Our Guest Aliss Cresswell



SID:  Now I’m with Aliss Cresswell from Great Britain and she’s a businesswoman but a strange businesswoman! She has a sign in her shops. The sign says, I’ve got it right here. A copy of it: Free! Healings, Miracles, Dream Interpretation. And people wander in that are non-believers in the Messiah and better than 90% of the people that wander in, wander out healed. THAT is normal! THAT’S where I want you to be! And I just happen to have three x-rays. Explain these to me.


ALISS:  Yeah, they’re, they’re actually MRI scans. It’s from a lady in Germany who, she’s the ligaments have come away from her knee and they’d reattached it with an operation and a screw that she took the ligament, you know the screw went into her knee. 18 months later the screw comes loose and it… she could actually feel it under her skin, this screw. She was in agony because the ligament had come away again. So she goes to the hospital and they say well we’re going to book you in for an operation on Tuesday when we put it back in again. But she hears about this cafe that we’re working within Germany and she went to see if Jesus could do a miracle on her leg. She was prayed for and was told in 2 days time you’re going to be healed. Well exactly two days later she’s, suddenly she’s healed. She can walk. There’s no pain. She can’t even feel the screw anymore under the skin where it was…


SID:  So explain, first of all explain these MRI’s to me.


ALISS: Okay. So the first one is showing the, the screw in the knee actually going into the bone.


SID:  I see.


ALISS: The second one is the side shot where you can see the screw is going right quite deep in.


SID:  And it is very obvious.


ALISS: It’s going deep in there. Well what happens is she goes back to the consultant.


SID:  Wait, wait. Let me just show you something. Can you see this screw there? No doubt this is an MRI.


ALISS: This is from the front. She goes back to the consultant and she says to the consultant I don’t need the operation tomorrow because Jesus has healed me. And they, the doctors laugh. They think she’s joking. So they say well we’re going to take another MRI before your op anyway. So they do another MRI and this is what they see.


ALISS:  No… I mean…




SID:  Where’d, where’d the screw go?


ALISS: The ligament, the ligament is back on the knee. The, the screw has disappeared. Even the screw hole has disappeared. That’s my Jesus!


AUDIENCE:  Yes. Amen!


SID:  That’s our Jesus! Go for it!

Our Guest Misty Edwards

I love you Lord, and I lift my voice, oh, to worship you, O my soul rejoice. Take joy my king. Mmmm. In what you hear. And may it be a sweet, sweet sound, may it be, may it be a sweet, sweet sound, may it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear. Let’s sing that again. And I love you Lord. And I lift my voice. Mmm. To worship you, O my soul rejoice. Take joy my king. Right here, right now. In what you hear. Ohh. And let it be a sweet, sweet sound, let it be, let it be a sweet, sweet sound, let it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear. Yeah, let it be a sweet, sweet sound. Let it be like a fragrance rising up in this room. Like a fragrance, let a fragrance rise, just sing a love song to Jesus, and let a fragrance rise, let it rise, sing I love you Lord, you know I do, sing it straight to his heart, and I lift my voice. Mmm. To worship you, O my soul rejoice, and take joy my king. In what you hear. Yeah, yeah. And may it be a sweet, sweet sound, let it be, may it be a sweet, sweet sound, one more time, may it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear. Oh in your ear, let it be a sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet sound, let it be a sweet, sweet fragrance. Let it be a sweet, sweet fragrance. Let it rise up from our hearts even now. Oh, let it rise up, let it rise up. Let it rise up. Yeah…. Mmmm.


