Our Guest Bruce Van Natta


BRUCE: What if you get it tuned –

KYLE: Or static!

BRUCE: Right. You’re going to get static!

KYLE: Right.

BRUCE: Remember old school? If you get it just right the little red light will come on? You get stereo and it’s perfect, right?

KYLE: That might have been before my time, okay? [Laughing]

BRUCE: Okay. Well, trust me!

KYLE: But I get you! [Laughing]

BRUCE: Trust me! You get it just right the red light comes on. You have stereo. God wants to speak to us! He’s always transmitting! But our tuner, us. See God is not going to tune our tuner for us. It’s our job! It’s our job to adjust the tuner. It’s our job to get tuned in so we hear His voice! He’s speaking! He’s speaking to everyone! It’s us! We’re the ones that have to open our spiritual eyes and ears so that we recognize His voice because He is always speaking to us!  

KYLE: Well I know you’re always hearing from God. You have as I said developed an intimacy with God which is so profound. And I know that God is speaking to you right now about ministering to some people. Will you minister to those who are listening?

BRUCE: You know I’d love to do that and I just want to share one last testimony.

KYLE: Sure.

BRUCE: You know what? This is how important it is. To hear God’s voice and operate in that. We’re driving on. We just finished ministering in a state. We’re driving across a highway. This thought comes, in my mind. Call so and so. And this person was a best friend of mine in grade school. My family is sleeping. I don’t want to wake up the family. I’m thinking oh I really don’t want to. I’ve got his phone number. I talk to him maybe once or twice a year. I’ve got his phone number in my cell phone. And that prompting call him! I do. You know I hit his number and he answers the phone and I can’t repeat what he said but it’s slurred. He says no blanking way. And I said hey to this guy. I said what’s going on?

He said I’m driving around right now looking for a place to kill myself! He said I have my pistol on my front seat. I’m looking for a place to shoot myself! And I just said God, if You’re real, you have Bruce Van Natta call me right now! We’re talking right to the last second! And it is so important for us to get tuned in! So we hear God’s voice because it’s not only going to bless us, it’s going to bless everybody in our circle of influence! You know like you were talking about ministering to the people. You know the Lord actually gave me a Word this morning when I woke up for this show. And He said that somebody is going to be watching the show today. You’re going to be watching the show today and in 1986 you had an accident that has caused you significant problems ever since that time. He wants to heal you right at home right now, right where you’re listening, right where you’re watching. Nobody has to lay a hand on you.

You can lay a hand on yourself right now and just receive this prayer! Lord, I just thank You for this person that’s watching today! And Lord You know when You said You know the number of hairs on our head. And this person plus all the other people that are watching and listening, Lord. You know every single issue! Every single problem! Every single giant they’ve ever faced, Lord! And we just lift these situations up to You right now and we pray that You’d minister to this person that has these physical issues since this accident in 1986. We just come against those mountains, those giants right now and we speak healing over every person listening! Whether it’s emotional healing, physical healing, whatever healing you need! Lord, we just ask You to release that healing even now in Jesus’ name! Thank You, Lord!         

KYLE: Powerful! Powerful, Bruce! Thank you once again so much!

BRUCE: Thank you!KYLE: I told you that was going to be powerful! God wants to have constant communication with you! [Music] Thank you so much for tuning in to Something More! I’m Kyle Winkler! And be sure to check out more resources and interviews like this one at

Our Guest John Bevere

JOHN: Okay, some of you aren’t getting this, some of you are. Okay, all right. All of you know me as John Bevere, speaker, some of you know me as John Bevere, author, but there is a lady, and she is a lady, her name is Lisa, Lisa Bevere. She knows me as John Bevere, husband, she knows me as John Bevere, best friend, she knows me as John Bevere, Dad, she knows me as John Bevere, Gee Daddy, that’s grandpa because I’m way too young to be called grandpa, she knows me as John Bevere, athlete, she knows me as John Bevere, lover. Now can I say this — none of you will ever know me as John Bevere, lover!


JOHN: That is a facet of my personality you will never know. Only Lisa knows it because she’s the closest person to me on this earth. God just revealed a facet of His personality to Abraham that nobody had ever known before because he’s my friend. Now if you look at the relationship between God and Abraham it’s amazing. One day God makes this statement: Should we do what we’re planning on doing with Sodom and Gomorrah without first talking to our friend Abraham about this? So the Lord comes down by the terebinth tree, has a meal with Abraham and He and Abraham leave the two angels and everybody else, all the servants and they go over to the cliff and they look over the plains of Sodom and the Lord looks at Abe and says, “Abe, we’re thinking about blowing up these two cities. What do you think?”


JOHN: And Abe goes SODOM! And the Lord goes yeah, yeah, yeah, Sodom, and Gomorrah, too. What do you think? And Abe goes “think, think, think— Okay, okay, wait! You wouldn’t like blow up these two cities if there was 50 righteous people, would ya? And the Lord goes, “Excellent idea, excellent idea! Okay, we will not blow up the cities if there’s 50 righteous people.” Glad we talked to our friend, Abraham. Abraham goes what if there isn’t 50. He goes wait a minute, wait a minute, what about if there was 45 righteous people? Would you blow up the cities if there’s 45? The Lord goes “another good idea. Okay, we will not blow up the cities if there’s 45.” So Abraham talks Him all the way down to ten. He figures there’s got to be ten, I mean I got Lot’s, one, all I need is 9 others. Right?


JOHN: But you know there’s not. Now this is what is amazing. The Bible says Sodom and Gomorrah’s buying, selling, trading, marrying, giving in marriage, planting and harvesting. What is all that in today’s vernacular? Life is great, the economy is booming, and if there is a God, He doesn’t mind our lifestyle. They’re 24 hours from being obliterated and they’re clueless. That is not what’s scary. This is what is scary! Everybody say “Lot”!


JOHN: Who the Bible calls righteous. Okay, let me put it to you in today’s terminology. Saved, born again, Christian.

AUDIENCE: Right, uh, huh, c’mon now.

JOHN: Lot’s 24 hours away from being obliterated. He’s as clueless as Sodom and Gomorrah. It takes two messengers of mercy, two angels, because Abraham prayed, thank God Abraham prayed, to get him out. And his wife was a little too attached, that’s why she became a pillar of salt and Jesus says in the New Testament “remember Lot’s wife” in speaking about the fear of the Lord. Now here’s two righteous men, two saved men, two born again men, let’s put in today’s terminology. One righteous man knows what God’s going to do before He’s does it and helps God decide how He’s going to do it. The other righteous man, righteous man, saved man is as clueless as the world. Why? This righteous saved man fears God, therefore he’s the friend of God, therefore God shares His secrets with him. This righteous saved born again man is not the friend of God. He’s saved, he’s righteous but he’s not the friend of God therefore God doesn’t share His secrets with him. Moses is the other man. The Bible says Israel knew God by His works, Moses knew His ways.

