SID: What difference would it make if the parents, rather than those word curses that they don’t even understand that have so much power, so much supernatural power, what if they blessed their children?

DONNA: Their children would be free. Their children would be blessed. Their children would receive the blessings that are in heaven, that God stored up in heaven, that he wants to come down to the earth and their children would have those blessings on them.

SID: Look, there is so much to learn from the revelations she got in hell, but even greater the revelations she got in heaven. One of my favorite places that you talk about is the Hall of Miracles, but tell me as you were entering, tell me about those body parts you saw.

DONNA: All right. This place in heaven that’s called the Hall of Miracles is probably my favorite place to go to. When I was in heaven—

SID: It would be my favorite.

DONNA: And it is an enormous hall, miles and miles long, and it’s gold, gold floor with beautiful chandeliers, there’s all diamonds hanging from the whole ceiling. And down this hall, there are doorways, all doorways. And so the Lord brought me there and I said, “Can I go in and see what’s in the doorways?” And he said, “Sure, you can go in.” So I went in the first doorway, the first doorway on the left was a room full of body parts. There were legs, there were arms, there were eyeballs, there were ears. There were all the things that God’s children here on the earth would need. He’s got them there in this room ready. At the great revival that’s coming, he’s going to empty that room and it will be pulled to the earth.

SID: [crosstalk]

DONNA: Oh, for sure, for sure. But what he showed me is we don’t have to wait for the revival. If we pray, if we live in intimate fellowship with him, if we turn from our wicked ways, stop sinning, live holy lives, we can ask him for those things, not just for ourselves, for others too. And he said, if we would do that, we would keep his angels busy day and night, bringing those treasures that are in the hall of miracles to the earth now.

SID: I mean you met so many places that you saw that intrigue me. I’d like to talk about your mansion because… But we don’t have time on that. But tell me about the room of golden fishing nets.

DONNA: Yes. This was down the hall of miracles. In this room that the Lord brought me into there were beautiful gold fishnets all over the room and he said, “I’m getting ready to release these fishnets to the earth and these are going to be sent to those that I found faithful.” He tests his children and he sees who’s faithful to him. Who is diligent, who’s responsible, who will do the right thing when nobody’s looking? Those are the ones, okay? That are faithful in the few he’s going to send these fishnets to and they’re going to be used to bring in the end time harvest. He said, “You will not be drawing in material things with these fish nets. You are going to bring souls into my kingdom.”

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