BRUCE: What if you get it tuned –

KYLE: Or static!

BRUCE: Right. You’re going to get static!

KYLE: Right.

BRUCE: Remember old school? If you get it just right the little red light will come on? You get stereo and it’s perfect, right?

KYLE: That might have been before my time, okay? [Laughing]

BRUCE: Okay. Well, trust me!

KYLE: But I get you! [Laughing]

BRUCE: Trust me! You get it just right the red light comes on. You have stereo. God wants to speak to us! He’s always transmitting! But our tuner, us. See God is not going to tune our tuner for us. It’s our job! It’s our job to adjust the tuner. It’s our job to get tuned in so we hear His voice! He’s speaking! He’s speaking to everyone! It’s us! We’re the ones that have to open our spiritual eyes and ears so that we recognize His voice because He is always speaking to us!  

KYLE: Well I know you’re always hearing from God. You have as I said developed an intimacy with God which is so profound. And I know that God is speaking to you right now about ministering to some people. Will you minister to those who are listening?

BRUCE: You know I’d love to do that and I just want to share one last testimony.

KYLE: Sure.

BRUCE: You know what? This is how important it is. To hear God’s voice and operate in that. We’re driving on. We just finished ministering in a state. We’re driving across a highway. This thought comes, in my mind. Call so and so. And this person was a best friend of mine in grade school. My family is sleeping. I don’t want to wake up the family. I’m thinking oh I really don’t want to. I’ve got his phone number. I talk to him maybe once or twice a year. I’ve got his phone number in my cell phone. And that prompting call him! I do. You know I hit his number and he answers the phone and I can’t repeat what he said but it’s slurred. He says no blanking way. And I said hey to this guy. I said what’s going on?

He said I’m driving around right now looking for a place to kill myself! He said I have my pistol on my front seat. I’m looking for a place to shoot myself! And I just said God, if You’re real, you have Bruce Van Natta call me right now! We’re talking right to the last second! And it is so important for us to get tuned in! So we hear God’s voice because it’s not only going to bless us, it’s going to bless everybody in our circle of influence! You know like you were talking about ministering to the people. You know the Lord actually gave me a Word this morning when I woke up for this show. And He said that somebody is going to be watching the show today. You’re going to be watching the show today and in 1986 you had an accident that has caused you significant problems ever since that time. He wants to heal you right at home right now, right where you’re listening, right where you’re watching. Nobody has to lay a hand on you.

You can lay a hand on yourself right now and just receive this prayer! Lord, I just thank You for this person that’s watching today! And Lord You know when You said You know the number of hairs on our head. And this person plus all the other people that are watching and listening, Lord. You know every single issue! Every single problem! Every single giant they’ve ever faced, Lord! And we just lift these situations up to You right now and we pray that You’d minister to this person that has these physical issues since this accident in 1986. We just come against those mountains, those giants right now and we speak healing over every person listening! Whether it’s emotional healing, physical healing, whatever healing you need! Lord, we just ask You to release that healing even now in Jesus’ name! Thank You, Lord!         

KYLE: Powerful! Powerful, Bruce! Thank you once again so much!

BRUCE: Thank you!KYLE: I told you that was going to be powerful! God wants to have constant communication with you! [Music] Thank you so much for tuning in to Something More! I’m Kyle Winkler! And be sure to check out more resources and interviews like this one at

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