SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Lori Strong and Lori, just during the commercial break we started talking about you denying your heritage and your people and you started weeping. Why?

LORI: Well there’s so many people out there that really, you’re looking at the same. I’ve been in denial for a long time, I’m trying to hide from who I really am and who I really believe in, and that is Jesus the Messiah. And the Word of God says do not be ashamed of the Gospel and what you believe and do not deny Him as your Messiah. And so I just encourage you to really pray for boldness that you would be able to share with others around you and people you come in contact with, what you really believe in so you can be set free of the bondage. I know what that feels like and I just desire for you to be free of that too.

SID: Lori, in your own home there were a number of curses that were passed on, generational type curses. One in particular had to do with your relationship with your husband.  I wonder if you’d tell us about that.

LORI: Yes, well in my home my dad was not the head of the home, it was a little confused in my home. My mom was the leader of the home. And my mom really instilled in us to disrespect my dad and that happened for such a long time. I mean she would just encourage us to disrespect him and I know that might sound odd but that’s what happened. And so I just grew up disrespecting my father. And he never stood up for himself so it was kind of a mutual thing. And so when I met my husband and we had children, I felt like I had to break that curse because I recognized that it had followed me, that I could easily disrespect him and encourage my children to do the same. And so I needed to correct that and the way I corrected that was not only confessing what the Word said and reading the Word of God, which says I should honor and respect him and submit to him, but also teaching my children how to honor and respect him. And if anything comes out of their mouth that sounds even similar to something I’ve said before to my dad, I correct it right there.

SID: Now you told me that one day, you saw that generational curse we were talking about pass from your mother, to you, to your daughter. Tell me about that.

LORI: I did. And I also, by the way, saw it in my sister’s home. My daughter had just said something to my husband and I thought oh, it sounded like I did. And I think that is how you identify some curses is that you sound like the person you never wanted to be like. And I think a lot of people who are watching can probably figure that out is that if you sound like the mom you said you never wanted to be like, then you need to stop right there and say well what is going on here. And I believe that’s the generational curse. But with my daughter I just corrected her and I prayed over her and I said we honor our father and mother, that’s what the Bible says because you will have long life if you do that. And then I did see it in my sister’s home too and she didn’t recognize it. She hasn’t accepted the Lord in her life yet. But I watched her teenage daughter disrespect her dad  and my mouth just hung open at that point saying wow, not only did it pass down to me but it passed down to my sister and her child.

SID: Now when you broke the curse over your daughter did you see a change in behavior?

LORI: I did, I saw a reverence that she should have for her dad, which is what the Lord says she should have. The difference in my home is that we’re raising them to know that God is the head of our home, whereas I didn’t have that benefit. And so when you break a curse I believe that you also need to instill the Word of God into your family.

SID: Now you told me something that you overheard your daughter telling your son once about this, do you remember about honoring your father and mother?

LORI: Yes, ha, ha.  She was using what I had told her, which is good because she’s passing it down to her younger brothers, saying you really need to honor your mom and dad,  she was saying this in reference to us, because then you’ll live a long life. So it was such an honor to hear her say that, to hear her understand that she really caught that and now she’s teaching it to her younger siblings. And I even have my older son do that with a younger brother also so they’re all passing the baton down, which is a wonderful thing to have.

SID: Now in this country one out of two people are ending in divorce. Do you believe these curses in the invisible realm have something to do with that?

LORI: I really do. I know it does because that happened in my family, and it’s not something that I have shared a lot of, but my mom’s parents were divorced, and my mom and my dad got divorced and they were married 26 years, a very long time where you thought it was secure. They got divorced, and then I was married and I ended up getting divorced and that’s where my first daughter came from. And that was before I had accepted the Lord Jesus as my Messiah. And realizing that that was a curse and I needed to break it with my daughter and my children so they will not have it in their lineage.

SID:  They’re not going to are they?

LORI:  No, they aren’t.

SID:  Are you sure?

LORI: I’m positive. I have no doubt.

SID: Well I’m positive too. Do you know another curse is sickness? We’re going to go to a video clip in a moment of a woman whose right ear was deaf and you’re going to see a marvelous blessing. I like blessings rather than curses. What about you? And as you watch this miracle-cam video, many of you, I really believe that many of you that are hard of hearing or deaf, you’re going to get your hearing back. But many others with pains of all kinds, especially back and neck I’m hearing, you’re going to get healed. Let’s go right now to Sandy Wormack and hear about this great, great miracle.

Sandy: While we were watching one of those videos, it was Rodney Brown’s “The Coat My Father Gave Me”, the ear suddenly popped wide open, to the point that the volume was extremely loud and painful to me and so I asked him to turn it down. And we rejoiced that the hearing was restored and we gave that in our testimony when we would be praying for people. It wasn’t until almost a year later that I found out just exactly how miraculous that was. I went to the doctor for some allergy symptoms. I had moved to Arkansas and I didn’t have any sympathy at all for the symptoms that I had because I was in Tyson chicken country. But I had gone on and seen if there was anything that could be done about the allergies. And the doctor looked at the usual testing, looked into the nose and the eyes and came around to my right ear and dropped the instrument that she was using. And she said “Oh I’m so sorry, I had no idea you were deaf.” And I said “I’m not deaf.” And she said “You have to be.” And I said “No I don’t, I hear perfectly well.” And she said “You have to be. You have no eardrum, you have no stirrups, you have no Eustachian tube, and you are fully scar tissued.” And I said “Well I hear very well.” And she said “Would you mind if I do an auditory test?” And I said “Well you can as long as you don’t charge me for it, because I know I can hear.” So she did the auditory test and she said “This is just the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. You hear very acutely and yet there’s nothing within your ear in the natural for you to hear.” And I said “Jesus healed me.”

SID: Did you get that? She didn’t have an eardrum and she heard. That’s called a creative miracle. There are all kinds of levels of miracles but that’s a miracle equivalent to what you read in the Bible. But what I’m telling you is that is normal and what you have been looking at is abnormal. We want normal people that have a tremendous supernatural God take video clips just like that and send it to us. Be right back after this word.

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