TIM: That’s why I say this is the greatest move of God ever because you’re going to see all the anointings of the King in our generation, in our flow, in our time! You’re going to see all the streams in our time! And you’re seeing Holy Spirit now becoming very, very aggressive through a kingdom church that is ruling and reigning! When the devil says “boo” we’re not running!


TIM: We’re standing up!


TIM: We’re going to be like Ephesians 6 says. And our armor’s going to be in place and when we see principalities, powers we’re to stand and having done all to stand, stand therefore. And we stand against principalities, powers, mights and dominions. Notice all 4 times it listed when it said “against.” 

JAMIE: Phew! You know this is so interesting to me because you know what you’re saying right now some people this is going to be so over their head because they’re in darkness! I mean they’re believers but this is awakening them to another awareness of what God is doing today! I think that’s huge! That is keep!

TIM: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: When we return with Tim Sheets I’m going to ask him to really pray for us and ask the Holy Spirit to help us partner with Him in what it is that He’s doing today and that the God of the angel armies would invade your life [music begins] and angels themselves would be activated to help bring you in to the Greatest Awakening We’ll see you!

[clock ticking and music]



JAMIE: [music ends] Hi, I’m Jamie Galloway! Welcome back! We have Tim Sheets here and last time we were speaking we were trying to get to the orders or the groupings of angels. You’ve identified 7.

TIM: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: This is fascinating to me. Why don’t you go into that cause I know it takes you a little bit of time but – 

TIM: I can list the orders for you. These companies of angels have been brought by the Holy Spirit. He supervises it all. Obviously He’s the boss and it’s all under Him. But He’s bringing more of the angel armies to assist the Great Awakening. The first one is there are Angels of Alignment and they are aligning kingdom “ecclesias,” New Testament churches, for a new move of God. When you’re in proper alignment you move better. And He is aligning them with heaven’s purpose on the earth. Secondly are Angels of Government. These are angels that are assisting the decrees of the “ecclesia,” the decrees of the saints to help in – to help release the kingdom of government on the earth. The third is Angels of Pentecostal Outpouring. This company of angels is ministering a fresh outpouring and I’m talking about all over the world! All kingdom New Testament churches. They’re ministering there for a fresh new outpouring. And then number four are Angels of Healing and Miracles. In 2013 I began to have a vision of the old oil wells where the boom goes down and the boom goes up only this time I was seeing angels that were going like that. And Holy Spirit said to me they are pumping the old healing wells and they’re opening new ones. So miracles and signs and wonders they’re out stirring those connecting the “ecclesias” to that. And then you have Angels of Evangelism.


TIM: Three phases of that. First of all prodigals.


TIM: They’re out ministering and drawing the prodigals in! We are about to see millions of prodigals coming back to Christ! Millions of them! They’re necessary because they are going to help the Third Great Awakening!

JAMIE: Phew!

TIM: And then of course then there’s new converts. And then there are also connecting evangelists to those hubs for strategy that way. And then you have lastly you have Glory Angels. They’re assisting in opening up the realms for a fresh new release of the glory of God. His tangible real presence. Been to 3 places in the past year where the Glory Cloud came and didn’t leave for 3 days!


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