He revealed His ways to Moses but Israel knew God by His works. Correct? What does it mean that Israel knew God by His works? Israel knew God by how their prayers were answered. Do you know how many people in America, Christians I’m talking about, their relationship with God is limited to how God’s answered my prayers. My daughter was sick, we prayed and God healed her. We had a financial need, we sowed a seed, and God met the need. Moses knew many times what God was going to do before he did it and two times God literally changed His mind because of what Moses said to Him in reminding God of what He had previously said. Now here’s two righteous people, okay, groups of people, because they all came out of Egypt, they all drink the same spiritual food, ate the same spiritual food, they all followed that Rock which was Christ. We have two groups of saved people.

Israel who only knows God by how He’s answers his [their] prayers and you have Moses who knows what God’s going to do before he does it. Why? Because Israel doesn’t fear God therefore they don’t know the secrets of God they only know God by how He answers their prayers. And here’s Moses who knows what God’s going to do before He does it because he’s the friend of God because he fears God because the secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him and he will show them His covenant. Now do you want to see this in the New Testament? One person? (audience laughs) Do you want to see it in the New Testament?

Our Guest Ivan Tuttle

SID: There’s no hope.

IVAN: No. There’s no hope. None.

SID: Why do the demons keep penetrating people with pain and suffering? Why do they keep it up?

IVAN: Sid, they enjoy it. That’s what makes them happy. They enjoy doing that kind of stuff to us. They do it especially—

SID: They’re like sadists.

IVAN: Exactly. But especially if you were a Christian at one time, oh, then they really thrive on that because that’s something that now they can tease you for all eternity. Listen, that demon was laughing at me, making fun of me, and it was doing the same thing to all these other people. All these demons were because I bought it. I bought the lie.

SID: All of a sudden you heard a voice.

IVAN: Yes. Sid, that was the most wonderful thing that happened to me in Hell is I’m there and all of a sudden I heard a voice that rang out and says, “it’s not his time yet. You must let him go. I made a promise to his mother.”

SID: Ivan went to Heaven and saw the future of many countries. You want to find out about that promise and why it worked. Next.

SID: My guest died. He found himself in Hell, but all of a sudden he heard a voice and the voice said, “It’s not your time.” The next thing you knew, you were in the Gate of Heaven.

IVAN: I was.

SID: Why? Why? You were at that point a backsliding, non-believing person.

IVAN: Exactly. I’d still be in Hell if it wasn’t for two things. One, it wasn’t my time. The second thing, I had a mother that prayed for me. Now, my mother prayed—

SID: Yeah, but everyone has people pray for them.

IVAN: Well, that’s good. Keep it up. Because my mother prayed for me three times a day, at least, all the time. By the time I’m 26, that’s over 22,000 prayers. My mother was a praying woman of God, and she hung onto God and said, “God, you got to make me promise. None of my children to go to Hell.” She asked God to make her a promise, and she believed God made her that promise. He did. That’s why I went to Heaven.

SID: Tell me the first thing that you … First of all, did you know that you were at Heaven in that point?

IVAN: Actually Sid, yes, I did. I knew I was in Heaven. The reason why I knew it was Heaven, first of all, I saw what it looked like. And it was just the opposite of Hell. It had to be Heaven. When you got there and how beautiful it was. Your spirit knows these things, and I’m greeted by an angel. So that’s the first clue I had. This was an angel. As bad as it was and as hopeless as it was there in Hell, I now had this most euphoric feeling. Everything was wonderful. It was beautiful. Here I am. I’m up in Heaven. This angel’s greeting me and this angel’s talking to me, explaining things to me about it. Yeah, it was great. I knew I was in Heaven.

SID: What’s about the first thing you remember seeing that had an impact?

IVAN: The first impact of course, was the angel because the angel was so tall and so big. The voice that that angel had was so powerful, but yet he was gentle. I say he, because it looked like a man. Was very gentle and he took me by the hand. And then I walked through the gate, and as I walked through the gate of Heaven, I saw these buildings. I saw these like white stone, like I’ve never seen before. Sparkling white stone. It was unbelievable. I saw streets of gold, the softest gold. This gold, you could step on, it was so soft and beautiful, but it was gold. You knew it was gold. It was beautiful. And then there was a river flowing right through the city and this river was crystal clear. It sounded like children. Ever hear babies laugh? It sounded like babies’ laughter. It was so beautiful.

Our Guest Dodie Osteen

SID: Dodie, your husband was Southern Baptist. You didn’t believe in healing and then a tragedy hit your family. Your baby daughter Lisa had, in birth, a problem that resulted in a condition much like the polio that you had. So if you don’t have any paradigm for healing, what did you do about it?

DODIE: Well that’s just about the time that John decided that he was going to receive God, that he knew that Jesus went about doing miracles and healings, not just when he was here on Earth. So he took a train to a meeting where he was going to preach in Atlanta or some place and so he would have time to seek God. And he came back, and he told me, he said, “Dodie, I know that things are different than what we’ve believed. But at that time I didn’t know a thing in the world about healing and he didn’t either because he wasn’t taught it in seminary. So he just said, that was just a little while before Lisa was born. And so when we got this news he said, “We’re just going to pray for her and believe that God will heal her.” I didn’t know what I was doing, but he said, “I’m going to pray a prayer then I want you and Paul,” we had two children at that time, “I want you to just look at her and say thank you Jesus for healing her.” So that’s what we did. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I said, “Thank you Jesus for healing her.”

SID: And what happened to this horrible condition she had?

DODIE: Well she was so listless and all. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t take a bottle. It took 45 minutes to get a half an ounce down her. And so she began to improve. She began to be able to have more strength and then she began to sit alone. And the doctor had told her she may be in a wheelchair. But then she started improving and the doctor said this is a real miracle. So now Lisa is a grown woman with three children, two of them in college.

SID: I’m glad that you and John prayed for her.

DODIE: I’m so glad. Listen, we wouldn’t have had a little healed girl preaching the Gospel now if we hadn’t known about healing.

SID: You did something right at home, you and John. All of your children are in ministry.

DODIE: I know. I’m so proud of them. You don’t know how proud I am of them.

SID: You go to the hospital for a day and you end up staying there 20 days. But then John is told you only have a few weeks to live.

DODIE: A few weeks to live.

SID: What did he say when he heard that?

DODIE: You can’t believe, I mean, the feeling, it was right at Christmas time. It was December the 10th that I got that news after they had done every test under the sun. I was supposed to just stay three or four days, but they couldn’t find out what it was. They thought at first it was an abscess, a liver abscess. But then a tumor the size of an orange and two small ones like almonds. So John just said to her, “Well Doctor, we’re going to believe for a miracle.” The doctor said, “You’re going to have to have a miracle, Pastor.” So we went home that day on the 5:00 train.

SID: Did they just release you?

