Lord God, that it would alter their life, and change their life; that they would become on fire, and “flames of fire”, and the chaff would be burned up. Father, I thank You that You’re showing people what they need to let go, right now. And the Lord says, to all of you watching, “Yield to the fire.” The Lord says, “I am in the fire. Yield to the fire.” Be made whole, in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father.

SID: Mm.


SID: I had a word of knowledge, while Kevin was speaking. Anything you need in the throat area, you are healed.

KEVIN: [breathes heavily]

SID: whether there’s tumors, whether you have difficulty swallowing, whether you even have, digestive problems; anything you need, and anything you need, believe God for right now! And I play pray the holy fire burn out everything that is not of God every pain, every sickness, every disease.

KEVIN: Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that Your holy fire would start to burn, and push out every infirmity from the bodies of Your people. I break the curse, and I speak fire. The fire is now going through your body; it’s going into your mind; it’s correcting. Right now, there are there are brain issues; there are thought issues; they are being cleansed right now. There are I see I see nodules; I see tumors that are being burnt and scorched right now in the name of Jesus. I even see a back straightening up. I see that you have slipped discs down in in your waist, but in the back, in the small of your back, the Lord is they’re going to if you’re feeling heat right now, that’s being healed in the name of Jesus. demons are leaving because they cannot tolerate the holy fire. Demons are leaving right now; you’re feeling free, because the spiritual forces of evil have been working against you. The Angels of the Lord are coming forth right now to correct issues in your life. I’m seeing I’m seeing a woman who has given up; I’m telling you, by the spirit of God, don’t give up. The Lord has not given up on you; He has a plan and a purpose for you. I see you on the floor, kneeling and crying; you’re going to be okay. The Lord is coming to You. There’s many people right now; there’s many people with pain in their elbows and their shoulders and their back; it’s being healed right now, in the name of Jesus.

SID: Now, Kevin, what is true holiness?

KEVIN: Sid, I found that true holiness is not essentially just good behavior; true holiness has to do with relationship. Now, the Lord showed me that there was a positional for everything that God had done for us through Jesus Christ. So position ally, I am holy; position ally I am righteous.

SID: Hmm.

Our Guest William McDowell

SID: Now, one of the things that I appreciate is something you said to me. You say, “Sid, people don’t come to my church for miracles, people come to my church because of the presence of God.”

WILLIAM: We’ve adapted a mentality that he’s not in our presence, we’re in his. And that changes your disposition and your posture because we’re not done until he is.

SID: Hey, it reminds me of a song on your new CD we’re making available. Stay, tell me about that song.

WILLIAM: This song is so deeply personal to me and to our church. I feel like it’s our story wrapped in that song.

SID: Did you write it?

WILLIAM: I did. And so for us, it’s a disposition that we have to say we were asking him to stay. And so really the song encapsulates both what we’ve experienced just by sitting in his presence and been the cry of our heart is that we don’t ever want it to end, we just want him to stay.

SID: Now, let’s go to the worship service and the very moment that Stay was recorded.

WILLIAM: We testify.