Cause I don’t wanna talk about you, that you’re not in the room. I wanna look right at you. I wanna sing right to you. I don’t wanna talk about you, like you’re not in the room. I wanna look right at you. I wanna sing right to you. I believe you are listening. Mmm. And I believe that you move at the sound of my voice. Yeah, I believe you are listening. Listening. And I believe that you move at the sound of my voice. Give me doves’ eyes. Mmmm. Just give me undistracted devotion, for only you. Give me doves’ eyes.  And give me undistracted devotion for only you. Only you. Only you. Hoooo. Now hear the Lord’s reply. He says, do you know how you’ve caught my eye. In the secret place. Where you chose to die. He says to you, do you know? My beloved ones, how you’ve caught my eye. In the secret place, where you chose to be mine. Do you know the way you move me? Do you know the way you move me, says, do you know the way you move me, do you know the way you move me? I saw you there even when you were just a young man. I saw you looking up to the sky and saying God if you’re really there I wanna know you, and I saw you even in the night time in your childhood, and you put your head down on your pillow and you said, O God I really wanna belong to you. And I saw you even in the hour of your crisis of faith, when everybody said, why don’t you just walk away, but you stood firmly and you wouldn’t just walk away. And I saw even when your mother and your father they forsook you, but you would not forsake me. And I said thank you my beloved one. He says thank you, my beloved one. Thank you my beloved one. He says do you know, how you’ve caught my eye. In the secret place. Where you chose to be mine. Do you know the way you move me? Do you know the way you move me? Beautiful as Tirzah, lovely as Jerusalem, awesome as an army with banners. Your eyes they overwhelm me. They overwhelm me, says the Lord. Amen.

Our Guests LaDonna Taylor and Larry Randolph

LARRY:   So, so there’s some interesting things that are, that are going to happen. The Bering Straits. There’s something going on there. That’s the Bering Straits is between Alaska and Russia, I don’t know what’s going on there… the Lord told me to keep my eye on the Bering Straits, and actually I called some people in government about that and that’s on their list. The Bering Straits. So some other things that are probably not as important. I think we got two, three years of this transitional period. And I believe the Lord definitely I thought showed me that up to the year 2016 or 17 there is this this pregnant pause that we’re in, this middle ground, this tipping point moment, this defining moment where things are shaky, but their being… but God is collecting out of that some solid things to take us and give us a choice to be the country He’s called us to be. Now the jury is still out on that, because it takes people agreeing with God to be what God has called them to be. But God is going to afford us a space of time to get our act together. And in the process if you wonder why has God allowed, why has God, why is things allowed things in the government, it’s allowed because God has left people in place and things in place so He can humble them. He’s just smarter than us.


AUDIENCE:  Yes. Amen.


LARRY:  And in the Church, because here’s what, listen, here’s the deal: as it goes in the nation, it goes in the church. And government is, is… you know they’re angels compared to a lot of the… anyway, places I’ve been. And, you know, so I’m just saying God’s dealing with families and churches and governments and businesses and He’s dealing with you and with all of us. And, and this humbling’s going to be good because humbling… Listen, if God doesn’t humble you it means He doesn’t love you, if He just leaves you alone, does nothing, but when God humbles a man, or when God humbles a person, makes them look bad, it means God has their best interests in mind. And He humbles us because the scripture said “if you don’t fall on the Rock it will fall on you.” So I love it when God messes with me, I know I’m still on His radar. So I say Lord hit me, slap me, pull my hair, I know You love me then. Something. But don’t just not do nothing. Like Hello… Hello! Okay.



Our Guest David Martin

Hallelujah.  She left a believer.  She had an experience and this is what’s missing in the church today.  The experience with an almighty God and God wants to use you in that same way.  That there’s people in your office.  There’s people in the mall.  There’s people wherever you go.  God wants to reveal to you, by His Spirit, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, discerning of spirits and operate with supernatural power of miracles, and faith beyond your own, and gifts of healing.  We’ll get into all that.  But God wants to work through you to demonstrate why, to change people’s beliefs.  People are stuck in a rut, believing what they’ve learned because of the culture, because of the religious system that they’ve been part of.  And because the power of God has been so void in the church, we see more people today buying Harry Potter books than we do Bibles.  Why is that?  There’s something on the inside of people that wants the reality of a miracle working God.  How are they going to get it?  Through you.  They’re not going to come to most churches.  They’re not going to come to my meetings or other people’s meetings, but they do come to work.  They go to the market.  So what’s going to happen in this great revival we get a chance to be a part of, is we get to take the gifts of the Spirit with us, where people live, where they shop, where they work, and just… Hallelujah.  I get so excited on this and I’ve got to keep moving through these slides or we’ll never get through this presentation.  Number one again, what is God’s will?  Well, He wants you to have life and have it more abundant.  Amen.  Next, He wants you to reign in life, hallelujah.  We can see this in the scripture, in Romans 5:17.  It say, “For if by the transgression of one, death reigned through the one, much more those who receive of the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.”  Hallelujah.  When I went to Bible school, as great as all the teachings were that we had in Bible school, on faith and healing, all the teaching that came to me, the greatest teaching I had was understanding righteousness.  Understanding who I am in Christ, the Messiah.  And righteousness simply defined is the ability to stand in the presence of an almighty God as if sin never existed.  And that’s what you have because you accepted Christ.  Because you’ve accepted God into your life, you have received the gift of righteousness.  You are… You can’t get more.  It’s like a woman who gets pregnant, not that I would know, but my wife, I know, but when she got pregnant we only knew it by a test, a test tube type test.  Yeah, she’s pregnant.  There was no showing of it, but she was.  But over the course of months, by the time she got to six months pregnant, everyone knew, or seven months, everyone knew she was pregnant.