DODIE: They released me. John said, “I don’t want to keep her here anymore. I want to take her home and pray over it and get the church to pray over her.” And so we did in the 5:00 traffic. I so I looked terrible. I was jaundice. My skin was wrinkled, and of course now it’s from age, the wrinkles. And my skin was jaundice. My eyes were jaundice. And we went home and I didn’t go to bed because I thought I don’t want to look like I’m sick. I just will stay up, my mother and dad were there, until bedtime. And so the next morning we woke up. We laid at the foot of our bed and John prayed a prayer and commanded the cancer to leave me. Like Jesus commanded the fig tree to wither and die, he said “Cancer, you leave my wife. Don’t you ever come back again, in Jesus’ name.” These words stuck with  me, Sid. “I need her, Jesus. The church needs her. The children need her. Her mother and daddy need her, and you need her, Jesus.” I never will forget that. As far as I was concerned, on December 11th, I believe I received healing of cancer.

SID: But wait, you weren’t healed.

DODIE: I wasn’t healed.

SID: This went on for several years. So why did you believe it started at that moment?

DODIE: I had to have a starting point otherwise I would have lost it.

SID: Did you believe that you were healed?

DODIE: I believed when my husband prayed he had commanded power. I had faith in John Osteen. I had faith in God and his belief in God.

SID: She learned how to stand on the Word of God, but it was beyond that. You literally did that.

DODIE: I did. I got my little Bible and I stood on it. My feet aren’t very big because of polio, so they fit on my little Bible. And I said, “Jesus, I’m standing on your Word. I don’t know anything else to do.” I stood on the Word of God and I have been ever since.

SID: Now God spoke to you because you knew, she knew Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborn, all the great healing evangelists, and John Osteen her husband, and they all could pray for her.

DODIE: They did.

SID: But then God said to you, tell me what God said.

DODIE: God spoke to me one night and he said, “You’ve had Brother Roberts pray, you had Brother Osborn pray, Brother Hagin,” he said, “but it’s up to you and me. It’s between you and me.” So I realized I’d better get with it.

SID: Tell me some of the things you did. Tell me about the pictures.

DODIE: I put pictures up of me, of John and I at our wedding and then I put a picture up of me when I was 38, I think.

SID: Why did you do that?

DODIE: Just to remind me of how I was healthy and strong, and that I would be that way again someday.

SID: And you know something else that impressed me?

DODIE: What?

SID: You refused to talk about the suffering, the pain, that you’re feeling sick and tired. Why would you do that?

DODIE: Because I didn’t want to bring, we’re snared with the words of our mouth and I didn’t want to be snared. I wanted Jesus to hear good things coming out. So when the children would say, “Mother, how are you today,” I would say, “I’m blessed. I’m so blessed.” And we lived where we had a long driveway out in Humble at that time, and I would take mail out or checked on the mail, bring it back, and I would say, “I trust Jesus to heal me,” all the way up to the mailbox. I just did it. Now I still, when I see a cemetery, “No, devil, you will not take me. You’ve [?] to steal!” I said it loud, too. There’s people with me. I don’t care. Just let them know I’m a fanatic. I’m alive.

SID: Now you’re a fanatic.

DODIE: I’m a fanatic.

SID: About saying God’s Word out loud, meditating.

DODIE: Where would I be, Sid?

SID: Tell me if you hadn’t learned to meditate on God’s promises, do you think you’d be sitting here right now?

DODIE: No I don’t. If I hadn’t stored up the Word of God in my heart, those years that we had been married, I married when we were 22. I was 48 then. If I hadn’t stirred up the Word of God, if John hadn’t learned about the healing that did and I hadn’t stirred, he used to tell us, “Stir the Word of God in your heart for use when needed. You may not need it now, but someday you will.”

SID: Tell me a few scriptures. I want you, what you say when you’re by yourself, out loud with the same attitude. I’d like you to do that.

DODIE: Okay. I will not die, but I’ll live and declare the works of the Lord. He sent his Word and healed them, and saved them from their destruction. I will restore health unto you and heal you of your wounds. Every day I read all these, Sid. I have in my little iPad I read them every day of the week. I have not missed a day reading them. I don’t leave the house without reading them.

SID: But you, I’m sure had many bouts with fear.

DODIE: I did. In the middle of the night I would wake up and I was just thinking and when John was asleep right there by me, I’m thinking the devil would say, “You’re not really healed. You think you are, but you’re not.” And I would say, “No devil, you will not tempt me with that. You will not keep harassing me with those words. I shall not die, but I shall live and declare the works of the Lord.” And the devil would say, “You’ll wear that pink dress to your funeral. I’ll see to it.”

SID: And what would you do when he’d say that?

DODIE: And I’d say no. I’d replace that with a good thought, with the Word of God. I’d just replace his word with the Word of God.

SID: Okay. It was a process.

DODIE: It was a process.

SID: And she did get healed. In fact, I’ve read some doctors’ reports outside of one of her books and she really did. And if God will do that for Dodie, it’s not just healing. The promises of God, standing on the Word of God, the faith to stand on the Word of God, this woman lived it. However, I have her here for a purpose and that is she has a gift of the Spirit that we’re going to talk about. It’s a gift that is the most important gift on the planet, and I want her to pray for you to have that impartation when we come back. Don’t go away.


Our Guest Perry Stone


SID: Perry, tell me about the earliest stages of creating the heavens and the earth.

PERRY: Okay. In the beginning of time, and I’m going to, let me just read this verse because this is our foundational verse. God says to this person, “You have been in Eden, the Garden of God. Every precious stone was your covering. The sardius topaz, diamond barrel onyx, jasper sapphire, emerald, carbuncle and gold, the workmanship of your tabrets and pipes was prepared in the day that thou was created. Thou are the anointed cherub that covereth.” And he says this, “I have set thee so upon the Holy Mountain of God and you’ve walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. You were perfect in your ways until inequity was found in you and then the heart was lifted up because of thy beauty.” Now there’s a couple things here. Number one, it mentions the Mountain of God. This is not Jerusalem. This is the heavenly mountain where God dwells. Number two, it mentions Eden. Now people assume this is the Garden of Eden. This is not the Garden of Eden. There is a heavenly paradise or a heavenly Eden just like there was an earthly Eden. All right. Number three, now this is the part that puzzled me for years. This is where it starts making sense. “You are the anointed cherub.” This is a cherub that’s anointed. No other angel is called anointed by this angel right here. The thing that really got me was, “You have walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.” So let me tell you how this happened. So I’m with a guy in Texas, a pastor in Texas who works with gemstones, and he says to me, he says this, “You know every gemstone is formed in fire.” Whoa, whoa, whoa.

SID: Mountain of fire, stones of fire.

PERRY: Thank you. Then I go to this Jewish translation of the Bible, and I apologize for not giving you which one it is, because there’s many translations, and it says, “You walked up and down in the gemstones of fire.” I go, whoa, whoa, whoa. Now then I’m thinking, okay, this is Satan. This is a picture. Most scholars will agree this is Satan. Pipes, he was a worship leader because pipes were created in the same, but it’s got nine stones. Now here’s what’s odd. These same stones are the same nine that are also part of the 12 stones on the breastplate of the priest in Exodus. These nine stones are also, Sid, and this is where the triggering came, this is where it starts clicking, nine of the 12 stones in the city New Jerusalem.

