TRACY: If I told you that God’s going to start breaking the finances open for you, there’s been financial struggles. There’s an angel over you. Sir lift your hands, God’s healing you. You’ve been having a problem with your shoulder area. Is it Dustin?

Dustin: Yes.

TRACY: Your name is Dustin?

SID: You don’t know him.

TRACY: I don’t know, this is the first time-

SID: Do you know him?

Dustin: I do not.

SID: Now you know him, he knows your name.

TRACY: Dustin.

Dustin: Yes.

TRACY: You are a contractor. I see contracting all around you like buildings and stuff like that. Like utility, like contract work, there’s an increase that’s coming. There was an accident you was involved with and God said to tell Dustin that the attack is over and the curse is broken and God’s going to move in your life, your darkest days are behind you. The last three years have been hard in your life.

Dustin: Yeah.

TRACY: 8631.

Dustin: 8631.

TRACY: Is that your address?

Dustin: Yep.

TRACY: Almost like Country Line Drive.

Sierra: County Line Road.

TRACY: County Line Road.

TRACY: If I pronounce your name right, it’s an S, Sierra.

Sierra: Yes sir.

TRACY: What is your name?

Sierra: Sierra.

TRACY: Sierra Dawn.

Sierra: Yes.

SID: Do you see why I’m in awe?

TRACY: Your name is Sierra Dawn Kelso.

Sierra: Yes.

TRACY: Kelso.

TRACY: You’re Dustin Wayne.

Dustin: Yes.

TRACY: Lift up your hands, God’s healing you. God bless you. He’s giving your home a miracle. God’s touching your children. The last three years have been hard, but the last three years God’s going to turn your life around. Dustin, Sierra, God said it’s over. We’re done rebuking the devil. You’re healed, darling, in your lower abdomen area around your female organs, you’ve been having … isn’t that right?

Sierra: I have scoliosis in my hips.

TRACY: And I’d seen that God, he’s moving it right, you see where my hand is at. It’s right there?

Sierra: Yes.

TRACY: You’re not going to have that anymore. You can get back to your doctor and he’ll confirm the miracle.

SID: I notice you like to confirm miracles.

SID: Have doctors confirmed them? That’s important to you.

TRACY: Well to me it is very important and I often tell people, I have people in my revival, when I’m heeling, I know I’m heeling. I said, “That’s great. Now go back to your doctors and let it confirm, because God’s not intimidated with doctors, he made them. So that’s verified what God is doing. That’s verified of what he’s doing, not one man is doing. Get your eyes off of man. Get it on the Lord.

SID: Now I wanted to do that just as a foretaste. I mean we’ve got too much to cover on this program. So do you want to hear more from Tracy? Would you like Tracy to minister to you watching at home as well as in our TV studio audience? Then simply go to for the extended version of this program. Again, that’s

SID: And I have to tell you something. The reason for you to see a demonstration of the power of God is to believe God is bigger than you ever thought. The reason for you to see this is so that you can first have your own intimacy with God, your own experiential knowledge of God, because to know him is everything, and everything without knowing him is nothing. Amen.

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