Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Jim Hockaday. And Jim, when people sit under your teaching, yes they healed, but better than that they have the faith level to then pray for other people. Tell me about that medical doctor.

Jim: Well he’s a wonderful man. And back in what we might call the charismatic renewal time where the Spirit of God was really ministering in a lot of denominational churches he had a practice, a really successful practice in Tulsa. And he prayed for people left and right, and he had all kinds of healings take place in his office. And then through a period of getting more word conscious and leaving out the Holy Ghost—

Sid: That’s happening to a lot of people.

Jim: Yeah, it does. It does and that’s where we want to bring the balance back.

Sid: It’s kind of easy to get into formula rather than relationship. So he fell into that trap.

Jim: He did.

Sid: And the healings diminished.

Jim: It did. It actually did completely.

Sid: Completely.

Jim: Yes. And he didn’t see anyone healed, as he would pray for them instantly because he was in a sense kind of talking himself out of it. And when he came to the healing school and he began to get into some of our teaching, which we always really empower the people to believe in the Anointing that abides in you, not just me the minister, but what abides in you. It wasn’t long before it just began to happen supernaturally again, how the miracles began to take place, people we prayed for where then instantly healed as well, and of course recovered as he prayed for them as well.

Man on video: I can see! Thank you God.

Jim: But that to me stands out as a story, and if that was the only isolated case I probably wouldn’t mention it. But I can tell you story after story, after story of the same situation.

Sid: But what I want you to tell the people, I want you to mentor them in having intimacy with God. Would you do that?

Jim: Yeah, absolutely. It’s just so awesome to know that God has come to live in this flesh of ours. Now He’s there, not for the purpose of just walking around as you walk, He’s there for the purpose of being revealed. That’s the one amazing thing about human beings, that we have the capacity to receive God into our life, but also to reveal him. Jesus showed us that of a mono transfiguration of what was in him supernaturally became evident to those around. Now when you begin to pray in the Spirit and develop a prayer life and begin to put your emphasis on his presence being with you and around you at all times, the greater you recognize him in your life, the easier it will be to see the supernatural take place. And that comes through spending time praying in the Holy Ghost, and then letting the Word of God become your foundation for the miracles you will see. And this is exactly what we do, begin to get people excited about the Spirit of God. So even right now, I know, I want to just speak to someone that God is speaking to you right now, that there’s someone with some type of high-end hernia and that’s being healed. And I also want to say there’s someone that didn’t develop in your diaphragm, but the Lord Jesus is healing you right now, and I know the Spirit of God is moving through the airways to touch your life and bring deliverance. And in a few moment’s we’re going to pray for many things in general and you watch. God will touch you and heal you through the same presence.

Sid: Tell me, because I think it’s a fascinating story. I think it might have been in Brazil that someone had polio.

Jim: A little boy had polio and he was sitting in the very front seat right next to the pastor’s wife, and as I prayed for him, and I didn’t pray for him by touching him, there were too many people. The main platform where we would have prayed for the folks was covered with individuals. There were 9000 people in the room. And I just looked at him and prayed for that little boy, and that leg that was all twisted up, it shot straight out. Now after the service—

Sid: Even though you’ve seen a lot of miracles, that has to do something to you.

Jim: Especially a young boy.

Sid: Yes.

Jim: And there was another young boy that came up that was deaf and mute, and we prayed for him, and instantly he began to speak and hear.

Jim : You see that? He was deaf and now he can hear. Praise God!

Jim: Well the pastor’s wife came up to us afterwards and said, “When you commanded that boy to be healed my eyes were opened and I saw a large angel walk up to that boy, grab his leg and jerk it straight out.”

Jim : Look at that. You see that? You see that? God works. God works. I’m telling you. Now he can walk.

Sid: I wonder if the healing angel does not accompany you when you pray.

Jim: Well just within the last week, a man came up to me and said, “While you were praying for the people I saw an amazingly large angel that stood right behind you.” And that I guess happens almost everywhere we go.

Sid: Would you pray for people right now.

Jim: Absolutely. And they’ll be healed, too.

Sid: They’re getting bold again. Good for you.

Jim: Well just put your hand with your difficulty is. And I know for sure right here there will be testimonies about cancer that dies. So put your hand right where the problem has been. In the wonderful precious name of Jesus, because of the goodness of God and the finished work of Christ, I command disease to begin to dissolve right now. We demand that it die and dissolve, disappear and leave your life. I just speak to the heart and command it to begin to beat like it should and to blood that it begin to flow like it should, to bones, and to muscle, and to tissue, for pain to leave all of those areas. For internal diseases, we command to depart in the name of Jesus. And especially cancer, I demand that you die and leave those people. Even growths will disappear. I know that God’s healing you right now and all you got to do is just lift up your hands and rejoice because He’s giving you something right now supernatural. You’ll see it evident in your life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Sid: As you were praying I could feel it was almost like a river was going out and the thing that I love about you is your greatest desire is not to be known as the person that prays for miracles, but the person that equips other people to pray for miracles. Give me one nugget that you’ve learned over the years that will help us in praying for the sick.

Jim: If you needed a coffee and I had five dollars in my wallet, I could buy you a coffee.

Sid: Of course.

Jim: If you needed a coffee and I only had a dollar now days there are a lot more than it used to be. Then I’d have to say, well I can help you but I can’t give you. If you don’t know what you have you can’t give it away. If you don’t believe it’s enough you’ll never be bold enough to say, I have the answer for you. Peter and John went to the temple at the hour of prayer and they said, “Such as I have I give you.” They were conscious that they had what was necessary to get the job done. That’s what Jesus left upon their soul, is an understanding that freely you’ve received what I have and what I’ve worked. Now freely give it away.

Sid: Yeah, but that was Peter and John.

Jim: It doesn’t make any difference. Now it’s even greater. Now when you understand you have something to give that’s where the boldness comes and that’s where the Anointing is released. People lay hands on folks all the time, and you’ll just wear the hair of off people’s head if you don’t release the Anointing. That’s what we’re teaching people, to turn the Anointing loose.

Sid: And you know, releasing the Anointing, turning that Anointing loose, as Jim explained, it’s for his family. It’s for your finances. It’s for your health. It’s for your peace. It’s for supernatural protection. It’s for anything that can happen to you in this life. You can’t turn that anointing loose unless you know the person that’s anointed you, and his name in Hebrew, Yeshua. In English, Jesus. And he gave us such a marvelous gift. It’s not based on any of our works. There’s nothing we can do for it. We just receive his mercy. He’s paid the penalty for us. His blood washes away our sins. If we repent of our sins and believe that his blood washed it away and makes us clean. He goes a step further. He says he even makes us righteous. We have the righteousness of God in Messiah Jesus. Then you ask him to live inside of you and what Jim is saying is happening in his life. And what Jim was saying is happening in that doctor’s life. And what Jim is saying is happening in anyone’s life is all based on having Jesus live inside of you and realize the great awesome power of God. The Creator of the universe is living in you. I mean, come to your senses.

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