SID: So when you have 12 stones on the breastplate.

PERRY: That’s right.

SID: When we have, in New Jerusalem there’s 12 stones. So come Satan only had nine?

PERRY: That’s what got me asking this. All right. Then I realized this. Every precious stone is your covering. Now I used to think he had a breastplate with nine stones. That’s how I took this, because I’m thinking, okay, this is similar. Wait a minute, but it doesn’t say anything. It just says it was your covering. And I’m thinking that word in Hebrew, “cover”, what’s it mean? Okay, watch this. It means there were gemstones on fingers, gemstones on his arm, gemstones on his, but wait a minute, he’s only got nine. Why nine? You ready? Because Satan was the one, this angel was walking up and down in the midst of the stones of fire preparing the stones for the holy city New Jerusalem. Watch this. Every time a floor, first floor, second floor is completed, God allows him to be covered by that gemstone. But do you know what stones are missing from him?

SID: No.

PERRY: You ready? The last three stories of the New Jerusalem. I hear them go “oh” in the audience. They’re getting it. He fell from Heaven and was cast out between the ninth and tenth story being completed. He completed the ninth, but he never, now why? Because he was lifted up because of his beauty.

SID: This show is a little different because we previously got our people from Facebook to write in questions that they had. They came up with some great questions. Why don’t you give us a question.

Audience member: The first question is what will we remember in Heaven?

PERRY: Now the Bible says this, it says, “The former things will not be remembered and will come into remembrance,” which presents problems. Does that mean that all of our loved ones that are in Heaven we don’t remember? The answer is we know our loved ones in Heaven because Paul said, “We’ll be known even as we were known.” I’ll know that’s mom, I’ll know that’s dad, my brother and sister. Now the reason the former things will not be remembered is because if people we knew did not make it, how would Heaven be delightful? If you have children that didn’t make it. So I don’t know how God does this, but if God, this is what he told me, he said, “Son, if I’m able to look at a person and they ask me for forgiveness of sins and I can erase their sins and never bring them up or remember them, I can do the same thing with people’s past.” So in other words, there will come a point, because it says, “No more tears will come in your eyes.” At some point everything about anything negative, anything that happened in your life bad and the people who didn’t make it will not be remembered.

SID: You had another question.

Audience member: It’s actually a long question, a very good question. You talked about the link between Satan being cast out of Heaven during the construction of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Why would this cause such hatred for Israel and Jerusalem today?

PERRY: I’m going to compare it to a [unintelligible], like a story.

SID: It has to be a short answer.

PERRY: Okay. If I worked for a major corporation and I was the CEO over the whole thing and they booted me out because of something I did wrong, if I didn’t take the right attitude I could cause a rebellion in the company and I would hate that company the rest of my life. His hatred for Jerusalem is a continual reminder of his failure.

SID: When we come back I want to find out what happens in this New Jerusalem, what our job is going to be. What happens when we’re in Heaven? What is our job? Are we going to work? Are we going to go to school? What are we going to do? Don’t go away. Be right back.

Our Guest Shawn Bolz


SID: Now I think you would like to see Heaven. Would you? Would you like to see Heaven? Would I like to see Heaven? Tell me about what goes on when you pray for people to see Heaven.

SHAWN: You know, I feel like we have an everlasting life and we’re supposed to be as in touch with that everlasting part as we’re in touch with this side of eternity. And when you read about the reports of Heaven throughout history, people got in touch with the beauty. It’s not a thousand-year boring prayer meeting in Heaven right now. What goes on around Jesus is the most beautiful expression of fun, adventure and connection you’ve ever had. And so I started to explore that and eventually I thought I was just doing it theologically, but eventually I started to sense that. Some of us sense it and worship like you’re in a heightened state of spiritual awareness and you’re actually a part of the heavenly scenario. But there’s times that I’ve pray for people and they literally had a deposit. They’ve seen into Heaven and they brought something back, a revelation, a truth, something about a resource that they were going to get a prophetic word for their life that they got from God. And when you get it from God yourself it’s hard not to believe it, especially when you have an encounter with God. We’ve even had people come back and they actually brought body parts back. They’ve seen what’s available in the Father’s heart. They brought body parts back. It’s been a while since that’s happened, but we had a woman get a liver back. Her husband prayed for her, she needed a liver, she needed a liver transplant. He prayed for her and a brand new—

SID: You realize there are people watching us right now and they’re saying, eww! What do you say to that person?

SHAWN: I just say if we pray for you right now and you receive it and it happens to you, you won’t say impossible again.

SID: I am so glad you wrote your book and you have those, we put together your three-CD set. But I know that there is going to be repercussions. There are people that will never be able to get your book throughout all the former Soviet Union. I mean, I’m amazed at how God has spread It’s Supernatural. But I know if you pray for people they’re never going to be the same.

SHAWN: Absolutely.

SID: I want you to start out by praying for us to have the heart of love, not the heart of professionalism or the heart of religion, but the heart of the Father’s love and be sure to pray that we can see Heaven, too. I gave you a big assignment to hear God’s voice. Let’s see, I have another laundry list.

SHAWN: Let me pray. I just pray for you now that God would demystify the way you thought hearing his voice was that it would feel more organic like a family member who’s talking to you, who is loving you, that you would all of a sudden notice and become aware. I pray an impartation of spiritual awareness, of spiritual understanding for your own relationship with God and as you grow in that depth of authority, as you begin to see where he’s speaking. I pray that you would take great risk based on what he’s saying. I pray that you would become so in tune with who God is around you, where he is around you that Jesus would be so made manifest to you. I impart every supernatural spiritual gift I have that’s transferable right now over the television, to everyone in the studio audience. I pray for deep impartation and I pray that you would see where Jesus is. This is Heaven. He’s in Jesus right now. The Throne of God is there, all the angels around him. There’s no reason why we can’t be in touch with it because that is our everlasting. We’ll be with Jesus forever, so I pray that you would right now somehow, Ephesians 3:2 says, “We are seated in heavenly places.” I pray somehow you would feel part of you is tied to the everlasting eternal scenario right now that you would see yourself, you would see God there that you would have revelatory visions and revelatory experiences that you never dreamed possible. I pray that God would expand your imagination but then take you past your imagination that he would give you a love that would cause you to continue to hear his voice to the nations. It’s so easy to focus on what he’s not doing. I pray that you would see what he is doing right now. It’s so easy to see what you’re not. I pray that you would see through the eyes of love from the Father who you are to him and I pray you would have a revelatory encounter with that love right now in the name of Jesus.

SID: You told me last night over dinner, and this was, you think your mind is blown now, wait until you hear this. You went to a school, a place that formerly was a school of Spiritism. Explain. Tell me that.

