Sid:  We are about ready to see an invasion of the Kingdom of heaven like no one has ever seen before and that’s why I’m so excited to be featuring this week Eddie Roger’s book “Supernatural” subtitled “Living under an Open Heaven.”  Because we’re coming into the days that the prophets just dreamt about.  But we’re coming into the days in which the average Christian will be walking in extraordinary signs and wonders, walking under what is referred to as an open heaven.  Sort of like oh, Jacob might have done when he wrestled with the angel and he saw the ladder and he saw angels coming up and down.  And my guest Eddie Rogers, because he was obedient he made a move and when he made a move there was such an outpouring of angelic activity you were telling me on yesterday’s broadcast that your children report, your family report seeing angels all over your property.  You even take photographs and you can see the lights which you call orbs.  Do you have any photographs that have a lot of these lights or are they just a few?

Eddie:  We have many that will show maybe twenty twenty-five, thirty even at one time as well as individual photographs that they will be in it as well.  Orbs’, just meaning a circle of light is what it was.  But you’ll recall that William Branham said in one of the books, that was written about him, “That often he would see the angel that would minister to him come to him as a ball of light,” and that sounds like an orb to me.

Sid:  You know Eddie there is such an increase in the presence of God I feel like it’s like it’s almost accelerating by the second as we’re speaking.  Has God shown you anything that He’d like to do right now?

Eddie:  Absolutely, He sure is as we were coming on the Holy Spirit began speaking, I began writing it down.  There is a man by the name of John Tanner that you have a neck problem, you had a problem, this in the cervical spine of your neck and accident.  I don’t know if they have done surgery on it, but if you will put your hand on the back of your neck right now you’ll feel the warmth of the power of the Lord go into that neck and begin to melt that stiffness.  You’ve not been able to turn it, you’ve been in pain when you turn to one side, “In the Name of Jesus I thank You Lord right now, You heal that,” and as you move your neck you are going to find freedom in it.  And also there is a lady by the name of Mary that you had digestion problems and the doctors have told you that there is a whole in lining of your stomach.  And right now Mary the Holy Spirit, you are going to feel a warmth come into your stomach and that hole is closing up and you’re going to able to eat without the aid of digestive enzymes and other things irritating your stomach.  Thank You Lord.

Sid:  Now I tried to understand sometimes spiritual things you can’t understand, but is this your angel whispering to you these secrets or how do you know these things?

Eddie:  You know that’s what I believe, you know it all is directed by the great Holy Spirit, He is our partner and we’re in ministry with Him, but He gives the directives to this angel.  You know Sid, it’s just like God can do all this without us but He gives us the great privilege of participating in His Kingdom and so do these angels and I believe that even while we were coming on the air was when He began speaking and I heard name and I heard the problems and ailments that He was healing.

Sid:  Tell me about that wonderful New Years Eve Service you had.

Eddie:  Oh, this was awesome.  At New Years Eve in a little town called Tallapoosa, GA which is literally right on the Georgia, Alabama border.  It was a great meeting that night Sid, we probably had a total of eighteen people there and, but God showed up and it was so wonderful there.  The Pastor of that church had his son of eleven years old had been born with a congenital birth defect; both of his feet were turned out to the side where he literally waddled like a duck.  And they had carried him to doctors and the plan was when he reached about the age of sixteen or seventeen after his bones had matured that they were going to go in and cut his tib fib bones and turn his feet straight and put screws in it.  Now the problem with it he couldn’t run or could he jump but he would just waddle like that.  He had preached his first sermon that night, the boy is called to the ministry and I believe that this is one reason God is doing this to such a young generation is that He’s calling these kids on fire now, not only are they going to be preaching, they are going to be carrying signs and wonders.  At the close of the service, they had been many people many, I say several because we only had about eighteen but that particular night there were backs healed, necks healed, shoulders healed and the Lord was just giving very detailed word of knowledge and calling the people out and telling them what their problem was.  When I said, “Okay, is there anybody else that needs prayer before we go,” as it was getting close to midnight.  The Pastor’s son who sat right in front of me on the front row the entire night, he stood up and I looked at him, looked down and said, “Son, what do you need?”  And he just dropped his head and looked to his feet and then that was when I noticed that his feet were turning toward the opposite walls.  And I well, sit down son, and not knowing what I was going to do or knowing what I was going to pray.  When he sat down, I knelt down at in front of him and said, “Just put your feet up here in my hands.”  And the moment that he put his feet in my hands Sid there was no time to pray, I didn’t have time to pray, “Lord come,” I didn’t have time to pray a sanctified prayer, I didn’t have time to say, “In the Name of Jesus.”  But as soon as his feet hit my hand his feet and ankles began shaking and trembling and they started turning upward toward the ceiling and I looked at him.  And I said, “Son, are you turning your feet?” And he looked at me with these eyes that were as big as saucers, and he said, “No, are you?”  Ha, I said, “No son I’m not turning them either.  And right there in front of his mother, father and everyone else God instantly healed him.  He jumped down, he jumped to his feet, feet pointing straight ahead as they normally should.  He said, “Can I run?”  I said, “Go for it!”  And he ran around the church twice just high speed and you know of course the mother, the father were both weeping and crying.  But the father he has since made “Supernatural Living under an Open Heaven” he made it required reading for every one of his church members.

