Sid:  Now for those that aren’t familiar with Grace Williams I have interviewed her before but tell me just briefly Grace, about your great, great, great, great, grandfather.

Grace:  Well, Sid he was a circuit rider preacher and he use to actually travel up and down the coast of California and he operated in healing and the fire of God was upon his life.  And there was actually magazine, newspaper articles written about him that his eyes burned with the fire of God.  And his face like just had the glory literal, the tangible glory shining and glowing on his face, they would call him like the man that burned in the pulpit.  And so that is my spiritual heritage you know.

Sid:  Well, he actually prayed that he would have relatives that would carry this mantle.  Tell me about that prayer.

Grace:  Yes, and he prayed that his you know his descendants would know God and he even prayed to be careful of the rearing of your sons and daughters.  And it was pretty amazing because my Mom was really the first in her family, she was kind of the breaker that…

Sid:  Well, you wouldn’t have even been here if she wasn’t because you shouldn’t have even lived.

Grace:  Yes, yes exactly and so she actually found out about him through a cousin or something and oh yeah everybody thought that he was kind of crazy.  And she had always been seeking God but didn’t know anybody in her immediate family that even knew of God and then she found this book and thought oh my gosh he was praying for me.  And so the power of like the generational prayers and blessings and just an amazing heritage that we you know that I am walking in now that I’m in California and we have a church here and I’m able to lead worship and carry really this wave of glory that God is pouring out here.

Sid:  I feel the wave of glory right now.  Just for the, again for those that aren’t familiar with you when you were three you spoke in tongues.  At three I didn’t even know what it meant, at four you played the piano, you reached over towards the piano and you started playing the piano; at twelve you were a worship leader; at six you even got a vision for your life, briefly tell me about it.

Grace:  Yes, yes well I did I saw these music notes and music literally encircling the earth and going around the world like this beautiful almost like a ribbon of these you know if you ever, anybody that reads music or know what music looks like, it was these music notes and this beautiful ribbon of music just encircling the whole earth.  And that was like one of the first, it was the first you know vision I saw and at such a young age and I was just so overwhelmed and thought, this is what the Lord has called me to to sing forth His praise and to just worship Him and fill the earth with His glory.

Sid:  I mean at age six to know what your purpose was, I mean there are people listening to us that are in their sixties and they don’t even know what their purpose is.  Now of all of your songs my producer says that the one that she loves the most is “Beautiful Place” and she gets up in the middle of the night and just worships to that song.  There are people that take your music and literally they get so deep in the Spirit that they have trips to heaven.  Tell me about one.

Grace:  Yes, well we received this one testimony and it was actually a Director of a School of Supernatural Ministry and they listened to my music and soak and just wait on the Lord and use it for their worship time and they have had just many heavenly encounters.  And like you said, the testimony was like they’ve actually taken trips to heaven listening to your music and he was just saying thank you so much, that it’s been such a blessing and really just he was saying thank you for your heart and for your obedience and dedication that it’s really pouring out on this next generation you know.  And so that really blessed my heart because that’s really my heart to see young people walk in their destiny and calling because I have walked in that and so it’s really my heart to just give that impartation to this next generation that they would carry that torch an like you said, walk in their destiny and calling.  And it’s never too late, you know, its never too late so I just want to encourage people that God has an amazing destiny, an amazing calling for each and every person that’s listening and so I just want to release that right now Lord.  That every single person that’s listening to this right now would walk in their destiny and their calling Lord.  That You’ve called each and every person to something wonderful and great Lord, there’s greatness inside of each and every person Lord, and I just pray that they would step into that and walk into that Lord.  And I pray that even as they listen to this music Lord that you would just open up the heaven’s Lord and reveal Lord Your will to each and every person that they would see, that they would see themselves Lord in what you’ve called them to in the Name of Jesus.  Thank you Father, thank you Father.

Sid:  Tell me the story of “Beautiful Place.”

Grace:  Well, beautiful place, one of my most favorite scriptures in Psalm 24:9 and it’s actually the message translation and it says “Worship God if you want the Best.”  Because worship opens doors to all His goodness, and I love that because all His goodness I think, I mean that’s so amazing.  Through worship Sid, through worship we have a powerful opening to all His goodness.  I mean that, that’s as good as it gets for me you know so that’s how powerful worship is.  But this…

Sid:    It’s, it’s almost like Jacobs ladder when you worship.

Grace:  Yes.

Sid:  And the angels come up and down and they bring things to you.

Grace:  Yes.  All his goodness, Amen that’s so, that’s so true so “Beautiful Place” this was just really my heart’s cry and also Psalm 84 talks about it.  “One day, one day spent in Your house, this beautiful place of worship beats thousands elsewhere.”  And I can just attest to that and say, “You know when I’m just, all these songs come out of my personal time of worship and soaking and just prayer unto the Lord and so it’s really like just an overflow of my personal worship experiences with the Lord.  And I always you know pray and I say “God if this is resonating in my heart and my spirit I pray that that would resonate to your people.”  You know “I want that intimacy, I want that secret place anointing” and that’s really what’s on this song.  And I actually had a vision when I was working on this song of this bubble and it was encapsulating me surrounding me with His glory and beauty it was like this iridescent beautiful like huge bubble.  And there’s one part in the song that talks about He’s bringing us, the Lord’s bringing us to this place of intimacy with the Lord and that secret place and that’s where His Devine protection is Sid, His peace, His safety, that real tangible place in the chambers of God’s heart where we can find complete satisfaction and delight.  And I think especially in the times that we are living in right now, and there’s so many people that deal with you know with being anxious or just being unrest and there’s so much you know just turmoil in the world we live in.  And if we can just take time and set aside that time and worship Him and go to that beautiful place.

Sid Roth:  Let’s do that right now Grace, let’s go to that Beautiful Place.”

Grace worship excerpt “Beautiful Place” excerpt:

Sid Roth:  You see what I mean when I say that that’s the oxygen of heaven, worship is the oxygen of heaven.  Do you realize that you’re so dehydrated that you don’t even realize that?  And when you worship God you get totally hydrated from the heaven and doors open and vision comes to you.  People that have stress are being set free, people that have had curses against them, curses are being broken.  People with addictions are being set free; people are going to great intimacy with God.

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