SHAWN: One of the owners of the Hollywood Club called me up and said, “Can you come over and pray. We’ve had a [unintelligible]. We’ve had the white witch of Studio City, Hollywood, come and no one has been able to clear out the demons. This used to be the Paranormal School of Supernatural Activity for Hollywood. It was actually a school. For like over a decade it was a school in Hollywood where they teach people how to do Spiritism.

SID: And they could get rid of these key spirits. [unintelligible]

SHAWN: So all the nannies were like quitting the four owners. They were quitting, only one of the owners was saved as a brand new Christian. The other three owners weren’t saved. One was Catholic, but he was just coming to full belief for Jesus. The other two weren’t saved at all. One of them was the new age captain of the group who kept bringing everybody and paying a lot of money to get this place cleared and it wasn’t working. Over months they were losing all their employees. So I went ahead and everything was slowed down, the construction and everything. So I went in with a group. They were all Asian. So I went in with a group of Asian intercessors who I love. I love this group. And we went in there together and I said, “Okay guys,” I had the owner sit down with me and I said, “We’re going to do something.” And I heard the Holy Spirit say, “ If they will give me the ownership I’ll drive out every spirit.” And I had a little strategy. I could never have done this on my own strength. I was like, I don’t know that this can’t be redeemed. [unintelligible] I don’t know. I don’t know what we’re going to do about the situation, but I heard God and I said to everybody, “Okay, I want you to close your eyes and repeat after me.” I said, “Okay.” I said, “This is going to be really hard.” Because they had been through all this ritual assignments with all the witchcraft and stuff. And I said, “Say this after me: Holy Ghost!” And they said, “Holy Ghost!” And I said, “Be the only ghost here! Amen.” And one of them looked up at me and he goes, “No. No.” And I said, “Okay, is God a spirit?” And they said yes. And I said, “If you ask God to be here can anything else be as powerful as God?” And they all said no. I said, “Okay, let’s see what happens. I’m going to leave. Let’s see what happens.” So I went back five weeks later and I asked them, “You guys, how is your lives? What’s going on?” And one of the guys said, “Nothing is wrong. There’s no spirits.” He said, “As a matter of fact, I’ve given my life to Jesus.” The other two guys were so close. “This is so crazy what happened here like we’ve had no visitation. All of our nannies are fine. [unintelligible] No one is having bad dreams.” It was night and day difference, and now I’ve gone back years later and it’s been fine. It’s like it never happened.

SID: You know, my peanut brain says everyone has to be a believer in Jesus for this to happen. That’s my peanut brain. But I’m going to tell you something, eye has not seen, ear has not heard. All that God has in store for you, that’s right, I’m talking about God, all that, I want you to hold your head up. I want you to forget what’s happened in the past. I want you to tell Jesus be my Lord. I want to you to repent of your sins, tell him you’re sorry. Ask him to live inside of you and watch what God is going to do.

SHAWN: I had one more user name. I never get user names, but I ask God for the information I never get. Terry Bishop 911. Terry Bishop, you’re working on the show and I’m getting you.

Terry: That is my user name, Terry Bishop 911.

SHAWN: The Lord says you live in a pleasant place. What does that mean to you?

Terry: I live on Pleasant Hill.

SHAWN: Come on.

Our Guests John and Lisa Bevere


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guests, best-selling authors John and Lisa Bevere, unmasked. What do I mean by that? They were sabotaged when they got married. There is no way in the world their marriage should have survived and they have decided if they will tell people what happened to them it will give hope. But what happened to them wasn’t natural. What happened to them that gave them a marriage from Heaven was supernatural. Hello. Look, I cannot believe what I read in the newspaper. The institution of marriage is under assault. John Bevere, what’s going on and what’s behind what’s going on? What is the reason that the institution of marriage is under such assault?

JOHN: Marriage was authored, created, designed up by God himself. Satan hates anything that’s of God. The spirit of this world wants to destroy marriage and is on an active path to do it. And this is why Lisa and I decided to start speaking on marriage because we know now not only are marriages under attack, and they are under attack, but the very institution as you just said is being assaulted. And so we need to voice out what God says about marriage because it is so valuable.

SID: You know, John looks like he’s kind of meek. But would you believe on his first date with Lisa he gets her saved, he gets her speaking in tongues filled with the Spirit, and he gets her healed of a life-threatening disease, on the first date. I guess I’d better find out what happened on the second. No, I’m just teasing. Well I’ll tell you what happened. He marries Lisa. Now you’ve heard the saying, opposites attract, but this is ridiculous. Lisa, what was your background?

LISA: Okay. So I’m half Sicilian, Apache Indian, French and English. My grandmother had been married four times.

JOHN: And I’m fortunate to be alive.

LISA: Yes. My grandmother had been married four times. My parents were married, divorced, remarried, divorced. My dad was an alcoholic. I came from dysfunction way before it was popular. We were doing it way before the Kardashians. And basically, you know, John and I, we just came together. I had no good thing. I brought adultery, I brought alcoholism, I brought dysfunction and he brought all the good, and I brought all of the bad. I remember when he introduced me to his mom, his mom was like, “Wait a minute, we have never had divorce in our family before.” And I was like, that’s not my name. But it was really a scary thing when I came in. But you know, we decided, Sid, God wasn’t interested.

SID: You got me laughing so much, I don’t know what to say.

LISA: Well we decided it wasn’t about John’s good and my bad. It was about holy. And the truth is God wants to do a new thing with couples. And I brought nothing to the table, and we wanted to do our marriage different, but we didn’t know how to do it different. And I personally had a vision about three months into my marriage, and it was the vision of a perfect man, and this man looked like my husband, but he did not act like my husband. And so I decided my job was to change my husband from the man he was to the man he could be if he would work with me, but John had a vision of his own.

SID: But Lisa, not one woman listening to you understands.


SID: No woman wants to change her husband.

LISA: None of us do.

SID: Okay, that’s what she brought in.

LISA: Yeah.

SID: Now what did you bring in?

JOHN: Well I brought in, I mean, my family, my mom and dad are amazing. They married 66 years. My dad just went home to be with the Lord this year. But what I brought in was a lot of insecurity. I was the only boy of six children. So I was the chosen one, my son, my son, according to my mother. So a lot of—

SID: I thought that was just Jewish men.

LISA: No, it’s Italians, too.

JOHN: So a lot of selfishness and a lot of temper, a lot of arguing, a lot of this is my way or the highway. And we clashed like the Titans. I mean, it was like WWF wrestling the first couple of years of our marriage. It was horrific. And we really realized all of a sudden, hey wait a minute, this happily ever after just doesn’t happen. And so, you know, we started, Lisa and I started realizing in order to have a good marriage you have to work to have a good marriage.

SID: But I have to ask you this question, Lisa. Why the dirty laundry? Why are you doing this?

