SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Franklin Walden. Franklin, there are so many miracles in my notes, I don’t know where to start. But maybe I’ll start at age 12. You had a vision from God.
Tell me about that.

FRANLIN: I was age 12 when God carried me up above the heavens, into the heavens. Looking down over the earth, I saw the whole world, the sickness, the diseases. I saw the problems. He spoke and said “You will see this. You’ll speak and you’ll minister to these people.”

SID: Ok, so when you were 12, you were caught up in the heavenlies. You saw a world filled with sick people, and that you would help these people.

FRANLIN: Take healing to them.

SID ROTH: Take healing to them. Ok, go ahead.

FRANLIN: Today plays a big part in that. After the vision, I didn’t know how it’d ever come about, but God had you prepared for this day. The supernatural. Because it takes something supernatural to perform something like that.

SID: With satellites, et cetera, TV in every home. So you believe that vision you had at age 12 is going to be fulfilled right now during this telecast that you’re watching. Now Franklin, tell me about some of these… Oh, there’s no other words. Tell me about the girl that had no pupil in her eye.

FRANLIN: She was blind, born that way. We prayed for her under the big gospel tent, and God created two beautiful eyes. I mean perfect eyes.

SID: What went on inside of you when you watched and saw a mass of nothing, and then all of a sudden, could you tell the color of the eyes?

FRANLIN: Oh yeah.

SID: What color?


SID: Brown. What was going on inside of you?

FRANLIN: I was beside myself. I’d never seen that before in my life, two eyes created. The anointing came, and I knew that God, He was in charge and performed that miracle for that little 6 or 7 year old girl.

SID: How about the person who had no kneecap?

FRANLIN: Well, a person tried to rape her, and they were trying to get the gun away, and the gun went off and shot her kneecap out. So she came on the platform that night in the auditorium where I was having that healing crusade. She said “I have no kneecap.” I said “Let me see.” So she showed it to me and the congregation. It was stiff; no kneecap. I said “Well I just believe God can create you one.” We prayed, and right before the eyes of the congregation the kneecap came in, and she could bend that knee just like she had a brand new… Well, she did. She had a brand new one.

SID: When something like that happens, I know what it would do for me if I saw that with my eyes. When the audience saw this creative miracle, did many other people get healed?

FRANLIN: Oh yeah. I had a Southern Baptist preacher there, and his wife, and they saw it. Today he’s praying for the sick and received the baptism. I’ll tell you, he’s carried it across the country.

SID: Ok. Tell me about the person who fell from a tree. Tell me about that healing.

FRANLIN: I was singing at the auditorium that night and walked over to him. I’d never seen the fellow before in my life. I said “Do you believe God can give you a miracle tonight?” And he shrugged like that, you know, “Well, He might, He might not.” I said “Well He’s going to do it”, so I sang a little song, took him by the hand and raised him up. I still hadn’t asked him what’s wrong with him. I saw the crutches there. And he walked. Walked him back and forth in front of the stage, and when he did, I went back and told him “Pick up your crutches now”, and he picked his crutches up and went back. After that, I said “I haven’t even asked you what’s wrong with you.” He said “I fell out of a tree and busted this leg, and they had to rebuild this leg with a plastic knee.” Two or three vertebrae were crushed, and God created those vertebrae in his back. He began to run. I found out the was the pastor of a church. A whole row of people in the front knew him very well, and he was instantly healed by the power of God.

SID: Now Franklin, it seems to me in getting to know you that what you’re describing is not the big exception. That’s the way it’s supposed to be normally. Someone said that your life would touch Jewish people in Israel. Explain that.

FRANLIN: This man, I sat at his feet when I was a young minister. He told me “The ministry you have will reach the Jews, and they will accept it. They will accept this ministry, and the message you preach.”

SID: Tell me one Jewish person that you prayed for a miracle that accepted Jesus.

FRANLIN: I was in Ontario, Canada. A couple of Jewish boys were there, and they happened to drop in just to get out of a storm. It was snowing and icing that night. After the service was over, they were still hanging around the book table. They were saying “We don’t believe in this. We don’t believe in that Jesus.” I said “Well, what would it take for you to believe?” They said “We don’t know.” I said “What if you brought somebody here that you knew who was blind, or crippled, or needed a miracle? Will you believe then?” They said “No.” I said “Well, what would it take?” They said “It’d have to happen to one of us.” I said “Well, what’s wrong with you?” They said “Nothing.” One of them spoke up and said “Oh, yes there is too. You’re flat-footed. They wouldn’t take you in the Army.” I said “Pull your boots off.” They had snow boots on. He pulled them off, I looked at his feet. Pulled his socks off too where I could see them plain. I said “Keep your eyes on your feet.” They were as flat as could be. They couldn’t be any flatter. I looked, and I prayed, and God created two of the most beautiful arches in that Jew’s feet that you’d ever seen. Perfect. Of course everything God does is perfect.

SID: And once he had a miracle, he wanted to know the God of miracles. That’s normal. Oh that the world be normal. Well it’s going to be normal when we come back, because I’m going to have Franklin pray for you for two things. I’m going to have him pray for you to be physically healed you need a creative miracle or whatever you need. And, pray for you to catch the same presence of God that’s on him. You’re going to catch it and you’re going to be able to pray for people and have the same results.

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