Our Guest Rich Vera

RICH: And I want to encourage you to begin taking authority. You see God can do little things unless He’s being spoken and released. Amos says God will do nothing unless He shows it to his servants the prophets. Well we all run to a prophet but you know that all of us are prophetic people? So God don’t need prophet that comes from California to tell you you’re going to be blessed. You have the Holy Ghost. You’re a prophetic people. You can stand on your house and say there will be no rebellion on this house. There’ll be no sickness on this house. There’ll be no divorce in this marriage and God will do it according to your word. Oh! I believe that. So when we talk about the miracles of God, God breaks it in those four dimensions. Now this is what I really feel of the Lord today, if you allow me I want to lay hands on many of you because there’s going to be a release of something from the Spirit of the Lord that’s going to put you in a different atmosphere of God. Some of you are going to begin to hear God and to flow in the things of the Spirit like you have not done it before. I think God has been wanting to do this with you for a while and I feel there’ll be a release today in the name of Jesus. How many of you will say I receive that? In fact raise your hands to the Lord right now. And if you don’t mind for sixty seconds would you pray in the Holy Ghost? Just lift up your voices. Could I have anybody? Roy, please my brother. Thank you so much. Just pray in the Holy Ghost right now. Because I’M telling you even right now there’s a healing wave that’s beginning to come in the building right now. There are people with arthritis that will be healed. There are people with problems in the knee that are going to be healed. There’s even a person here with cancer cells in your body that God is going to burn out of your body today in the mighty name of Jesus! Somebody’s lungs are going to be healed today. You will not be on that respirator. You will not be connected to a tube. There’s four people here that have been depressed for a while. It’s been like this dark cloud that’s not even allow you to sleep. The Lord says today freedom is coming to your mind. Freedom is coming to your life. I declare in the name of the Lord Jesus that the power of the Holy Ghost will– just keep on praying in the Holy Ghost. Something is happening in the atmosphere right now. I declare the healing and deliverance power of God from the top of your head all the way down to the soles of your feet in the name of Jesus. I curse infirmity and I curse every disease. And I command every devil to come out of your life and of your body now in the name of Jesus. Somebody’s who’s taking medications of pills God’s going to break you free from that today. There are people that cannot sleep in the night. God is going to deliver you in the name of Jesus. I feel the power of the Holy Ghost. C’mon, raise your hands and press in, press in right now. Hallelujah! God bless you dear sister. You’re a minister? God bless you. God bless you. Dear sister you’re another person that the Lord has already put a message on you to write. And sister, a lot of things to deal with inside healing of people, especially the women that have gone through things and abused and are hurt. God’s going to use you to bring deliverance to them, dear sister. And I see some money that was withheld, there’s something in some legal stuff that the Lord’s going to release to you. There’s going to unexpected money coming your way. How many of you raise your hands and say unexpected money’s coming my way? Receive that in the name of Jesus. I release it upon you and a fresh anointing of the Spirit. I’ll be back. Yes. Raise your hands to the Lord. In the name of Jesus. Sister, the attack that the enemy has been bringing against you, sister that place where you fell like you hit a wall, God is about to tear the wall down and you are about to worship at His feet for hours and hours and hours just like you prayed to the Lord. I hear you praying to the Lord, Lord I just want to worship and hours and hours at your feet and the Lord says even that prayer that you pray as you were driving your vehicle, dear sister, God is going to answer for you and you’re going to experience a visitation of the Holy Spirit. Anybody else? Real quick. Should we end right now? Two more people we’re going to end and then we’ll go. I’ll pray for you. Sir, raise your hands to the Lord. Are you a minister? Chaplain? Sir, you come from a conservative Christian background? And the Lord did some things that caused you some trouble? Yeah. And sir, God is going to, you know God has filled you with the Spirit, sir. But God is bringing you to a place that many of those conservative people you’re going to bring to them the Spirit of God, sir. Get ready, sir. Some of these Baptists and Methodists you’re going to go right in there, my brother, where you came from and deliver them by the power of God. Raise your hands to the Lord, dear sister. Oh, I declare the power of the Holy Spirit to be upon you. Are you a minister dear sister? Dear sister, I see the Lord removing some people that have in a way betrayed you, sister. And God is saying He’s removing some of these close people that came to speak into your ear, even against some people in your own family, sister. And some of them– be careful with the people that are close to your money because these people are the ones that have interior motives my sister, and those that say that they have professional experience, you need Holy Ghost experience. And God says there’s a release of the anointing today in the name of Jesus!

Our Guest Elaine Hollmer

SID: All right, yesterday Elaine came in to my office. And she started quoting a scripture that I know well. I know this well because God told me that scripture about a month earlier and then she taught a little bit on that scripture. The scripture is there can be no sorcery against Israel. Now, if you are the Messiah’s, you are the same as Abraham seed. What were you teaching?

ELAINE: It’s illegal for the enemy to tell you that you are going to be overcome by a demon. Jesus said, “I give you power over all the power of the enemy.” The word of God is true and you with the authority of the Messiah in you, you are never going to be cursed. Stop being afraid of the curse of the devil. The devil is under your feet. He has no authority over a child of God. And it doesn’t matter what anyone says, they can say I’m going to curse you. They can say I’m going to put a fix or something on you, but that is a lie from hell because greater is He that’s in you than he that’s in the world. There’s no demotic force, nothing, any sickness, any disease, any words that have been spoken. They are all broken and under the blood of your shoe and we don’t have to succumb to any of that.

The Bible says you are the child of God. Do you know that you have an arsenal at your disposal? Do you know that the powerful angels and all of the beings of God. He has an army in heaven. There’s an army. There’s a force of God and he will make sure that those are at your disposal only at the name and the word and acknowledging who you are. If you know who you are, you can have what you want.

