SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Lori Strong. We’re approaching things in an arena that most people have never seen before, the invisible world. You see there are curses that are passed on from four generations back. Lori Strong, why should we have to suffer something that happened four generations ago?

LORI: Well we really shouldn’t and I don’t think anybody needs to. And we all have the ability to break those curses. It’s just the wisdom of knowing how to do that. And I believe the Word of God clearly is something we can use as a viable, everyday thing to break the curses. What we do is pray God’s Word back to Him as a blessing instead of the curse. We have such a great opportunity to have blessings in our life.  We shouldn’t be walking around under a curse.

SID: Let me ask you a question. Tell me about someone that broke a curse that was involved in adultery.

LORI: Yes, we had a dear friend of ours who was unfortunately in an adulterous relationship, his wife was in an adulterous relationship, and they were married and he really loved her. But what he knew also is that in his background, not only in his family  but her family, there was adultery and it had gone two generations back.

SID: Yeah but can’t people just use this curse business as a copout for their own sins?

LORI: I think they do use that. I don’t think it’s a viable one.  I don’t think it’s legitimate to do that  because we all have a choice in what we do in our lives. And so, even though there might be a curse, we have the ability not only to break it, and that’s why I wrote the book, is so people can get the simplistic use of the Word of God. It’s very simple to say “Lord I just believe what you’re saying in your Word, in that I’m blessed and not cursed;” And in particular to the type of sin that they are suffering under the curse.

SID: So tell me then about your friend that was involved in adultery.

LORI: What happened was he just believed that he was supposed to stay married to this lady but she wanted a divorce. And so what happened was the papers were about to be signed and he consulted us; and we said if you believe that God has called you to be married to this woman then you just need to pray and believe that this curse is broken in your family and that she’ll come back. And she did and it was a wonderful thing; and I believe that they know that their children will not be under that curse because they broke it at their generation.

SID:  Can you tell a difference in your family because of you having broken these curses in your own family?

LORI:  Definitely. There’s peace, which is something that we all are promised in the Word. There’s joy in our house. And it’s not a perfect home obviously.  There’s things that come up but instantly you know to throw the Word of God onto that and also to really examine where this is coming from. I think we need to look at the cause and not just the effect. I mean we all see the effects but if we dig deep there’s a cause for everything. And in my home I just believe that, and my children are young, so they’re growing up in a home that has that peace that I didn’t have growing up. And so just even that indicator. And then God is the center of our lives in our home and our children know that.

SID: Let me ask you a question. What are your children like when it comes to sickness?

LORI: Well they don’t get sick very often, and when they do it does not last. And the reason is we have to take authority over that.  Sickness is a curse. I don’t believe that it belongs in our bodies. It doesn’t belong in our family, I know that.  And so we don’t pray just when it happens, we’re praying all the time for health. We confess health over our children. We say “Lord thank you for healthy children.” Every day we pray for their health and so if sickness even tries to come, we don’t call it what it is. We don’t say it’s sickness; we just say “Lord thank you for healthy children.” And because we don’t focus on the sickness, it disappears. I mean they get healed instantly.

SID: What about someone that can’t have a child?

LORI: Well I don’t believe that barrenness is from the Lord. I believe that He says we should be fruitful and multiply. And I believe that a generational curse of that, usually the seed of that is abortion.  Not always, but I have seen that in families. If somebody maybe four generations back got an abortion; sometimes what that does is that the iniquity of that is that they look at children as an inconvenience and so that’s an iniquity. And so you might not be thinking that but oftentimes that’s what happens. And so I think that barrenness, which again is a curse; and having children is a blessing because God says that children are a blessing from the Lord.  They’re a heritage, and so they need to just pray, even if they don’t know that curse is there.  I believe if you pray and start confessing God’s Word; that children are a blessing and Lord you want me to be blessed, that then that barrenness should be gone.

SID: Very briefly, tell me about one real person that had a curse and broke it, and the change.

LORI: We had a lady who was very dependent on males and very unhealthy relationships; and she didn’t understand why she was always attracting these types of men and why the relationships were not successful. And she had to go back into the lineage in her family and realize there was abuse present.  There was people-pleasing in her family; and when she broke that she realized that she could be free of any of these negative relationships; and not need a man in her life to make her complete. And that curse is broken and now she’s living for Jesus.

SID: But you know the worst curse of all, I believe, is not hearing God’s voice. I couldn’t believe it when I saw for the first time in scripture that my Jewish people, when they saw Moses and Mount Sinai and the fire and God speaking, they said “Oh, we don’t want to hear God’s voice.” And you know what? I believe a curse came on Jewish people. And then since the first Christians were all Jews, guess what? A curse came on Christians. It just passed right up the tree.  And I believe that if I break that curse for you right now, it’s going to be broken.  And not only is it going to be broken, you have to then have a blessing. The blessing is knowing Jesus, hearing His voice. In the name of Jesus I break the curse over you of not hearing God’s voice. I command your ears to open in Jesus’ name.  I place the blood of the Messiah on each of your ears, on each of your ears. I even place it on your eyes so that you can see what God is doing,  you can hear what God is doing. And I ask you now to tell God you’re so sorry for every sin you’ve ever committed. I ask you to believe that Jesus died for your sins. That’s a lot of suffering. He knew you before you were conceived in your mother’s womb and He died for you. And by His blood your sins are washed away and in God’s sight, He said “I remember your sins no more, you’re clean.” And now that you’re clean, as a little child just starting life out, say “Jesus I make you my Lord. Come inside of me, live inside of me.  I want to know you.  I want to hear your voice.” I pray that you would hear God say to you, right now, “I love you. You are special. There is purpose; there is destiny on your life. I died for you.”

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