Sid:  My guest, Steve Solomon, another Jewish man that is red hot for the Jesus.  When he came to the Lord, he didn’t come in an abnormal fashion, he came in a normal fashion.  And you know Steve; everyone thought “I was God’s gift to the Church on the Old Testament because of my Jewish background.”  I didn’t know as much as the average Christian that’s been to Sunday School; I knew the Hebrew prayers, but I didn’t know the Bible.  But just because they knew that I was Jewish they felt I knew every…I hadn’t even read the whole New Testament and they made me a teacher, speaking in front of large groups.  And I understand that they did the same to you, and you decided to teach on Hal Lindsey’s book “Late Great Planet Earth.”  Tell me about that endeavor.

Steve:  Well, yes I went to this church and they decided for me, since I was a Jew and Israel is a sign of the last days; “Israel shall be trodden by the Gentiles” as Jesus prophesied “Until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.”  And it was trodden down for 2,000 years and God supernaturally raised Israel as a nation back up, the homeland for our family, the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  And since I was a Jew naturally I should know everything.  Well, I was only saved about six or seven months Sid, so they gave me the book, “The Late Great Planet Earth” and they said teach this on Sunday mornings.  Well the first class was over 200 people in the Sunday school class if you could believe it; because this Jew was going to teach.  Well I started teaching it; I started reading…

Sid:  And I might add back then there weren’t as many Jewish believers in Jesus and the church made such a big deal out of us back then, but go ahead.  You and I are two of the few that survived that big deal.

Steve:  Yeah I know, Amen.  Ha-ha.  Well I had to be crushed, the Lord had to crush me to powder to get me through it, but that is another story.  So we did that and the problem was I started reading the Bible along with the book and I found out that God does not have a Gentile Bride that’s going to be taken out of the earth and leaving a Jewish Bride to suffer tribulation and wrath.

Sid:  That’s the deal, we believer’s get taken out and the Jews are left with the consequences.

Steve:  Yeah, and then I found the scripture Revelation 20 verse 6, “Blessed and holy is he who have part in the first resurrection on such the second death has no power but they shall be preached of God and of Christ and shall reign with Him a thousand years.”  So I thought, wait a minute.  If you don’t go in the first resurrection then you’re going to be in the second resurrection and that’s the second death.  So could it be that God was going to wait until every person Jew and Gentile and the Body of Christ has always been made up of not just Gentiles but Jews and Gentiles.  There has never been a Gentile Bride; it’s been the Israel of God Bride.  It’s made up of both, any way so I started thinking about this.  And well I started really praying and seeking the Lord and I started really teaching, and at the same time teaching that “You know tribulation is not a big deal because we all have to go through tribulation.  And we’re not appointed to the wrath of God; the wrath of God is on the world who denies the Messiah and not on the believers.  And the children of Israel were in the land of Egypt when the plagues came down, but in the land of Goshen not even a dog was touched.  Sid, I went to prayer one time about this and I fell asleep, do you want to hear about the supernatural experience?

Sid:  I can’t wait.

Steve:  Okay, I went to sleep.  Have you ever gone to sleep when you were trying to pray?  Lord have mercy, ha-ha.

Sid:    Ha-ha.

Steve:  A lot of times I would come out of my prayer closet and it was typical my wife knew I was sleeping, and “So you’ve been praying again.”

Sid:  Ha-ha.

Steve:  This time I went to sleep and went into a trance and this may sound weird to some people, but I went into a trance and I was talking to a man I knew was the Apostle Paul.  Now I know that some people will call me a hieratic, but I can only tell you what happened.  And so Paul was in this room and I was sitting next to him, he was kind of laying down reclining.  And here’s what I said, I said, “Paul, it looks like to me according to the scriptures that the coming of the Lord happens near the end of the tribulation period, not at the beginning.”  And I’ll never forget this and he turned and looked at me face to face, eye to eye and he said these words, I can remember just like it was today and he said, “Almost certain.”  And I woke up and I knew that it was a totally scriptural answer because no man knows the time or the hour except the Father.  Even the Messiah said, “No man, it’s in the Father’s hand.”  If Paul had given me a date it’s going to happen in 1988; it’s going to happen in 2008; it’s going to do whatever then it would have been a totally deceiving diluting spirit.  But he gave me a totally scriptural answer it looks like according to the scripture Sid.  Near the end, “Almost certain.”