SID: Now you say it’s illegal. What do you do about the symptoms or the thoughts that you have that if it’s illegal, that means the demon shouldn’t be speaking to you, but he does.

ELAINE: Exactly.

SID: What do you do about it?

ELAINE: One of the most notable healing evangelists in the world came to Norvel Hayes and myself and he said, “Why do I pray for people? They get healed. They jump out of wheelchairs, it’s news everywhere, and then a year I go back and they don’t have it. They’re in the wheelchair or they’re dead, their families are mad at me.” And this is why that you receive something and then it goes because you don’t know how to keep what you got. You have to keep what you have. Now, tomorrow that thing may try to come back on you, but remember you’re a co-creator with God. The power of life and death is in your mouth and what you do is you say no in the name of Jesus.

SID: Would you pray for people?

ELAINE: Oh, I will.

Father. Oh, I thank you now that you have given us the power of life and death. So I speak life from my vessel, the spirit, the real Holy anointed spirit. I speak life, healing, strength. I speak to every spirit of hell that’s been released in the homes or in the lives of the believers. They are illegal. They cannot stay. They only come to see if they can stay. They come to check us out to see what we’ve got, but in the name above every name, I say they cannot stay. Now, be healed and be set free and be delivered as Jesus said go, I say go from the anointed people of God. Amen. Hallelujah.

SID: I’ll tell you what she was speaking people with arthritic fingers, pain in your fingers, in your wrists, in your hands. If you’ll just move, you’ll see that the pain is all gone. Especially backs. Backs are being healed right now. Stand and see that the Lord is good. Bend over and you’ll see that pain that was there it’s gone. And there’s someone with an oppression in their head, a headache. I command it to leave now. The blood of Jesus.

One last prayer, Elaine, look into the camera and pray for the glory that’s on you to be released on everyone that wants it at home or in the studio audience.

ELAINE: It’s for you and your children and all those that are called. The glory is for you. Father, I thank you that people in every room of their house, it’s not going to just make for one, it’s going to be like the house of Cornelius. The glory of God is penetrating through every house. Their children are going to be delivered from drug addictions. There’s going to be many cancers die right now. There’s going to be many people that are bound by dementia. There’s going to be foul mental torment and spirits, leave your house as the glory of God comes in right now. Now there it is. Raise your hands, raise your hands, grab it. You don’t have to wait for anything. No one has to touch you. You don’t have to be in a big meeting. Just right there, take it Jesus’ name.

SID: And I seal everything that has been done and the name that is above every name, the name of the Messiah of Israel, the name of the Passover lamb that takes away the sins of the whole world. (prays in tongues). Jesus the Messiah, our righteousness.

ELAINE: Jesus.

Our Guest Ryan Bruss

SID: And what would have happened in his life if you hadn’t gone out on the streets to do something a lot of people don’t want to do? Just talking to people about Jesus.

RYAN: He would tell you himself that “I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t have made it.” I mean, he’s doing work in Israel now, in Brazil, all because he was going into a bar, we say “Wait, wait, wait. Just one second. We want to talk to you.”.

SID: Comment on, anyone can bring the kingdom to anybody, anywhere.

RYAN: See, if you’re born again, when you walk into a coffee shop, that means healing just walked into the coffee shop. Miracles just walked in the coffee … Everything in that coffee shop.

SID: But what if you’ve never seen people healed when you pray?

RYAN: It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, because Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He has a plan and he has a purpose for everybody in that coffee shop. And you are coming in to get a cup of coffee, but little did you know that that man sitting in the corner is suicidal, and you have the joy of the Lord living in you.

SID: Okay. Give me a real-life experience of you going into a coffee shop.

RYAN: It wasn’t too long ago, I went into a coffee shop and the barista, she looked like she wanted to hurt me, to be honest with you. She had this angry look on her face, and my flesh just wanted to get the coffee and go. She was just having a bad attitude. And as I was grabbing my coffee, I thought “You know what? No, no, no.” And I said “Are you okay?” She says “I have migraines.” And I thought “Well, you know, no wonder you’re so crabby.” And I say “Can I pray for you?” I didn’t go into this religious rhetoric, are you this, are you that, you go to church? I just said “Can I pray for you?” She goes “Yes.” I may have said I was a pastor. I grab her hand and I felt the presence of God shoot through me into her hand. I said “What do you feel?” Because she had her eyes on me, she goes “I feel so tingly.”.