Sid:  Well, I don’t blame him, I should make it required reading for everyone listening to us right now, but if you don’t have that desire then I can’t make you.   But tell me about that eighty-eight year old woman, Kathryn.

Eddie:  Miss Kathryn Dougroe that you are acquainted with as well as I she had been in a car accident with her granddaughter and she had broke several ribs.  And my wife and I along with another friend of ours had gone to her house to pray for her.  She had been released from the hospital.  They had told her that at her age her was nothing that they could do, they kind of wrapped her up, but they couldn’t set them, they couldn’t do anything for her.  So she was in a lot of pain, she couldn’t even move without just crying out, oh!  And we sat down at her table and we asked her if we could pray for her,  but this is when we have to be really sensitive to the Holy Spirit and do what He says do when He says do it, it is not just a matter of praying.

Sid:  Timing is everything.

Eddie:  Absolutely and we talk about that in the book that we got to do it when God says do it.  You know Jesus only did what He saw the Father do and He only did it when He said, “Do it.”  And we had to wait for the right timing in the room when the room was cleared of unbelief, and when the unbelief had left, I said, “Okay, let’s pray for her right now.”  And my wife reached over and she put her hand on her cracked ribs, her literally broken ribs and we said, “In in the Name of Jesus I command those ribs to go back.”  And Miss Kathryn let out a holler, about the same time my wife did as well, Miss Kathryn was holler for glory, my wife was hollering because she felt the bones move under her hand and they instantly went back into place and she was healed, all of the pain left.   It was just an awesome miracle of God, reversing the accident that had taken place.

Sid:  Tell me about Willie.

Eddie:  Free Willie, that’s what we called him, Free Willie.  Willie was a guy that had that was involved in some witchcraft and some other demonic stuff.  He was 6’5” and he probably weighed 400 pounds.  This was coming in a little place called Statesboro, Georgia.  I had just returned from a week in Brazil where we had been confronted often throughout that week with witchcraft and other things and it’s not that you go looking for it, you don’t go looking for it, but when it manifests it’s kind of the Kingdom of God you deal with it.  I was going back to the Pastors office when I had heard somebody call my name and I went into a room and there were three elders in the room with this guy named Willie.  When I walked into the room I noticed that one elder was on one arm with another elder on another arm and the third elder had him from behind by his belt loops.  When I walked into the room Willie looked at me and he said, “I’m going to kill you.” And you know just being tried and exasperated from the long trip to Brazil I guess it was a sarcastic answer, but I said, “Not today, you’re not.”  Ha.  And he came at me full force dragging the three elders who were trying to hold him back.  It was again it was one of those times when you just can’t pray, there is not time to pray, it’s like Peter sinking in the water.  I put up my hand and closed my eyes and I just said, “Jesus.”  And His chest hit my hand, but I felt before he came to me I felt the wind come around me from both sides, from my left and to my right and I knew that it were my angels.  It was a literal breeze and when I opened my eyes his chest had touched my hand and he was knocked back about ten feet along with those three elders, it looked like somebody had hit him with a 2×4 square in his head all the way against the wall and slid down the wall.  That was the power of God, the angels taking care of him.  And then we just jumped right in the middle of his big stomach and said, “I’m tired of this devil, come out of him.”  And he was delivered, but he was one of those people that when he would look at you there were little red beady eyes looking back at you.  But he got delivered, Free Willie wasn’t free but Free Willie got free.

Sid Roth:  And what is going on in your life, do you believe that it should be going on in every Christian’s life?

Eddie:  This is the normal Christian life, the abnormal Christian life is being satisfied with one service a week and going and listening and being a spectator.  God wants us to be participators; He wants us to live under an open heaven.  He wants us right in the throes of what He is doing, you know the secret things belong to God but He has revealed to us…

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