SID: You were telling me that, not all, but many people that have been dead and come back, and they report what they observed, are saying the same thing. What is that same thing?

DAVID: Jesus is sending messages to us that he’s coming back soon.

SID: Isn’t that amazing? People that have literally … Tell me about that one older woman that died.

DAVID: This lady, she’s a wonderful person, this lady. She started out being a persecutor, a family of wealth that didn’t want the Gospel in their area. And about 20 years she persecuted us, and then the Lord Jesus got her, captured her. Then about 15, 20 years she served the Lord with us. Awesome person. But then she contracted two incurable diseases. One of the things I didn’t say about her story to you is she told them not to tell me because she’s ready to go because she’s an older person.

SID: She was afraid you’d raise her from the dead.

DAVID: She knew we would. Yes, sir. She knew we would. And so her son, which is one of our pastors, told her, “Mom, we’ve got to tell Brother David.

SID: How old is she at this point?

DAVID: She’s late 80’s, low 90’s maybe.

SID: All right.

DAVID: So she died and was dead, probably between 12 and 14 hours they prayed for her. And while she was dead, she was walking down this trail that had these little blue lights, and she came to this, over this rise. She was telling me about it. There was a city, golden city. She saw the city. And I told her, “I’ve never seen the city. I’ve heard about it, read about it, but I’ve never seen it.” And she explained the spires, the gold, the awesome, the light, the beauty of it. But as she was walking going over the hill into the city, a light came out of the city towards her, stopped her.

DAVID: And the light was a curtain, and out of the light a brighter light stepped, and it was Jesus. And Jesus was talking to her and telling her, “I need you to go back and tell them that I’m coming soon.” And out of his garment, the light, he pulled another light, handed it to her. It was in a crystal box. It had no energy source, but yet it was emitting light. And Jesus handed it to her, and she took it. It’s in her hand. And then it dawned on her. She said to Jesus, “I don’t have any money to pay for this.” And Jesus said, “The light of the Gospel is free. Take it back to the people.”

SID: David, it’s one thing when you pray for someone else. It’s another when you pray for yourself. But guess what? He died. Not just once, but twice. If he hadn’t trained his family on how to raise the dead, guess what? I’d be interviewing someone else right now. Be right back.

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