I said “That’s the presence of God.” I said “But how’s the head? How’s the migraine?” She goes “Gone.” And then two days later I go back to that same place to see her. She runs and grabs another coworker and says “See, see, that’s the man that prayed for me. That’s the one that prayed for me.” That’s all you got to do to bring the kingdom and carry the presence of God.

SID: You say that these divine appointments are so easy. Do you always get positive responses?

RYAN: Oh, my goodness, no. In fact, one time, many years ago, I was in the park and we were just sharing Jesus with everybody around. And this man walks up to me yelling and I said, “What’s wrong?” And as I put my hand on his shoulder to say everything’s okay, he punched me in the face so hard he knocked me out cold. Sid, look at this face. I need all the help I can get. He punched me so hard my head actually hit a concrete water fountain that woke me up. And a satanist, Sid, that I had been ministering to, ran over to me and said “Can I help?” For a split second I thought “What do you mean?” But as God is my witness, I mean, he sucker punched me, Sid. He knocked me out cold. Had no anger, no nothing. I got hurt physically.

SID: Only God could have …

RYAN: Only God could do that.

SID: Because he’s in you.

RYAN: That’s right.

SID: You carry his presence.

RYAN: You carry his presence, absolutely. It was awesome.

SID: It seems like almost every day you’re having these divine appointments. What about me? Am I Swiss cheese? I mean, why do you have divine appointments all the time, and most people don’t? Why?

RYAN: Because they’re just not looking for them. And see, I’ve learned a huge secret, that if I’m focusing on my bills, my health, my problems, I walk into a coffee shop, I’m not going to have any kind of joy for anybody else.

SID: Nothing left.

RYAN: No, there’s nothing left, even though Jesus is in here. So what I’ve done, and that’s what we did in the CD set, is teach people how to break through all the drama and junk of this world and get full of Jesus no matter what your bills look like, no matter what … See, Sid, there’s a time in my own marriage that we were down to baked potatoes. Twice. There’s only so many times you can slice and bake and mash a potato. Eventually you just start throwing them at each other. But what I’m saying is I’ve been there, done that. And you got to get to a place where, you know what? I’ve lived long enough to know that Jesus has always seen me through everything, and I’m not going to let these problems bother me. I am just like everybody else. And you listening, you’re just like everybody else. It’s time to just let go of everything that’s tethering you to this world and say “You know what? I’m a carrier of the presence of God. I’m going to get through this in Jesus’ name.”

SID: Tell me about the restaurant you went in with the lady with the nice smile. I mean, this sounds little, but that’s the type of thing you can do.

RYAN: We walked in, we were seated, and she just had a big smile. I said “I just want to tell you, you have a very nice smile.” She said “Oh,” and so …

SID: And by the way, isn’t that something you could do?

RYAN: Easy.

SID: Of course you could.

RYAN: And that’s what I teach in the book. Jesus said to the Samaritan woman “Can I have a drink?” Anybody can say that. And then her life changed forever. So we sat down, we dialogued a little more, and every time she would walk away, the Holy Spirit would say “Ask her this.” She walked away one more time. The Holy Spirit said “Ask her about her father.” And now, Sid, see, I have a open door in her life because I’m just loving … I valued her. She’s worth it. I’m not just “Give me my food.” She’s worth my time. I feel like crying right now because everybody’s worth it.

And so she came back that last time and I said “Can I ask you a personal question?” Because I had a right to, because of how far I’ve gone with the conversation. And I said “Can you tell me about your father?” She started to weep. She goes “He molested me. He molested me.” And so we ministered to her. Her whole countenance changed. She was free of that. The joy of the Lord hit her, all because we just said “You have a nice smile.” And then she was touched forever. I heard this saying the other day, “Love people until they ask you why.” Just love people, and doors will fling open for you. Absolutely.SID: Well, now listen to this. Ryan went to heaven to learn how to love. And when he tells us what he learned in heaven, many of you will feel rivers of love flowing out from the screen itself, or in the studio audience from Ryan. It’s the supernatural atmosphere of heaven. Be right back.

Our Guest Natasha Schedrivaya

SID: Natasha, you told me your life goal is to make Jesus irresistible to people. Why is that your passion?

