Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be mentored in the supernatural.  Could you image how we could speed up the return of the Messiah if all of His children were doing the same things that Jesus did and even greater?  That’s why I put together the book “Supernatural Experiences” the ten best supernatural experiences in over thirty years of interviewing people in the supernatural with prayers of impartation.  It’s sort of like when, you could have walked with Jesus and observed everything that he did, get it in your spirit and then have him pay a prayer of impartation.  That’s what this book is.  I want to go to my friend, Gary Wood.  Gary was in an auto accident and he died and he had one of the best guided tours of Heaven, in fact he was told three signs for us to know of the Messiah’s imminent return.  Let’s go to that interview.

Gary:  Later I would learn what happened.  We actually crashed into the back of a ten ton wrecker truck that was illegally parked on the edge of the highway, late that evening.  And I was caught up in a cloud and angels literally put their wings underneath me and lifted me up and began to carry me out of my body into the realm that’s known as eternity.  And they began to sing worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive glory and power, wisdom and dominion.

Sid:  Did you know what was going on at that time or were you just totally confused?

Gary:  Well, there was no confusion; there was just absolute peacefulness, Sid.  Just tranquility, joy beyond anything that I’d ever experienced and total absence of pain.

Sid:  Get me so hungry for my real home.  Paint me a picture of what you observed with your eyes in Heaven.

Gary:  Well, I saw the twelve foundations of the city with the bottom one being jasper, that’s stands for diamonds; in Exodus chapter 28 the Bible talks about the stones on the high priest breast plate and the first foundation, is jasper, the second is sapphire which is blue, the third is , chalcedony, a combination of grey blue and yellow, emerald, sardis (blood red), crystallite, barrel which is bluish green, topaz (which is pale green or golden) just image all of those colors and the combination of them.  The twelfth is purple and it may not mean anything but a scientist put into his computer and he discovered it takes seven of this worlds’ accumulative wealth just to garnish one of the foundational stones of this beautiful city.  I saw twelve gates of pearl where the twelve tribes of Israel written upon them.  Heaven is as large as from the most northern part of Main to the most southern part of Florida.  From the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains, but the Bible says in my Father’s house are many mansions and if it were no so I would have told you.  And I actually saw my mansion.  I went into my mansion that I will live in for all eternity.  I went into a library that contained a prayer request in it.  It showed books where we grow in our walk with God.  And then it also showed people that we have won to the Lord and I literally saw…

Sid:  Are you telling me that there are books with say your name and then the name of the people you won to the Lord.  Is that what you are saying?

Gary:  That’s exactly what I’m saying, because the most important thing to the heart of God is winning people to Jesus.  And Sid, I actually saw this, I saw a man come down and accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at an altar and then there were people in Heaven and they were sitting on the hillside in like bleachers and they were cheering for us.  They were pulling for us.  You know in essence they were saying, hey I’ve been faithful, I’ve run my race, I’ve done what I was assigned to do and now you fulfill your calling and come join us here in this beautiful place.

Sid:  So, you’re telling me the people in Heaven actually can see things that are going on earth?

Gary:  I believe the good things.  I don’t believe they observe and watch all the tragedies and the bad things but they’re there according to Hebrews chapter 12 and they are looking down and they’re pulling for us.  And they’re believing that we’re going to be faithful in our walk with God and we’re going to finish the race that we started off.

Sid:  You actually saw this whole transaction of someone accepting the Lord and what happens with the books up in Heaven?  Explain that.

Gary:  Well as soon as he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior the angels went to the Lamb’s book of life.  Now this was just a big giant book covered in Lamb’s wool and they opened it up and they recorded this person’s life.  They wrote it down.  It was in blood red and it would say, they’d write the name of the person and then it would say paid in full by the precious red blood of Jesus.  And I saw my own name written like that.  The name that I was adopted under.  Because I had received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I actually saw my name written in the Lamb’s book of life.

