On It’s Supernatural: At age 12, Franklin Walden was carried into the heavens and told he would minister healing to hurting people, and that it would be seen and heard throughout the world. He has seen the lame walk, the blind see, and the dead being raised to life. Nothing is impossible in the realm of the supernatural.

Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 25 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

SID: Hello, Sid Roth welcoming you to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. Take a deep breath. Breathe in that rarified air of heaven. Have you ever heard of a creative miracle? My guest was born with one kidney, and horror of horrors, that one kidney went bad. She was wired up for dialysis. No hope, outside of the only way she could live was with dialysis. But Ruth Kersey had a brother in law who believed in miracles, Franklin Walden. Ruth, tell me what happened to you when your one kidney went bad.

RUTH: I kept swelling, and the fluid wasn’t going out of my body. The doctor decided I had to go on dialysis because they had done all different things. I had been in the hospital off an on quite a bit. I went in and got prepped to go on dialysis. Coming home, my husband and I stopped by Franklin and Caroline’s house. We walked in, and they were fixing to go to a meeting out of town. We prayed, all of us, in the living room. We prayed, and he prayed for me. A word of knowledge came, and he said “Before you go on that, have them recheck you.”

SID ROTH: Franklin, when a word of knowledge comes upon you, when you’re praying for your sister in law, are you a hundred percent sure that person is healed?

FRANLIN: A hundred percent.

SID: Ok. So you had this word. Did you go to a doctor, or what did you do next?

RUTH: I went back to the hospital. Well, I went by the doctor’s office and told him “I want to be rechecked. I don’t want to go on dialysis if I don’t have to.” I didn’t tell him what had happened.

SID ROTH: Did you believe you were healed?

RUTH: I knew I was healed.

SID: That’s faith! Ok, go ahead.

RUTH: I knew I was healed because things were different in my body. I didn’t have the pain…

SID: I know, but what did the doctors say? You knew you were healed, but I want to know what the doctors said.

RUTH: He said “Ok Ruth, I’ll do it. You look different this morning.” That was before they did any tests or x-rays or anything. So the lady who took the x-rays said “Are you sure you’re who you are?” I said “Do you want my I.D.?” She said “Weren’t you here yesterday?” I said “Yes ma’am.” She looked at my wristband, back at her paperwork, and ran out of the room. Well, the doctor came back in. He looked at me and smiled, and said “You know what? You’ve got two kidneys.”

SID: Two kidneys!?!? Did you get that? She had one bad kidney, she’s prayed for, she has two kidneys. What happened to the bad kidney? Was that good now?

RUTH: Yes it was. They did tests that showed the fluid intake of the kidneys, how it flows out of your body, that kind of thing. They said both kidneys were perfect.

SID: How do the doctors account for the fact that one kidney is on failure, and it’s perfect? The second kidney doesn’t even exist, and now it exists. What did the doctors say?

RUTH: He told me it was a miracle, that only God could have done it.

SID: I’m sure of that. Franklin, you intrigue me so much. It starts with your father. Your father at one point had an encounter with God that caused people to think he was crazy. Tell me about that.

FRANLIN: He went in the spirit six days and six nights, and they didn’t understand what was going on. My dad was Methodist.

SID: Now when you say he went in the spirit, what do you mean by that? He was more in the spirit world than in the real world?

FRANLIN: Yes, right. He shut himself away, and he was there for six days and six nights, and my granddaddy on my mother’s side had already prepared him to go to the mental institution when he came out after six days. While he was in there, the Lord carried him through the Bible, and he went from Genesis to Revelation, because he couldn’t read. He couldn’t even sign his own name.

SID: You told me, in later years you and others would test your father, knowing he couldn’t read. You would read passages of the Bible, and what would he say?

FRANLIN: “It’s not that way, son. Back up.”

SID: Did you understand that? In other words, his father could not read, and Jesus taught him the Bible, and Franklin would read from the Bible, and if he’d have one letter out of place, what would your father say?

FRANLIN: “It’s not right. Back up, read it again.”

SID: Now I’m going to stretch you, if I haven’t stretched you already. I’m going to stretch you further. Franklin, your mother died. What happened to her?

FRANLIN: Lightning struck her. Hit her right in the crown of the head. It hit me, too. I was paralyzed on one side.

SID: What’d your father do?

FRANLIN: My father picked her up, put her head in his lap, and he was praying unto God. He said “God, I can’t raise these children by myself. Please give her back to me.” As he cried, I saw tears dropping out of his eyes, hitting mother on the cheek. She’d been dead about thirty minutes. And when the tears hit mother’s cheek, life came back into her body.

SID: When you see something like that, you can never be the same, can you?

FRANLIN: Never have been the same.

SID: I’m going to tell you something, just watching this show, you’re going to be mentored in the supernatural. Rods turned from metal to bone, people fall out of trees and break their legs and they’re instantly healed. Don’t go away. You’re about ready to venture in to the supernatural like you never have before.

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