Sid:  Well, you know what bothers me the most?  Is so many Gentile Christians, this doesn’t bother me, this blesses me, love the Jewish people, love the nations Israel, but don’t love the Jew enough to share Jesus because it would disrupt their fellowship.  And they figure after the rapture the Jews will get saved, so we might as well just enjoy our good fellowship right now.

Steve:  Sid, there’s only one way to be saved Sid; there won’t be anything different; it’s only by Jesus Christ as Lord!  He the Messiah, believe in your heart, confess Him with your mouth.  Only by the blood of Jesus, the blood of bulls and goats and no other temple being built in any other time is going to save anybody.  It’s the gospel, period!

Sid:  You know a lot of people say, “Show me a miracle.”  As far as I’m concerned a dead nation and Israel was dead; the Jews were scattered to four corners of the earth.  The only acceptable way to be correct under Rabbinic Judaism is to have a temple according to the Torah, “Without the shedding of blood there’s no anointment for sin.”  So without a temple, without out a homeland, persecuted in country throughout the world, God said through His prophet Isaiah “Could a nation be formed in one day?”  And in one day the nation Israel was formed, but that’s not the miracle, that’s a miracle, but the miracle is here we are sixty years later and Israel is still a nation.  Still surrounded by countries that want to totally destroy Israel; want to kill all the Jewish people; outnumbered so many times that we need a calculator to figure this out, but yet Israel survives as a nation.  You have the Riverwalk DNA which we’re featuring this week it’s a CD of music that, when this occurs in your church the supernatural breaks out, but a great deal of supernatural joy breaks out.  There’s a song that we’re going to play an excerpt of “All I Need is You” tell me about this song.

Steve:  This song is about that, you know God is bringing us all to the place, stripping everything away, every earthly crutch so that either He is going to be my sufficiency.   God is glorified, not with all the great things that I do for Him Sid, but God’s only glorified in my total and utter dependence upon Him.

Sid:  And isn’t that what’s going to happen in Israel when they, when Israel when it dawns on Israel that we can no longer depend on our big brother, the United States supporting us; we can only depend on God?

Steve:  As much as I would love us to always be for Israel, the Bible clearly states that all nations shall come against her.  But God says in Jeremiah 16 “If you can remove the sun and the moon and the stars from before you than I’ll remove Israel.”  God will never be removed from what He has promised in His word.  And Israel is coming to the place where all of us as believers have to come, that all we need, all Israel needs is God.  And it’s amazing Sid the sixth birthday, the Lord lately the passed few months has been having me speak on the calling of Israel, and all of these things that have been taken place and it’s amazing.

Sid:  “He that watches Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep,” and He that watches you shall neither slumber nor sleep.   And all you need is Him.

“All I Need is You” worship excerpt

Sid: …You’re in Steve’s church and what goes on in Steve’s church in addition to the oil flowing like a river.  Although I understand it stopped, why did it stop Steve?

Steve:  You know there are times, you know in the supernatural Sid there are times and seasons for God’s outpouring.  And I think that one of the big problems that we miss as Christians…You know when God sent the manna every day, it was only on the Sabbath was we were to collect twice as much, but God gives sufficient for the day and we have to understand the seasons that we’re in.  And it’s always important no matter what supernatural sign shows up that our eyes stay focused on God Himself and not the sign.  The sign draws us to Him and sure get’s our attention, but the Word of God is forever settled in heaven.

Sid Roth:  The purpose of the sign is to get out attention so that we recognize and come to our senses that all we need is Yeshua, all we need is Jesus.  But some of the thing that are going on in your church is outrages…

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