PATRICIA: If we never responded to the Word, God would love us the same no matter what. Because He’s a love God and He will never, ever withdraw love from you. But you have an invitation to partner with God, to build realms of heaven in your life on earth. So not only now, when we had our breakthrough, it came overnight, by the way, but it was because there was a tipping point. We built in the unseen dimension these keys of God’s favor of His delight. Of His, you know, we, we sowed into in financially. We laid our life down for it. And then after a while and after resisting the enemy and the opposition that had come our way we actually felt in the spirit one day a breakthrough and we actually moved into that breakthrough overnight.

Everything changed within two weeks. We still live in that realm to this very day. In fact we not only do have enough from God to meet the needs of our own family, we are so blessed, overly blessed and satisfied, that we are able to bless many other ministries, individuals and nations. We are able to actually change destinies of nations today. I remember back then we had to believe for our daily bread. We were believing for like 400 dollars a month just to put some food on the table or whatever and we had to, to you know, fast and pray for it, you know. Bur now we have to believe for millions to look after, after the nations. That realm when it’s carved out, when that realm is carved out you live in it. You, we will never have to fight those same battles again because when you win your battle that realm has your name on it. And so you have the power to change, you know, realms and atmospheres. We, we have even gone into poverty stricken nations.

I’ve heard people say oh, this’ll never work in a poor nation. Are you kidding?! You need to go into poor nations and change the atmosphere. Change the realm for them. We have seen people come out of poverty overnight even, practically, you know within a few days. We’ve seen them come out of poverty into sustained income for their families overnight because we’re able to do it. Why are we doing it? Because we can! Whatever you focus on you empower. And Jesus was very focused. When He came, He came to fulfill a plan. He came to fulfill a mandate. And He was focused on it and that realm got built. The realm of salvation that we walk in today and enjoy today as individuals we have because He carved out that realm for us through His focus. He never lost sight of you and I. From before the foundation of the world, you know, He saw you and He said you are so beautiful and I had, I just have to have you and I’ll do whatever it takes to show you My love. I will do whatever it takes to bring you into My eternal heart and My eternal presence. And He was so focused all throughout mankind’s history.

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