Our Guests Drs. Dennis and Jennifer Clark

SID: When I ask them my first question you are going to find out why so many of the promises of God that you’ve been begging God to answer haven’t been answered. And Jennifer, you gave me the key, and of course it’s in the Bible, but you gave me the key from science. Science has proven we have two brains. Explain that.


JENNIFER: Well in 1999, a gastroenterologist discovered that we have a second nervous system that he called a second brain, and where this is located is in the gut. It’s neurons that are in sheaths that line our entire intestinal, our stomach, our esophagus, our bowels, and this is our emotional processor, our gut. We have a thinking brain and we have an emotional brain and our emotional brain tells our thinking brain how we feel.


SID: Dennis, you told me it is possible to live in the Spirit 24/7. You told me it’s possible to develop your spirit to such a point that you have discernment whether someone is telling the truth or not. Tell me how that works with you.


DENNIS: In every case, from the very inception is a baby Christian. When I would be communing with God, and I just love being in his presence, and I would see a face flash before my mind and I would lose that peace. And the Lord spoke to me and he said, “Don’t let anything come between what you and I have together.” So I learned just as a principle of not having anything between us, and so any negative emotion, whether it was anger toward a foreman at work or what have you, was coming between me and my Jesus. So I learned at an early place to just release forgiveness and the ugly emotion would go, but I could still picture that foreman without the poison. And I saw that forgiveness has to flow, we know it’s Matthew 18, but forgiveness has to flow from the heart. And when forgiveness flows from the heart the internal evidence is peace. And from the place of peace you discern everything going around you, good or bad.


SID: You know what, studio audience, I don’t know about you, I’m experiencing that peace as he’s talking. Are some of you catching that? How would you say emotional health is so linked to physical health? I mean, I said the statistic by CDC.


DENNIS: We saw it primarily when we spent a number of years traveling church to church. We would see people who were dealing with just really repenting and releasing forgiveness to mothers, fathers, issues of life, and they were pleasantly surprised by physical healings that they weren’t even pursuing at that point in time. And I said, there’s the connection between the emotional freedom and health in general, yes, but we saw the manifestation of actual physical healing. The one that really amazed me was a person, a young man received forgiveness for his father. He said he always tried to forgive his father for years. He was sincere, but doing it from his head. When I taught him how to release it from his heart, he just sobbed and released it. Peace was in evidence after the forgiveness and he was instantly healed of color blindness. Now even Jennifer said with all her counselor training, no one would have linked that. If God knit us together in our mother’s womb, I trust him to see where the tangles are because they’re beyond our training.


SID: Jennifer, how does this work with marriage?


JENNIFER: One of the most wonderful stories is a couple who got divorced, worked through the 60-day challenge individually. After their issues were dealt with they were able to fall back in love and remarried.


SID: I’d say that is supernatural. Now if it’s okay with you, only if you’re interested, when we come back, can I have them equip you how to have that supernatural toxic emotion be set free? I mean, you can do this lifetime of garbage, get rid of in less than two months and then you become your normal, normal as defined by the Bible, [self]. Be right back.

