SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Pastor John Kilpatrick. John was, as they say, minding his own business,having dinner with his wife. Someone did something nice, they paid the bill, and suddenly God spoke to him. What did He say?

JOHN: First day of this year, 2009, January 1st, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and He said “I’m going to give you a prophetic message from a word that has 12 letters in it. Each one of these letters will be a prophetic word that I want you to give, and it’s not just for this year, but it’s for the next three years.” So immediately I began to try to think of a word that had 12 letters in it, and the Holy Spirit said “No, no, no. I’ll give you the word. The word is resurrection.” I counted off real quickly in my mind, and sure enough it came up 12 letters, just like the Holy Spirit said. And He started off, and it was more like a download than it was hearing every word, exquisite paragraph or sentence. It was like a download. I jotted them down, like a download in a matter of seconds.

SID: When will this take place?

JOHN: I believe over the next three years.

SID ROTH: What I’d like to do is talk about a few of the letters, what the words mean, then what the prophecy connected with the words are. For instance, “S – signs in the heavens.”

JOHN: Yes, R, E, S. When He got to S, I heard the Holy Spirit say there’s going to be an increase of supernatural signs in the heavens. He said it won’t be natural phenomena, and they won’t even be able to explain it. He said there’ll be supernatural signs in the heavens. He said “I want you to talk about it and prep My people, prep the church for it, because if the church is not prepped, it will terrorize them. They’ll be afraid. But if they’re prepped and they realize it’s a sign of My soon coming, a sign and a wonder, it will encourage them.”

SID ROTH: That’s what I found about everything God showed you. Although they’re devastating things that will happen in the world, they were great encouragement to us that have intimacy with God.

JOHN: Yes. And whenever you feel like something like that is tied in with His soon coming, then you find yourself looking forward to the next one, because it lets you know, it encourages you, that the Lord is about to come.

SID: Tell me about the “C” for candlestick.

JOHN: Candlestick. The Lord said that He’s going to remove some candlesticks this year and the next three years. He said some are going to be major candlesticks. Candlesticks stand for ministries and ministers, it stands for churches.

SID: I believe there’s going to be a whole rearrangement of ministries.

JOHN: Yes, yes I do.

SID: I mean God’s going to take out the old and the stale and bring in the fresh and the new.

JOHN: Sin has crept in, leaven has come in, and it has corrupted, it has polluted, it has defiled. And the Lord said that He’s not going to tolerate it. He never has and He never will. He’s a holy God. And He said that He’s going to remove some candlesticks, and candlesticks in the book of Revelation stands for churches and ministries. But the encouraging thing that He said to me was “I will not remove candlesticks without lighting new ones and replacing the old with the new. These will be after My own heart, and ministries that I will set up, and they will burn brightly in these dark hours before My coming.”

SID: And I believe there’s going to be a whole change in what is known as Christian television. It’s going to be the new, it’s going to be exciting, and the secular will, for the first time, run towards what God is going, which will be released on TV.

JOHN: Sid, I don’t know if this is appropriate to do this or not, but I just want to say to you personally that I bless you for having a program about the supernatural, because you’re a hungry man for the supernatural of God. You’re not gullible, but you’re hungry. Whenever I watch your program, I’m always blessed by it, and God’s going to raise up more like you in your hour, before the coming of the Lord. And they’re going to be talking about what God is doing, and it’s going to be irrefutable and undeniable what the Holy Spirit is doing in the land. It’s going to be supernatural moves of the Lord, supernatural things that are happening. So many people today have gotten so used to religion that they have really ostracized and ousted the supernatural from church.

SID: I want you to see the supernatural. This happened at John Kilpatrick’s congregation in Pensacola, Florida. A young girl started prophesying, and then they sang a song, and you will have intimacy with God like you’ve never had. I mean I saw you in that video. Let’s look at it right now.

JOHN: Yes.

Woman: I know that God loves people so much, and He’s… He’s in a hurry. He wants, He wants, He wants everyone… There’s not much, not much more time. He aches and He grieves for your spirit. He grieves for you.

He’ll make you brand new but you’ve got to repent! You’ve got to repent and say “Jesus, come into my life! Wash me clean! Make me new! Be the Lord of my life! Be my Savior! Be my very best Friend!”

God bless you sir, God bless you. Hurry! Hurry!

§ He said that I could come into His presence § § Without fear § § Into the holy place, where His mercy hovers near § § I’m running, I’m running, § § I’m running to the mercy seat § § Where Jesus is calling § § He said His grace would cover me § § His blood will flow freely § § It will provide the healing § I’m running, I’m running, § § I’m running to the mercy seat § § Where Jesus is calling § § He said His grace would cover me § § His blood will flow freely § § It will provide the healing § § I’m running to the mercy seat § Jesus, Jesus, § I’m running to the mercy seat § § I’m running to the mercy seat § I can feel this. Everyone at the alter keep your heads down and keep going after God at the alter.

SID: How can you look at that and not do something? God is in a hurry, and He has chosen you. He is about ready to reveal Himself to you in such a spectacular fashion, and He’s just waiting on one person – you! It’s not a feeling, it’s not an emotion. It’s a decision. You decide whether you what His mercy, or what the world has to offer. You decide whether you want His love, or the love of the world. You decide whether you want His peace, or what the world has to offer. I literally feel tears. Tears are coming from my eyes for you. God is weeping for you. Make Jesus your Messiah and Lord, now. Now.

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