Sid:  Tell me about my favorite room in Heaven, the parts room.

Gary:  You know this…

Sid:  Maybe that could be my mansion; I wouldn’t mind having that as my mansion.  But go ahead.

Gary:  Yes, it’s one of my favorite parts of the whole experience, after I came out of throne room of God and about five hundred yards from the throne room of God is the spare parts room; where the sign on the outside of the door that says, unclaimed blessings.  And I remember walking up there and walking in and there were legs hanging on the wall.  There were every part of one’s anatomy there in that room.  And people always say to me, well why would there need to be a room like that?  Because God has a spare part room.  God has a miracle room.

Sid:  What did you see with your eyes in the spare parts room?

Gary:  I saw every part, I saw hands, I saw arms, I saw legs, I saw every part, every organ of your body.  And it’s available and I watched as people on earth would pray and the prayers would go up, the angels would receive the prayers, they would go to the spare parts room and they would get that specific miracle.  Whatever it was a new part for the ears, a new part for the spinal column, a new kidney, whatever it was and they would go.  But many times those angels would have to fight the principalities and powers and you remember the story, people that read the Bible know the story about Daniel.  He had to wait twenty-one days but the moment Daniel prayed, that angel had left Heaven and was on his way but it got hindered.  And so there’s things in the spirit realm that will hinder our prayers, but you got to keep on standing, keep on confessing and believing.  And Sid, I saw the angels come and start to give a miracle to people and here’s what I heard.  I heard people say; well it just must not be for today.  It must not be that God wants to heal me.

Sid:  Now, I’m told that when people go to Heaven, someone they knew that made it to Heaven greets them.  Who greeted you?

Gary:  My best friend, John that had died in a horrible accident in high school that literally took his head off his body and we exchanged greetings and I knew him and which answers in my mind, will we know one another in Heaven?  And the scripture verifies it Matthew 8:11 “Sitting down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” it says.  So, I knew my friend and we’ll know our loved ones, you know there’s someone assigned to you when you cross over to the other side to this place called Heaven.

Sid:  You were in this auto accident and you had all the damage done to your body, when you came back you had a crushed larynx and that’s really intrigues me and you were told you would never speak and of course your passion was singing.  You would never sing again.  What happed to that crushed larynx?

Gary:  Jesus walked into the hospital room and he literally came in while there was a song playing that “He touched me on the radio.”  And I was listening to that song and Jesus just walked into my hospital room, put His hand on my throat and I looked down at those beautiful eyes of his and he smiled at me and He walked out. A little nurse walked in immediately afterwards come in to serve me a meal and I threw my hands up and said praise God, I’ve been healed and I’ve been talking ever since.

Sid:  But they x-rayed you and they have found your larynx is still crushed.  So how can you be speaking?

Gary:  It’s a miracle.  It’s a miracle.  It’s the only way I can, and it’s been verified by medical doctors.

Sid:  That was my friend, Gary Wood and when Gary came back from Heaven, he had been in an auto crash and he had died, but when he came back from Heaven his vocal chords, his larynx were totally crushed.  Do you know he had a miracle?  This man has the most beautiful singing voice, you can’t sing without a vocal cord.  You can’t sing without a larynx.  But he’s able to do it supernaturally.  I want him to mentor you from some of the things he’s learned in Heaven.  I want my friend Steven Brooks who, fifteen years ago Steven had a Heavenly encounter with an angel.  He’s been communicating with angels ever since.  He’s been shown the level of miracles that the last day’s church is going to walk in.  I want you to walk in those levels of miracles.  I want you walk in those type of miracles.  When you read this book of the ten best people I have discovered after thirty-five years of interviewing people in the supernatural, I want them to mentor you and then in the book they pray a prayer of impartation.

And then another person in there Jennifer Toledo, she came from a single family home.  She saw so many miracles as a child that when she went to Kenya and she had hours to live, she had supernatural surgery.

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