Our Guest David Martin

Well, the first few sessions again, we’re going to be digging in; kind of a line upon line, looking at the…kind of the background of the operation of the supernatural.  Helping to understand some basic principles.  that as we get into the gifts of Spirit, it’s going to be far, I believe, more valuable to be able to make it applicable to your daily walk in the Spirit, your walk in the supernatural.  One of the things that I’ve recognized particularly as I’ve studied the miracles and…  My study for 35 years has really been focused on what God told me, literally, in February 1979.  To know how to do what Jesus did.  A couple years ago, God kind of dropped a neat cliché in my heart and as I’ve been teaching on this for 35 years.  How did Jesus do what Jesus did?  Amen.  Well, something God said to me, “Well if you wanted to do what Jesus did, then do what Jesus did”.  Did you get that?  If you wanted to do what Jesus did, then do what Jesus did.  Jesus had a life of prayer, fasting and self-denial.  Now as much as I’m teaching you here and we’ll be getting more and more into the operation of the miracles, the signs and the wonders; again, the operation of the gifts of the Spirit.  It’s very very important that you understand the nature of God; the character of God.  Because what’s happened in years gone by is many revivals have gone amuck because people got weird.  They got outside of sound Biblical teaching.  So it’s very important that you develop a base line with the fruit of the Spirit.  And I know, you know, the fruit of the Spirit isn’t nearly as exciting per se as the gifts of the Spirit.  But it’s through the study of the fruit you get the nature of God, the character of God, the ways of God.  So that when you’re operating in the supernatural, you’re going to be balanced.  And you’re not going to get outside of the plan of God and the ways of God.  I heard someone say one time, “If you get to much Word, you’re going to dry up.  If you get to much Spirit, you’re going to blow up.  But if you get a balance, you’re going to grow up”.  Hallelujah.  So, in studying here, the operation of the supernatural, again, we want to get the base line and understand the principles of the will of God, the heart of God, the nature of God.  So we can apply the power of God.  Amen.  And I used to teach because this is what I was taught.  In teaching on the gifts of the Spirit, as an example, when I taught miracles, I mean just seven or eight years ago; my definition of miracles was different than it is today because God’s given me greater revelation in the last seven years as I’ve studied different elements of quantum physics and how things work.  And I recognize something.

Our Guest David Martin

But to give you a little glimpse into this, in operating in the gifts of the Spirit, what you’re going to find is the most important aspect and we’ll be teaching how to do this here in this course, is hearing the voice of God.  Nothing more important than knowing what is God saying.  And again, every moment of every day, He wants to help you in this, in leading you in the supernatural.  What’s interesting is the word inheritance is the Greek word [?].  We find that word translated there in, Acts 26, inheritance, but we find the same word in each one of the Gospels.  Do you remember what they did to determine who would get Jesus’s garment at the cross?  They cast lots.  They cast lots to determine who would get the garment.  Then when Judas died, they cast lots again to determine who would replace Judas and Mathias was chosen.  Well, here’s what’s interesting, the casting of the lot is what they used to get the direction.  That word “casting of the lot” in the Greek is the same exact word for your inheritance, [?].  The casting of the lot literally is the light and the life of God given to you as a born again believer.  It’s your ability to hear the voice of God.  And as we get into that study, it’s amazing.  But I say that as a foundation to this introduction because hearing the voice of God; one: it’s your inheritance, knowing what God wants to do is what God wants to help you with and is what this course is going to be all about.  Praise God for understanding the miracles and the gift of faith and the words of wisdom and knowledge, prophecy and tongues and all of that kind of stuff.  But it all comes back to one very simple principle or precept, if you will, and that is something Jesus said, I do nothing except what I hear my Father say or I see my Father do.

Our Guests Dr. Michael Brown & Dr. Sandra Kennedy

SID: So my friend Dr. Michael Brown, before he was a doctor, of course, he’s into drugs, he’s into rock music, he’s a musician. And you think his parents would be so happy, his nice Jewish parents, that now he’s off of drugs and he’s become as we Jews call a real mensch. But they weren’t happy because of Jesus.


MIKE: I mean, listen, they were thrilled that I was off drugs. But my dad sat me down and he said, “Michael, it’s good you’re off drugs, but we’re Jews. We don’t believe in this.” So here, I’m saved in just a matter of weeks. I’m shooting drugs, using heroin, LSD, cocaine, stealing money from my own father, just a decadent, wicked kid, 16 years old, brand new believer. Dad said, “Great, you’re off drugs. We’re happy for you, but we’re Jews. You have to talk to the rabbi.” So within weeks, literally within weeks of me being born again, I have my first appointment to meet the local rabbi who’s now going to begin to lovingly challenge me about everything I believe. You’re talking about a brilliant guy, just graduated from Jewish theological seminary, studying Hebrew all his life. He knows objections I don’t even know exist and now I’m going to get challenged. So literally, right out of the spiritual womb I get challenged.