LISA: Well you know, I think too many people feel isolated. They feel hopeless. So John and I said, you know what, we’re going to open up our lives. Because we sit in conferences and we would hear the pastors say, “my wife and I have never had a fight” and I’d be like, for the love of Jesus, we’ve never not fought. I mean, we decided, what in the world? So we just did not know how to do it correctly. And so we were like, all right, people are going to have different differences and we need to be constructive with this. Plus John and I have a unique dynamic that other people didn’t have. We both are strong personalities. We both have voices. It isn’t I’m just supportive of him and he’s not there or he’s just supportive of me. But couples coming up, they want to do it together, Sid. I think that we are created to do it together. And it would have been easier if we did it separately. So we said, let’s just put it all out there. Let’s talk about our struggles in the past with abuse, let’s talk about our struggles with control, let’s talk about our struggles with fear, let’s talk about what we’ve regretted and what we’ve learned. We’ve been married for 33 years. That’s a long time. And so we’ve learned a lot of lessons that we don’t think other people need to learn the hard way.

SID: John, you were addicted to pornography before you got married.

JOHN: Yep.

SID: And before it was almost commonplace. Right now, the statistics are overwhelming. Tell me a few of them.

JOHN: Well it started at age 11. And then when I married Lisa, I thought, gosh, when I get married to this beautiful woman it will all go away. Well it certainly didn’t. And so it was a big battle.

SID: I’ll tell you what, hold that thought. I want to find out how you got supernaturally, I mean, he thought if he just would get married to a beautiful woman, he wouldn’t be interested in pornography. He didn’t know that that’s one of the strongest addictions on the planet. When we come back I want to find out how they supernaturally went from physical abuse with each other, verbal abuse, her taking off her engagement ring. I mean, and to have the marriage they have today, and I say there is tikvah, that’s a Hebrew word, there is hope. We’ll be right back.

Our Guest Pastor Don Nordin


SID: Talk about audacity, nerve, boldness, chutzpah, this doctor, he’s got it all. He has got audacity. He’s in the middle of a surgery. Tell me about Dee Sapp.

DON: Dee Sapp had been diagnosed with colon cancer and had to have emergency surgery. And Dr. Remedios was doing the surgery, and he took out three feet of her colon. And the Lord spoke to him and said to stretch the rest of the colon and to attach it. This had never been done before. And he could have lost his license. She could have lost her life. But he knew the Lord spoke to him and he did that. And the miracle is a creative miracle because after a period of time when she was examined, not only did everything work properly, but that colon had grown back to the normal six feet of colon.

SID: You know what is so amazing to me? I called my own doctor and I said, “Doctor, if someone had three feet of colon cut out, one year later, how much of it would have grown back?” He said, “None, impossible.” That’s what he said to me, impossible. But God says to you, “All things are possible to those who believe.” And you’re part of the all. Let me read Dr. Remedios’ quote to you right now. “There is no question about it. I could feel the tangible presence of God in the operating room. It doesn’t matter where you are, what your circumstance, there’s nothing too difficult for God. The tests showed the three feet of colon that I cut out was back. This is a miracle of God.” I love it when medical doctors use such terms of miracle, beyond human expectation, miraculous. That is so great. Another member of your congregation, just everything is going fine. Then what happened to him?

DON: He had a motorcycle accident. In fact, when he got the hospital, the doctors termed his condition as hopeless. I was on my way to the hospital and the Lord spoke to me and said, “When you get there, you tell Clint and his family that he will recover all.”

SID: Wait a second now, you’re putting your reputation on the line that you know that. I mean, the doctor said, hopeless. When a doctor says that, how do you have the chutzpah, the audacity to say what you did?

DON: Well on my way to the hospital, I didn’t know what his condition was.

SID: That helped.

DON: And the Lord spoke this to me and I was excited about getting there and sharing a word from the Lord with them. And when I walked into the room and saw his condition, I’m like, oh.

SID: Among other things, he was in a coma.

DON: He was in a coma, yes. And but we prayed and I told them, I said, “The Lord told me to tell you that Clint will doubtless recover all.” And today, Clint is back on his job. He is completely normal. He has recovered all. In fact, I would say that I like this Clint better than the other Clint, because he has I feel like a more outgoing personality, and God has just done an amazing, amazing thing in his life.

SID: And again, you see these papers here? These are all the medical reports from doctors on this Clinton Mayfield. God is not a respecter of persons, which means if he’ll do it for one, he’ll do it for all. I love the statement God gave you. I want you to hear this. I want this to soak in, inside of you. God told Pastor Don, “If you can convince them, I will do the work.”

Quick nugget on faith.

DON: Well I just think that people believe that if they’re desperate God will hear them. God doesn’t respond to desperation. He responds to audacious prayer and faith.

SID: I want you to have the most audacious faith you have ever, ever had. Read the Word, believe it’s God’s love letter to and go for the gold.

SID: The audacity of prayer, I love the word “audacity,” it’s boldness, it’s nerve. Once you realize that God is not a respecter of persons, and I’m going to tell you, these four CDs and the book is going to just cause you to believe. And that’s what God told Don Nordin, “If you can get the people to believe, I will do what I say.” Are you ready for God to do what he says in your life? I am.

Sid Roth


Sid:  Many years ago I met a woman her name is Penny. She speaks for the rights of the unborn children in the womb that are being murdered through abortion. And she was speaking at a rally and an elderly man walked up to her and said “Can I tell you a story and she said “Sure.” And he said “When I was a young boy Hitler was in power and I would go to church every Sunday and our church was located right next to train tracks. Every Sunday sure enough the train would go by and then we began to hear some very strange things happening from the train; they were screaming and saying ‘Help! Help! Help!’ and you know what the pastor told us? ‘Sing a little louder,’ they stuffed their ears they did not want to hear that the Jews were going to be destroyed. And so I’ve lived with that memory all of these years; those were the trains taking the Jews to the gas chambers to be killed; I think about it every night and then I think about the movie Schindler’s List did you see that? Did you remember the line that Oscar Schindler said “I could have gotten one more person and I didn’t, and I didn’t.”

I have to tell you that’s the way I feel right now and that’s the way that I want you to feel and that’s the way the heart of God feels right now.  I have a vision and my vision is a Jewish express and we are at the time of the second banquet right now where the Jews are ready to be saved just like Esther went to the second banquet with the King and requested that the Jews be saved. The tracks are being laid all over the world this moment but it’s a race for this Jewish express this Jewish express is going to be filled with Jewish people that have just accepted Jesus.  This train is going all over the world because the Jews have been spread to 4 corners of the earth and every Jewish person that gets on will be one that is saved. And your investment is going to buy tickets for Jewish people to board the Jewish express.

I’m going to tell you something else you are about ready to bump into what I’ve been walking in for the last several years it’s called ridiculous Esther favor.  Why are you going to walk in this ridiculous favor? Read it in Esther 10 verse 3 in the New American Standard version it says:

“For Mordecai the Jew was second only to King Ahasuerus and great among the Jews (Great among the Jews) and in favor with his many kinsman. (And then it tells us why)  He sought the good of his people.”