NATASHA: Because, you know, in my life I resisted so much the Gospel. I resisted Jesus. I resisted God, that my heart is toward to make God so easy to be understood, to make Jesus irresistible so that people could respond to His love in faith, and then the miracles are the outcome on that.

SID: You were, as a new believer, because you were so proficient in language, you were a translator for the Osborns.

NATASHA: Mm-hmm.

SID: TL came, and his daughter, LaDonna. You translated for LaDonna. What was the big revelation you got from TL Osborn? What was the thing you got? What’s the takeaway?

NATASHA: Well, the greatest revelation that I got from TL Osborn, that the power is not in you. You know, you don’t have to possess a special set of anointings or gifts. You just need to know the message. The power is in the message. Apostle Paul says that, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation.” If you know the message, if you know the truth, if you know the Gospel, and people believe, that’s what produces the greatest miracles, conversions, healings, etc..

SID: You don’t know this, but you are looking right now at the first woman bishop of the former Soviet Union and she has gone to 36,000 villages. Tell me about the babushkas.

NATASHA: Babushkas. Those Russian babushkas, those old ladies, their life was tough. The cow is sick, husband is beating her and drinking, and she wants the message. She wants the truth. She wants God, who will help her and will change her husband, set him free, and heal her cow. We saw miracles of how God would touch even animals and the cows would give the best milk. You know, we have one babushka, she says, “My cow is a Christian cow now. My milk is the most delicious milk.” Honestly, this is what’s happened.

SID: Very quickly.

NATASHA: Uh-huh.

SID: She had an open vision. I want you to look into the camera and tell them what you saw in your open vision.

NATASHA: Okay. One day, I had an open vision. I was standing at the cross of Jesus. He was crucified and I was standing at the foot of the cross, and I tried to look up ’cause I wanted to see His face, and yet the cross, it seemed like the cross was going into the heavens. I didn’t see His face. I saw His feet all torn out and in blood. Then suddenly, I saw a big drop of blood falling from Jesus’ body and it froze in the air. When I looked at this drop of blood, I’ve heard God speaking to me. “Do you realize that one drop of Jesus’ blood would be enough to deal with the sin of the whole world, yet He shed all His blood just for you alone?”

NATASHA: Then I thought, “This is it. This is it. This is what makes the difference in the life of a believer.” I pray, “Father, I pray in the name of Jesus now for all the people who don’t know you or maybe they think they know you. But I pray that you would reveal yourself. Reveal your love for them in the way that they would understand that all the sufferings and the price that Jesus paid.” It wasn’t just for all people in the world. All this price was paid just for you alone. All His blood was shed just for you alone. His sacrifice is very personal for you. Just respond in faith to Him and accept Him into your heart as your Lord and Savior.

SID: I say to the world.

I say to the world.

SID: Jesus, you’re my Lord.

Jesus, you’re my Lord.

SID: Amen.


Our Guest Dr. Francis Sizer

SID: So, a woman comes to you. She’s born blind. She has a seeing-eye dog, what happened?

FRANCIS: As she made her way up, nobody called her up. I was still in the middle of preaching at the time. But she came up with this German shepherd seeing-eye dog, and the dog had a harness on, and she was kind of holding onto the harness. And I got a little bit frightened when I saw the size of that dog.

As she got about 15 or 20 feet away from me, the dog fell out under the power of God. God showed me something interesting theologically that this lady used the dog as her eyesight, for her eyesight, that she had to let go of the dog before she could come to Him empty handed. We must come to the Lord empty handed, without any crutches, without any kind of aids.

SID: Now you can understand why his meetings were really big. These meetings, these healing meetings you had, how many people would come to them?

FRANCIS: We had, during the nine years that I was doing them, 2,500 people each meeting, and buses would come in. People would wait two hours ahead of time just to get seats because they wanted to see what God was about to do.

SID: And then minding his own business, he’s at a meeting, and someone walks up to him that he is convinced is an angel, and says a very strange thing to him. What?

FRANCIS: I was having lunch with the head of the Full Gospel Businessmen International in Washington DC. The men were trying to ask me, “Why are you a priest?” Or, “What is a priest?” They were all Protestant backgrounds, and it was unusual to have a saved Catholic priest with the gift of healing and the power of God in him.

