SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Lori Strong. This is an unusual show. It’s not your normal laid-back where you sit and kick off your shoes and you say show me something. This is two way. You are literally going to feel the supernatural power. Many of you are going to get physically healed.  This is what television was created for. My guest, Lori Strong, is a Jewish person that has tremendous insight into the invisible world. Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, there is an invisible world that is controlling everything that is going on in your life. Lori, you have studied curses. Define a curse and explain how it can be coming from a number of generations back.

LORI: Well a curse is the opposite of a blessing. A curse is something negative that has happened to you that can cause death, not just physical death but spiritual death in your lives. And the Bible says that curses can be passed down from the fourth to the fifth to the third generation on down. And what happens in our lives is that we might not know that we have a curse in our lives because we haven’t committed the actual sin, but the iniquity can be passed down. Which iniquity is like, if you picture a lightening bolt and how it not only touches one spectrum but it might touch more and more and go through a whole person’s body. It’s like an iniquity; it passes down, not the direct touch but passing down through that. And that happens sometimes in people’s lives where maybe they had a great-great-grandfather that they never knew. But something that happened in that person’s life, now as that granddaughter or grandson of that person, something is going on in their lives and they’re not really sure why they’re having difficulty in relationships with people.

SID: I wanted you to explain… Tell me some areas that might make us alert that there’s a curse going on in our life.

LORI: Well I think constant arguing in relationships, I think where there’s  a lot of strife going on, people really need to look at that and say where’s this coming from.  Mishandling anger; it’s ok to be angry but how you handle it is really important to know.  Addictions; not just addiction to drug or alcohol but people have addictions to people. Like I know that I was delivered from being male dependent and feeling like I had to have a man in my life to make it complete. And so there’s a lot of different curses that people will walk around thinking oh, I don’t have a curse. Because it’s such a strong word that people don’t want to admit that they have a curse. But it’s something that’s negatively affecting their life.

SID: You know, it’s the most amazing one you told me about yourself.  You were raised Jewish, you were bat mitzvahed, and you suffered at an early age some anti-Semitism. Explain.

LORI: Well when I was young we had to walk to school and we walked over a bridge that was over a highway. And we lived in a predominantly Jewish suburb but right across the street, you just walked one block over, and it was a lot of non-Jews, Gentiles and so forth. And the boys would persecute me and they would stand on the bridge and wouldn’t let me go to school and they would call me derogatory names about being Jewish and I would run home and cry. And I believe that was the seed that was sown early on in my life to make me look at being Jewish as a negative thing.

SID: Actually, what happened to Lori is she got challenged by a man who later became her husband to read the Bible and the minute Lori that you read the Bible, what happened?

LORI: Well I thought, how could you not know that Jesus is the Messiah?  That was the question that came up in my mind.

SID: I mean it was so clear to you.

LORI: It was, it’s very clear, but I had never been introduced to that before I met my now husband. He was the first one who was ever bold enough to say have you ever read the Bible. If you read it you’ll know who the Messiah is.

SID: But then, after becoming a believer in the Jewish Messiah, coming from a Jewish background, there was still something in her background that did not want her to admit she was Jewish or even like Jewish people.

LORI: Yes, and I believe that was a generational curse for me. It wasn’t something to be proud of in my home when we were growing up  and so no one ever thought of it as a good thing, we didn’t really talk about our Jewishness or even about God in our home and so I wasn’t raised to feel good about that. And so instead I tried to deny it and I would never admit that I was Jewish and so as much as I could hide it, I did, and no one really talked about it. And every time I met someone that was Jewish I felt a thing inside of me like oh, I just don’t feel good about this.

SID: So Lori, you broke the curse. I’m Jewish.

LORI: Yes, and I love you and I can sit here and talk to you like this.

SID: Isn’t it nice not to have the prison of the curse?

LORI: Yes! It feels so good. It’s freedom.  Because I think it was bondage before and now I feel like I’m talking to family because I am talking to family really. I mean we’re all from the same family.

SID: Well not only that, if you have the blood of the greatest Jew who ever lived flowing through your veins, you cannot be anti-Jewish. You better be love the Jewish people, otherwise you don’t love Jesus.  You get it? Understand? And by the way, the word family is Mishpochah, and if you love the King of the Jews, you are Mishpochah, you are family. Don’t go away. You know why? You’re going to find out why you’re having problems in your marriage in the invisible world. We’ll be right back after this word, ok.

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