So I say to you what is the maximum good that you can do for a Jewish person? Is it humanitarian work?  Yes, that will help in this life and good will bless you for it. Is it praying for the Jewish people? Yes that will help you in this life and God will bless it for you. Or is it what God says Proverbs 11:30:

“He who wins souls is wise.”

The window of the set time to favor Zion or the second banquet it now.  Proverbs 10:5 says:

“He who gathers in summer is a son who acts wisely but he who sleeps in harvest is a son who acts shamefully.”

You know the major reason the devil is trying to kill all of the Jewish people right now? Because he knows about Isaiah 27:6, the King James, the Jewish Evangelists are about ready to fill the earth with fruit, this is God:

“God shall cause them that cause of Jacob to take root and Israel shall blossom and bud and fill the face of the world with fruit.”

If that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what does.  As the Jewish people fill the world with fruit remember the call of the Jew is to reach the Gentile and we did a pretty good job 2000 years ago but we didn’t do the complete job. The job of the Gentile is to provoke the Jew to jealousy to reach the Jew. And I have to tell you when you give money to our ministry it’s an investment, it’s an investment in souls.  And we give you tools, tools so that you can be all that God’s called you to be. Tools so that you can operate in the supernatural.  Why, the Bible says “The Jew requires a sign,” the Bible says “Esther you’ve been called to the Kingdom for such a time as this.”  It says “This is the set time to favor Zion.” And I’m going to tell you something else Jewish people are so hungry for the supernatural the devil is like a Pied Piper in the New Age and the occult and they’re going into it in droves. But the spiritual scales are removed the judgment is finished we are at the fullness of the Gentile age Jesus is coming back soon…and any profits we make from you ordering the book “Sooner Than You Think” and the CD on the book of Esther….

I’m reminded, it’s kind of a funny story, but  I’m reminded of a… I did a New Age Festival in Israel and it really went bad I mean it really went bad. I had someone who was heckling me in the front row and I felt I did a bad job and so it had been raining and it was a standing in the mud and a couple of people were swimming in the nude in the water behind us (chuckling), you know it was a real New Age Festival and then there were a few other things I won’t talk about.  But I went home and felt miserable and someone said “You remember the New Age Festival you did Sid?” And I said “Yeah I remember.” And they said “Well one of the leading Messianic Jewish Evangelist got saved at that festival.” I had no idea, I have no idea, almost 5 million of the books “They Thought for Themselves” have been distributed to Jewish people throughout the world but we’re coming into the finest hour because now the spiritual scales are being removed.

So when you get the book “Sooner Than You Think” you’re going to be blessed and I’ll tell you why the best teachers of end-times it’s called subtitled, “The Prophetic Guide to the End Times” I’ve put into this book. And when you read this entire book you will not lose your faith when things don’t happen exactly the way it’s been told to you. Because the truth is nobody totally understands it but all the ingredients is in this book, so I can’t wait to get this into your hands.

Now I want to tell you about the end time Psalm to Esther the Church Psalm 91.  And I am going to include a bookmark with every book that you receive. And this bookmark is Psalm 91 personalized from the Living Bible. I’m going to tell you something I don’t care what happens if you say and believe this Psalm out loud every day this is what God promises.  “I live…” and personalize it that’s what I’ve done and you’ll be able to take this bookmark and read it out loud every day for yourself and your family.

“I live in the shelter of the most high; I find rest in Your shadow; this I declare about You. You alone are my refuge, my place of safety, You are my God and I trust You for You will rescue me from every trap and protect me from every deadly disease.  You will cover me with Your feathers; You will shelter me with Your wings; Your faithful promises are my armor and protection. I’m not afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day; I do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness nor the disease that strikes at midday.  Though a thousand fall at my side though 10,000 are dying around me these evils will not even touch me. As I open my eyes I see how the wicked are punished.  No evil will conquer me, no plague (And we’re talking about these end-time diseases and everything) no plague will come near my home for you will order Your angels to protect me wherever I go. (Do you know there is a whole unit in a war in a combat zone and every member of the unit said this prayer out loud and not one was injured but all around them people were injured?) For you will order your angels to protect me wherever I go; they will hold me up with their hands so that I will not even hurt my foot on a stone. I will trample upon lions and cobras; I will crush fierce lions and serpents under my feet. You declare that You will rescue me because You love me.  Your protect me because I trust in Your name; when I call on You You will answer you will be with me in trouble; You will rescue me and honor me; You will award me with a long life. And I thank You for Your salvation.”

And now I’m going to pray a supernatural prayer over you. This is a prayer that I’ve prayed over many people and God has changed their heart it is called “The Esther Anointing.”  Are you ready to receive it?  I can tell you the presence of God is trembling throughout my body right now.

I pray in Yeshua’s name that every one that is opening their heart right now to receive will receive the Esther anointing. They will realize they’ve been called to the Kingdom for such a time as this.  I pray You will give them Your heart, Your compassion for their Jewish neighbors and Jewish doctors and Jewish merchants and Jewish schoolmates and Jewish business associates.

I pray Father God that Jewish people will walk up to them and say “I feel something wonderful radiating from you what is that? Why do you love Jewish people so much?”

I pray in Yeshua’s name that everyone that has ever something anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic would repent right now and tell God You’re sorry. Ask Jesus to forgive you, I pray Father God that everyone that receives this anointing will take part in filling up the Jewish Express. We will never listen again to the train going to the gas chamber screaming for mercy because Father God that Jewish Express is ready now this is the time of the second banquet, this is the fullness of the Gentile Age.  Jewish people are going to won to the Lord and these Jewish people will be like modern day Paul the Apostles which will go to the 4 corners and do a quick work, do a fast work quickly in Jesus name I pray – Amen.

And people are being healed right now, people…someone has a finger and it hurts you when you bend it maybe it’s arthritis maybe you fell and hurt it  but you are being healed in Jesus name.  Backs and necks are being healed; pain of all kind is leaving. Someone with a tennis elbow you’re being healed right now. The backs it’s so strong just test your back and your neck you’ll see that pain is totally gone. Hips are being repaired right now; knees are being repaired right now. Eyes are being healed, I even see an oriental person you can take it even if you’re not oriental but as I’m touching your eyes they’re being healed in Jesus name.

Sid Roth


Sid: I’m so excited Mishpocha because I’ve got finally after almost a year a copy of my latest book “The Last Lap” subtitled “The Emergence of the One New Man.” A lot of people wonder where I got the subtitle the One New Man. Well you don’t have to wonder anymore it’s in the atmosphere, it’s happening, people are talking about this having nothing to do with my book, nothing to do with my teaching. They’re talking about it all over the world. I believe it’s a foretaste of the greatest move of God’s Spirit in history.

Everyone is looking about the problems that are going on in the United States and in the world. Because we’re in a time in which nothing will ever be the same, but we’re in a time in God in which nothing will ever be the same. We’re going to see the greatest revival, the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit in history.