SID: And one of the things he said to you is how well do you speak Hebrew or understand Hebrew. What did you say?


MIKE: Look, when I was Bar Mitzvah-ed I learned enough Hebrew to chant a passage from the Torah, the Prophets, but I didn’t even know what I was reading. I just chanted the Hebrew.


SID: Me, too.


MIKE: So the little I remembered was just a few letters, a few words. So I said to him, “Look, I don’t know Hebrew now, but I can use it in a concordance in the back of Strong’s, there’s a dictionary in the back.” I said, in the meantime, I remember he said to me, “Meantime, shmeen time, it doesn’t mean a thing.” So once I started college, I thought, okay, I got to learn Hebrew, but they were teaching modern Hebrew. So I thought, all right, I get a textbook. I taught myself biblical Hebrew, and then I thought, you know, I could learn maybe some of the related languages like Arabic, but you know, the New Testament is in Greek and Latin is important, and the scholars write in German. So I ended up in college studying six different languages and then going on to NYU to do my Master’s and Ph.D. there and then learning the other ancient Semitic languages. Look, I loved the study. I enjoyed that. But I was determined I don’t want to have to rely on a dictionary. I don’t want to have to rely on the commentary. The rabbi says that. I want to be able to think for myself and understand what the text says.


SID: The big question is, Mike, I know you. I know that you have a healthy fear of God within you. I know this. Between you and me, has there anything been told to you by rabbis with these 2000 years of study and knowing Hebrew well that has rocked your faith?


MIKE: I’ll be totally honest with you.


SID: Yes.


MIKE: When I got hit with some of the objections in the early days, okay, I knew that Jesus had changed my life, but I also said these are serious questions. I need to dig. And I determined before God, I prayed with all my heart. I said, “God, I’m going to follow you as a Jew and I’m going to be loyal. If Jesus is not the Messiah and I have to renounce him and lose all my friends and say I’m wrong, I’ll do it. But if everything I believe is true, I don’t care of the whole Jewish community rejects me, I’m going to follow.” And I said, “God, you’ve just got to help me to know that I know, that I know.” And Sid, the scriptures opened up to me like never before. Words came jumping off the page. I remember telling God, if Yeshua, if Jesus is not the Messiah then you intentionally deceived me because it could not be any more clear. So it had the reverse effect from what the rabbis wanted. The more I got challenged, the more I learned, and I did it with an open heart. I said, “God, I’m not just trying to come up with a cheap answer.” When I look at some of the answers others had, I thought, no, that’s a cheap answer. I don’t like that. And I would dig and I would wrestle, and out of that, two or three times of really having my faith rocked, I came so much clearer in my understanding. And I can say, shout it to the whole world to any rabbi, any time, day or night, with all respect, for a sincere man, Jesus, Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel. If he’s not the Messiah of Israel then the Hebrew Scriptures are lying to us.


SID: And guess what I’ve had Dr. Michael Brown do? You will be fascinated with this. We took the Modern English Version of the Bible and I had him chain reference the most important predictions proving Jesus is the Messiah from the Old and the New Covenant, and then write a commentary. And I’m going to tell you, he did something you’ve probably never seen before. He not only wrote it as to why Jesus is the Messiah, but he wrote why the rabbis say he’s not, 2000 years to prove this, and why the rabbis are wrong. It will be one of the most intriguing studies and that combined with the healing and the supernatural. And then there are articles that I have written on the End Time book to the church. You know what that is? Not Revelation—Esther, on God’s heart for the Jews and Israel, on how to communicate the Gospel with Jewish people, on the feasts and the cycle of the feasts, and I’m not saying to do these things because you have to. But God has a blessing in everything in this Bible, and it’s one of the freshest translations because even many of the words that were originally from the Greek are from the Hebrew now. Like instead of Mary, how about “Miriam”. She sounds a little Jewish, Mike. Now when we come back, I’m going to have Dr. Sandra Kennedy and Dr. Michael Brown, and we’re going to just be so free in the Holy Spirit. I believe people are going to be healed and I believe some of you are going to fall madly in love with Jesus. Be right back.

