Sid:  My guest John McTernan is a prophet, he wrote a book called “As America has done to Israel.” He’s just recently updated it, it is such an urgent book. He proves that the major economic disasters of modern day America can be pinpointed within 24 hours in most instances of going against Israel.  And we were talking about Hurricane Ike and we we’re talking about the various financial institutions that have been shaken to their core and that happened within 24 hours of the United States making public they were trying to divide Jerusalem.  Now John you have spoken on our radio broadcast for years and you use a terminology that you’ve recently changed, the terminology that you used to use was warning judgments.  You’re calling it more serious now, explain the difference.

John:  Yeah Sid I believe that what I had documented in the past was God’s warning to the nation that we’re on a collision course with Him.  And Sid some of those warning judgments were some of the most powerful hurricanes that ever hit America.  The North Ridge Earthquake for example, stock market, big stock market down turns, massive flooding that was occurring on the same time that we were pressuring Israel.  Gigantic forest fires, especially out west, and we’ve always recovered Sid.  Fortunately there was never really a great loss of life.  So I use the terminology warning, judgments or judgments unto repentance.  When I went around and spoke through the country or was on your show I would state that, “This is God trying to get our attention” because it’s usually on the front pages of the papers Sid. You’ll see Arafat would come here to meet with well it was President Clinton at the time and every time Sid, Arafat came to divide the land there was a disaster that hit, big stock market down turns, hurricanes hitting, massive floods.  And I’ve documented all that in my book, but now Sid I believe that these judgments unto repentance, the warning judgments God gave us about twenty years Sid the nation as a whole did not listen.  For whatever reasons pastors were too busy to lead their churches in repentance and crying out to the Lord; where cause that the church did not respond and now Sid I believe that we crossed that threshold, we crossed the red line; and were into the destructive judgment Sid for which there is no remedy.

Sid:  You explain to me that often times at 3:00 AM in the morning God will wake you up and speak to you, but on yesterday’s broadcast He said something that shook you to the core.  Would you repeat that?

John:  Yes Sid, He said that I heard it clear as a bell, I have broken the back of America and that has to do with the economy Sid.

Sid:  Now many of prophetic friends tell me that if there’s proper prayer and repentance as late as the hour is things can turn around.  What do you feel?

John:  Well Sid, it would have to be an emergency, it would have to be the church literally overnight rising up to do that because Sid each day that this goes on it’s sort of like hemorrhaging. It’s sort of like a person hemorrhaging, and you’ve got to stop the hemorrhaging because the blood loss you’ll die and our economy is the same way Sid.  And without the church rising up and crying out to the Lord in repentance Sid I believe that we’re on the way down to becoming—the power will be taken away from America Sid and we’ll become, this is a hard thing to say, but economically were going to become like a third world nation.  Our money will be worth nothing Sid, we’ll be saddled with an enormous debt and the whole country will be locked into this, there will be no liquidities Sid.

Sid:  In your book you pin point exactly when the U.S. walked away from the blessings in reference to Israel.

John:  Yes Sid.

Sid:  Explain that.

John:  Sid it starts with the Madrid Peace Process on October 30, 1991.  President Bush Senior took it upon himself to initiate a comprehensive peace plan for the Middle East, which meant Sid, for Israel to give up Covenant land for peace.  From that day on Sid these tremendous disasters that have been hitting America almost all of them are associated with us dividing the land of Israel.  That’s what I document in the book. and Sid I couldn’t put all of them in the book because there was too many so I limited it to about forty.

Sid:  If I were to push you to come up with a number of how many things you document from the newspapers and from history, modern history and judgments within 24 hours or so after, how many would they be would you say?

John:  Sid, I would say a fair number is seventy-five and they’re happening so fast now that it’s virtually every day adding to it.  But Sid when we’re talking about this, we’re not talking about weekend thunderstorms, were not talking about the stock market losing you know 120 points on a day, we’re talking about massive hurricanes like Andrew and Ike which just hit and Katrina.  And we’re talking about Sid just to bring this to your attention, your listener’s attention.  I’ve pin pointed the very day that the NASDAQ peaked, and it was in 2000, Sid March 10th 2000.  And on that very day that it peaked and you remember it peaked at 5,048 points and on that day Ehud Barak had been in the United States talking with President Clinton about dividing up Israel and ended up the Camp David Accords in July of that year.  But on the very day Sid that the NASDAQ peaked and then it contract Sid to the point now that it’s at 2,000, but NASDAQ was 3 trillion dollars Sid. The very day that it peaked was the day that Barak was here in the United States meeting with President Clinton to divide Jerusalem and the NASDAQ went into convulsions after that and we ended up losing 3 trillion dollars.

Sid:  What is God telling you?  What are you feeling to very core of your being as to what will trigger the next judgment in America, and what might it be?

John:  Sid there’s several things going on; one is the economy which is so prevalent right now.  President Bush is determined, is determined Sid that he wants a comprehensive peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians before he leaves office which is in January next year.  And Sid if he continues this and Condalisa Rice, Secretary Rice, going over there pressuring the Israelis to divide the land and to divide Jerusalem, Sid based on what’s happened with the Lord up to this point I see Him continuing to grind our economy into dust Sid.  That’s what I said, “We will be turned into a third world country.”  But Sid at the same time as this Russia is back as a world power.

Sid:  That really, I mean I’m amazed the way that they’re flexing their muscles and virtually ignoring the United States warnings.

John:  Yes Sid, Russia wants a confrontation with the United States. Sid I’m saying this because you asked me like a feeling, I’m not saying that I heard this from the Lord, but it’s very possible that the Lord is raising up Russia in a military sense to judge us Sid.  And that’s very hard as an American to say, the Russians have been you know obviously been so evil in everything they’ve done.  But Sid when Israel went wayward from the Lord and Israel was worshipping Baal, killing their children and they had homosexual temples there on the top next the Lord’s temple.  God raised up Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians to come in and judge Israel. Sid I got this sinking feeling inside of me that we don’t realize how far, what we’ve done to the Lord to anger Him Sid.  We don’t realize what His word says about Jerusalem and dividing the land, we kind of like gloss over that and say we’ll were Americans.  Sid it doesn’t say in the Bible that I will judge all nations except Americans Sid.  That’s the reality of God’s Word and we’ve been cavalier with it here Sid, the pastors have not taken it serious, I know you have but so many do not take this serious and they’re blinded by a false doctrine, or they are blinded by worldliness.  Sid so many of many are afraid to speak out, they’re afraid of being ridiculed.  These pastors and church leaders are afraid of being ridiculed and the integrity of our country is at stake Sid.

Sid:  Pretty sobering thoughts; you know people say to me “What should I invest in, what should I be devoting my life to, there is only one thing, “He who wins souls is wise.

John:  Yes.

Sid:  No matter how smart your investment advisors are “He who wins souls is wise, the only thing that you’re going to take with you are souls.” And what concerns me is some that have picked up on God blessing those that bless the Jewish people and they’re going for economic blessings, verses spiritual blessings.  The spiritual blessings are the ones that last forever.  So what if you get more white paper with green ink and it isn’t worth anything; “He who wins souls is wise.”

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