Well Ephesians chapter 2 verse 14 – 16 explains the One New Man. It’s been a long time coming I’m sure when Paul wrote to the Ephesians he had no idea it would take so long. It says in the 2nd chapter the 14th verse “For He Himself is our peace who has made both one.” Who’s both? The Jew and the Gentile, “has made both Jew and Gentile one and has broken down the middle wall of separation.” So why did Yeshua, that’s Hebrew for Jesus, come? To break down a separation between Jews and Gentiles and this is how He did it in the 15th verse, “Having abolished in His flesh enmity that is the law of commandments contained in ordinances so as to create in Himself one new man,” that’s the One New Man. Create in who? Himself. Who’s Himself? Yeshua. “To create in Himself one new man from the two thus making peace.” Do you know what the Hebrew word for peace is? Shalom. “Thus making completeness.” That’s why Messiah came He came to establish Mishpocha, He came to establish family to make Jews and Gentiles One New Man. The Jew needs the Gentile, the Gentile needs the Jew otherwise no shalom. What is shalom? Completeness, there’ll only be completeness when the spiritual eyes come off of Jewish people and they’re grafted back into the church.

16th verse, “That He might reconcile them both to God in one body through the cross thereby putting to death the enmity,” and the word enmity means a positive hatred. See at the time Paul wrote this there was a hatred between Jews and Christians. The Messiah came to break this wall of separation down just as He came to… you know the curtain between the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place when Yeshua died the veil was rent in two. He wants to rent that in two so there can be intimacy with God. There’s a connection between Jewish people being grafted into the church, and intimacy with God. There’s a connection with the spiritual scales coming off of the eyes of the Jewish people and the connection the intimacy with God.

It says in Ephesians in the 2nd chapter the 14th verse “That Messiah came to break down this wall of separation.” Well there was a big wall of separation back then. There was no way a Gentile was going to fellowship with a Jew and Jew was going fellowship with a Gentile. It would take a great miracle and a great miracle occurred and the wall of separation was broken down, but today we have even a greater wall of separation. I mean a Jewish person looks at a Christian and says “I don’t see anything Jewish in your religion. As a matter of fact, I like mine better than yours.” A Gentile Christian looks at a Jew and says “I don’t see anything Christian about your religion. As a matter of fact, I like my religion better than yours.” There’s a bigger wall of separation today than there was 2000 years ago. That’s what Jesus came for.

Now to really understand the Jewish connection you have to turn to the book of Romans the 11th chapter. I’m going to read some selected passages from the 11th chapter. Paul says “I say then has God cast away His people? Certainly not.” Another translation says “Oh God forbid,” and then he says, 7th verse, “What then Israel has not obtained what it seeks but the elect have obtained it and the rest were blinded.”  11th verse “I say then, have they (the Jewish people) stumbled that they should fall? Certainly not but through their fall to provoke them to jealousy salvation has come to the Gentile.”

So first God says the Gentile has had a revelation of the Messiah, has had their sins washed away, has been grafted in to the Jewish olive tree for a purpose. What is the purpose? Many Christians are running up to prophets and saying “Tell me what my purpose is.” God is saying to you right now, why would you go to a flaky prophet when you won’t even follow what My word says? Romans 11:11 says “But through their fall to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy salvation has come to the Gentile.” So if you’re non-Jewish and you’re a believer in Jesus and you say “What is my call?” God is saying in Romans 11:11 “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy.” Now here’s the reason why, and maybe you never understood it. You know we don’t even have to understand it if God say to do it we’ve got to do it, but there’s a reason and God gives a reason in the 12th verse of Romans 11. “Now if their fall is riches for the world, and their failure riches for the Gentile, how much more their fullness?” Was it a rich blessing that you came to know the Messiah coming from a non-Jewish background? Of course it was, but it says there’s something even greater coming to the church with their fullness.

The 15th verse, “For if they’re being cast away (and catch this now), for if the Jewish people being cast away is the reconciling of the world.” (Laughing) And it was now that Gentiles could be saved, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead? What happens when a dead person comes to life, the resurrected? Do you realize what kind of power it takes for resurrection? The same spirit that rose Messiah Yeshua from the dead is living with us. There will be release, this is what God’s word is saying, there will be a release of resurrection power, life from the dead power. The power of God that we read about in the Bible, the power of God that we dream about, the power of God we believe, but the power of God we haven’t seen.

Well the word of God says when that wall of separation comes down, When Gentiles start fulfilling their God ordained destiny of provoking Jewish people to jealousy. If it was a rich blessing that the Jewish people rejected their Messiah, how much greater blessing when they receive their Messiah because it will cause a miracle to occur. See why the devil is trying so hard in the supernatural realm to separate, put up a wall of separation between Jews and Gentiles. But Messiah came yeah the set time, the set time to favor Zion has come. This is God’s set time. Just as the secular commentators are saying nothing will ever be the same again. In the spirit nothing will ever be the same again because I can tell you based on the prophetic word of God, based on what’s going on in current events we are in the set time to favor Zion. Before judgment comes there’s always a warning but can you see why the stakes are so high? Because there will be such a release of the supernatural power of God for evangelism, and I’ll be speaking on that tomorrow, such a release.

You can go to most churches, let’s face it we’ve become so religious. I mean we’re just like the game of telephone. Did you ever play it as a kid? One person whispers to another person who whispers to another the 3rd, and the 4th, and the 5th by the time it comes to the 6th person it’s so different than what the first statement of fact was it’s just over time.

That’s called (singing) tradition, we Jewish people have a lot of it then I became a believer in the Messiah and got into the church and I found that we have something called (singing) tradition. It’s a people problem and this (singing) tradition gets in the way, in the way of the power of the living God.

But we’re at a set time to favor Zion, we’re at a time that we’re going to see life from the dead resurrection power enter the church. There is a battle going on but the battle is not ours. God says “Stand still and watch the salvation of God.” I believe this is the set time for my latest book “The Last Lap,” subtitled “The Emergence of the One New Man.” This is the set time, I mean God says that we’re to pray that His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. I believe that this book is His will.

Are you feeling a little bored, that’s the word, bored with normal religious Christianity? Have you felt inside there’s got to be something more? Have you wondered why there’s so few miracles going on in churches in the United States? Have you had questions about how Christianity has deviated from Biblical patterns? Have you wondered about the Shabbat, that’s Hebrew for Sabbath? Is it Saturday, is it Sunday? How has it changed? Does it have anything to do with salvation? Does have anything to do with righteousness? Have you wondered why Jews distrust Christians? You’re probably not aware of something called the “Rabbinic Conspiracy.”

Many Christians are confused on who is Israel. You wonder what the glorious church, I mean the book of Ephesians talks about a church so filled with the glory of God. What this glorious church is going to look like? What about Messianic Judaism? What about Gentile Christianity what is their future? What is going to be the catalyst to release the greatest and last revival on planet earth?