Our Guest Robby Dawkins

ROBBY: The lady, the lady at the very back. You got dark hair. And you’re right…Yeah, right there. Could you stand up if you would? What’s your name? Can you say out… Dottie? Toni ? Toni, I just heard the Lord just say there was a door that was shut and it was really frustrating to you. You felt like you just walked… you felt like it was supposed to open but it was like shut when you went to it. And it was really frustrating and disturbing but this is what I hear the Lord saying. Is that there’s double doors that He has open and where you hit the one closed door there’s actually double doors…




ROBBY: …and if you would have went through the one you would have gotten only that single opportunity but there’s double doors and it’s almost like a theater you know like double doors that’s coming and I just heard the Lord say it’s opening up. Do you have a son? You have two sons? I felt like with one of your sons that there’s been he’s really been in a real difficult place and he’s really been struggling in his faith. There’s been a lot of things challenging. There’s been some hurts in some relationships and there’s been some real heartbreak. Here’s what I hear the Lord saying is that this week there’s dreams coming to him. The Holy Spirit’s ministering and releasing dreams to him…




ROBBY: …and I heard the Lord say he’s turning around. There’s turning around and there’s a breakthrough coming for him. And I felt like too… I don’t know if you… I felt like I heard the name Connie. I don’t know if you know anybody named Connie but I felt like there was a friend named Connie that the Lord was going to give you a very specific word for and they are to release some things to. She’s going through a tough time just in some finances and things and I felt like there’s a real prophetic declaration for you to release to that. So Lord we bless Toni and we thank You for Your hand on her. And I saw, I heard the Lord say where walking has been a struggle, where there’s just been some things with physically like with walking there’s coming a greater ease and a lightness in your feet and so Lord we bless that for Toni right now in Jesus’ name. We just thank You for Your presence on her. Fill her up Holy Spirit. Fill her up Holy Spirit. More Lord. Right there. Right there. Go deep. Go deep. Go deep. More. More. And just better sleep. Where there’s been restlessness in sleep there’s breakthrough. You’re going to have the best night’s sleep and we thank You for that. In Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name. More. Thank You Father. In Jesus’ name. Yes Lord.



Our Guest Jim Richards



JIM:  But, man, you’ve got the most polished speakers in the world. You’ve got this one guy up there and you’re just looking at him like “What?” Man, he walks up. And he was funny. His glasses were sliding down his nose. And he was always making all these weird faces trying to get his glasses up. And all these other guys, you know they would preach for like 90 minutes, you know? He gets up and speaks about 15, 20 minutes. I’m going to tell you something. From that day to this day I have never struggled with faith. Never! And the verse that he taught on was from the Book of Philemon, Philemon 6, where it says “That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing that’s in you in Jesus.” Now if you just took that at the King James translation that’d be enough to change your world! And that’s what he did! He… and, and he just basically said, Look, if you want the communication, the living, the sharing, the functioning of your faith to become effective, start acknowledging all the good things that are in you in Jesus. Man, that was, that was monumental in 1975! And I remember the very next day I, you know, I was, I was doing my undergraduate work in theology. Man, I’m telling you the next day we got together, we’d, we’d have a big chapel service every morning, there’d be several hundred of us get there, get together and pray. I’m walking around saying Father, I thank you that I’m the righteousness of God in Christ. I thank you that I am an overcomer. I’m more than a conqueror. I mean I’m going through this stuff. And I notice it’s getting quieter and quieter in the room and finally nobody’s praying but me! And you know I don’t care so I’m going to just keep on. Finally when I get through praying I look and the whole class had stopped praying and they were all standing on this side of the room looking at me. And basically one of the guys that had… you know, was, was, was a senior went to one of the pastors and said you need to talk with Jim. He’s got an ego problem.




JIM:  And they called me and they said what, what is this you’re doing in prayer? And I said I’m doing what the Bible says. I’m acknowledging the good things that are in me in Jesus. And, and I mean…. honest… They gave me the nickname “Mr. Self-Sufficient” because from their perspective you, you needed to be talking about what all was wrong with you. You need to be, you know, you know whining and crying about whatever was wrong with you. And let me tell you something. That doesn’t change anything. Now yeah, you got to own that stuff. But I, I don’t want to live in the realm of what’s wrong with me. And that’s not what I, see that’s not what I share with Jesus. I shared that with Him when we died together. But when I got raised up with Him we left that in the grave.