SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. For the past 35 years, I have been researching the supernatural, and we’ve come down to the top 10 over these 35 years. You see, it’s my passion to equip you, to walk in the supernatural, to be normal, normal according to the Kingdom of God, not according to this world. And what you’re about to see carries that impartation for you to move into the supernatural. It’s going to open your spiritual eyes to be able to see into the invisible world. You’re going to begin to know things about the future. You’re going to be praying for the sick and seeing them healed. You’re going to have heavenly visions and dreams. You know, I wish I had these mentoring tools when I was a brand new Jewish believer in the Messiah. My guest, Earthquake Kelly, he got his name because he’s a professional boxer, and when you got hit by him, you were hit by an earthquake. He was groomed to be the top Voodoo priest for the nation of Haiti. He literally died from a drug overdose and went to Hell. Years later, he died again and he went to Heaven. When he was in Heaven his son, who had been murdered in a drive-by shooting, said to him he had a special assignment for Planet Earth, and then he returned. Let’s take a look at Earthquake.

EARTHQUAKE: I saw an angel who was much taller than I am and he said, “Walk around.” And it was so beautiful as far as you could see, as far as the eye can see. Beautiful flowers like I’d never seen before, Sid. Awesome. And it was like I was just praising God. I looked at the grass and the grass was so well manicured and each blade, it had like a diamond or an emblem in it, and it was just so beautiful. The colors that were there were not like any colors. The environment, the scenery it was just, oh man, it was just so beautiful. And I walked along this river that I saw come out of this big beautiful golden palace, and it was like liquid diamonds and smooth, and the waves of this river. Then I heard a voice, really angels were singing far better than any other choir I had ever heard combined all of them together on Earth could not compare to what I heard and saw there in the trees.

SID: You know, I almost feel like when you’re seeing this, Earthquake, you’re reliving. Are you?


SID: It almost feels, it’s like you’re in a different realm when you’re talking.

EARTHQUAKE: Yeah, when I talk about that I get homesick.

SID: All right, you saw this river?

EARTHQUAKE: Yes, a river coming out of this big golden palace and it was like, it was moving, all of us working together, the grass swaying, the river moving and the angelic beings that were singing, and the big trees, oh man, it was so big, and they were bowing down to praising God. And there there’s no shadow. I didn’t cast a shadow because the light hit you from all over the place. It’s just a beautiful, radiant, awesome, awesome, awesome place.

SID: But you saw someone.


SID: Tell me about that.

EARTHQUAKE: As I went along to the edge of the river, as I went along the edge of the river, as I walked along the edge of the river I was looking trying to see some of the saints that I knew. I went into an ongoing service, and I saw someone the other side and they saw me. And of course, I was looking for somebody very special. It was my son Scott. And I saw him and he saw me. And I said, “Scott, it’s you. It’s you.” I said, “How do I get over there to the other side where you are?”

SID: There was, what, like a river was separating you?

EARTHQUAKE: Yeah, yeah, between us. I was on one side of the river and he was on the other, and I wanted to get over there to just give him a hug. And he said, “You can’t come in here now, Dad. You have to go back. You made God a promise. You made me a promise that you would go finish the work that you have to do.” And then I said, “No, I want to come over there with you. I don’t want to go back down there no more. I want to stay here in this place.” He said, “No Dad, you’re not finished. You have to go back.” And I was trying to find a boat. I was trying to find a tire, raft, anything to get over there. I didn’t want no more part of coming back here because that place is so awesome. No headaches, Sid. I had a headache, I’m telling you, it was so bad, and having pain. Nothing.

SID: What did you feel like in Heaven?

EARTHQUAKE: Oh man, it’s just, it just, you could describe it the best you can. It’s just like you feel the presence of God everywhere. The love, there’s so much love there, man. It’s just like it’s everywhere you step God is embracing you with His love.

SID: I have never met anyone that has had an experience like you. Even though they love their family and they want to come, you know, they miss their family; the pull is so strong to stay. Is that what happened to you?

EARTHQUAKE: Yeah, yeah. Because the faith that I had in God, I knew my family would be in good hands. I knew that because I know my wife is saved. She loves Jesus and all of that, and I’ll see her later on. But right now I wanted to stay there because I was just enjoying it so much. And to missing them it’s not like you miss people who die here. It’s different. Your mindset, once you get in there, your mindset is completely different. There’s no sorrow. You don’t see missing people as a sorrowful thing. It’s like you know you’re in God’s hands because the love of God is showing you I love them. They’re in my hands, you know. And it’s just beautiful there.

SID: So what did your son say to you?

EARTHQUAKE: He told me, he said, “You have to go back.” And he reminded me, “Dad, you remember when we had that conversation that you promised me that you would finish the work that you have to do.” And he said, “You can’t come with me. You have to finish. You still have a great work to do. There’s people that still need to hear what you have to say.” And that’s exactly what happened. He told me that.

SID: Okay. But you were given instructions of what to say on Earth.


SID: Tell me some of the things you were told. Tell me about those little children you saw in Heaven.

EARTHQUAKE: Certainly, certainly. I’d be delighted. As I was being pulled by like an invisible hand back away from where my son was I saw these groups of children running and playing, and having fun, and I wanted to go over there and play with them, you know. And I said, “Wow, look at that. They’re having such a great time. No pain, no sorrow, no nothing.” And that’s when I heard God’s voice. He said, “You’re wondering who those children are, right?” I didn’t say it out of my mouth. It’s like he picked it right up out of my head because the Bibles says [unintelligible] you can ask anything. So God just picked it out of my head. And I said, “Sure. Who are these children?” He said, “These children you see right here, some were killed in wars around the world. Some were murdered. Some were left for dead, and so on and so forth.” He kept saying, “They’re with me now. They’re with me.”

SID: Some, I would imagine, a lot were through abortion, murdered.

EARTHQUAKE: This is the next group he was showing me. There was three groups he showed me.

SID: Oh I see.

EARTHQUAKE: Yeah, three groups of children he showed me.

SID: What was the second group?

EARTHQUAKE: The second group that was playing, He said, “You see these children here?” He said, “I had a purpose for them. I had something in my heart for them to do for me through the Kingdom.” He said, “Because of the sickness and hard-heartedness of men and women, they went and aborted them and sent them back.” And that’s when His voice started changing.

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