So I was doing a bad job explaining myself about priesthood. A lady came along, and tapped me on the shoulder, and whispered in my ear, “The answer is in the curtain.” Well, with that she was gone. Never saw her again. Couldn’t find her. Looked for her everywhere. She disappeared. It was an angel. Demos Shakarian, who was sitting beside me, said, “Oh, you need to go read about the curtain, Hebrews 10:19.”

And it says there: Therefore, brothers and sisters, since you have confidence to enter the holy of holies through the veil, which is his body, and through the blood, come forth into my chamber, it says, with confidence because I am your God.

Now I knew when I read that, that my priesthood days were over because Jesus once for all offered himself for us. There was no need for me to say Mass anymore. There was no reason for me to be an intermediary in a sacramental system because people now, as they receive Christ, all become a priesthood of believers. And they all have access to God. We’re all priests.

SID: Now, the criticism from religious people got more than he could tolerate. He saw this, he did, people didn’t have to go to him to get to God. Well, we already have the priest, his name is Jesus.


SID: Much better than human. And he saw these differences, and he left the church. He really stopped going even to church. He was burned out. He went back to college. He got his doctorate in psychology, and he opened up his own little shop. He got married to a woman, this is a story in itself, she was a marvelous ballet dancer, and she went to Turkey with her troop, and she was captured and put into what’s known as, I guess called white slavery.

FRANCIS: White slavery.

SID: She had how many tumors in her?

FRANCIS: She came back from Turkey, and her stomach was just ripped apart from dysentery and starvation. She doctored with the American doctors for about eight months, nine months. Then she heard about a priest who had the gift of healing. That was me. That’s how we met. She had 11 bleeding ulcers. The doctors were ready to take 75% of her stomach out, and cut it out because of all these ulcers.

But we know a better way through Jesus. I prayed with her, and she was pretty much on her death bed. The power of God went into her stomach, and both of us knew she was healed. She made the doctor sign an agreement that he would not go ahead with the operation until he did another endoscopic exam, and looked down her stomach, and he did. He saw her stomach looked like a newborn baby’s pink stomach.

He came out of the operating room, and he shook my hand, and he said, “Father, what is your technique? What is your technique? Congratulations.”

SID: I’ll tell you what, I’m going to have him pray for the fire to come on when we come back. Interested?

Our Guest Becky Dvorak

SID: Now, don’t forget that after this program is over, you can logon to to watch a powerful extended version of this program. You know, Becky, you had such a powerful revelation of the whipping post. Was this a vision? How did you receive it?

BECKY: I was ministering the Word of God concerning how the redemptive blood of Jesus, and I was on the topic of the whipping post from Isaiah 53 four and five. As I’m ministering this to the people, teaching the people, I see a vision and I hear God start speaking to me, and He’s asking me, “Did you ever read that Jesus was sick?” Have we ever read Jesus was sick, Sid?

SID: No.

BECKY: No. He said, “It’s because Jesus was an exceptional man of faith on this earth. He operated in faith any time any sickness or disease would try come upon Him. He did not allow it to enter into His body because He knew the power of life and death were in his words.” So, when Jesus … when they started to whip Him, what I saw … God was speaking to me, and He said that sickness could not enter into his body because he was such a man of exceptional faith. So, those first initial whippings were to break down His human flesh so that sickness and disease could actually start to enter into His body.

BECKY: God actually told me that Jesus was being marinated with our sickness and with our disease. The only way that that could even happen, to begin with, happened because He gave a verbal permission with His words in the Garden of Gethsemane, when He said, “Not My will, but Your will be done.” It was our sickness, our disease that was entering into His body so that we could be delivered and free from it, so that we no longer have to have sickness. That is at the point where we received the power of life and death in our words over this sickness to say, “No, not in my body in Jesus’ name.”

SID: Right now, pray a prayer for healing for those that are watching.

BECKY: Right now, in Jesus’ name, I renounce the spirit of death over your bodies and I release the spirit of life to enter in, in Jesus’ name. For that man that is dealing with pancreatic cancer, in Jesus’ name, I renounce that cancer and I command it to come out of that pancreas in Jesus’ name, and your pancreas is recreated and it functions perfectly, normal, in Jesus’ name.

BECKY: There is a woman, and she is contemplating suicide because your husband has been unfaithful. I say, in Jesus’ name, the Word of God says, “Choose life.” You always choose life. I renounce that spirit of suicide that is over you right now in Jesus’ name, and I release the ministering angels of the Holy Spirit into your very presence, in Jesus’ name. Amen.