KEVIN:  Remember, when we decree Gods word we release Gods angels to go forth and to minister for those who will inherit salvation. I believe that some of you are going to have angelic visitations and angelic encounters TONIGHT!




KEVIN:  So just believe to receive. Amen? Now quickly. When God opens up your spiritual senses and you begin to recognize Gods angels and understand that you can co-labor with them there are three things you need to do. Hallelujah. So you get the revelation. And any angelic encounter that you have must line up with the scripture. Amen? Gods angels will not violate the canon of scripture. So an angel may appear to you and give you some type of directive. Well that could be visionary. You could see it or it could be an audible message or it could be a knowing that you have which we call the unction of the Holy Spirit. Thats called the revelation. This could apply to any supernatural experience by the way, but for the sake of this mentoring session were talking about Gods angels. Amen? So you get the revelation. The next step that you need to understand is interpretation. And then the third step is implementation. Im going to give you an example of this. As a new believer I was entertaining Gods angels and I had an encounter on a place called Killick Island in Newfoundland and the Holy Spirit visited me and He encouraged me. He instructed me to go to Africa and preach the gospel to the poor people there and to minister healing to the sick and deliver people from demonic influence. That was my worst nightmare. But I began to pray and what happened was God began to allow me to release an angel of provision to go forward and in short order I got a passport. I got all the inoculations and with less than 24 hours after I released this angel of provision all the money for that trip to Africa came in, over 4,000 dollars. Can somebody give Him a handclap of praise for that?




KEVIN:  Now how many of you would like to have an angel of provision that you can release like that? Well I want to decree over you that theyre available in Gods kingdom and you can begin to learn how to co-labor with them. Amen? So now Im in Africa and Im in a place called Murchison Falls Uganda in a mud hut and in this mud hut the glory of God manifested. Phew. Hallelujah! Kind of like its comin now in Jesus name! And at 11 oclock they cut off all the electricity because it was in a game reserve. There was no electricity there. They used a generator.     And I begin to pray in the Holy Spirit according to the scriptural principle of Jude 20: Build yourself up in your most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit. (prays in tongues) I was prayin in the Holy Spirit and as I was praying in the Holy Spirit I had the understanding that I was praying with knowledge. I was praying with a purpose for God to release His angels to protect those people who were on that ministry trip and there were circumstances that came up that we needed that protection. But after Id prayed in the Spirit, now this is a key for you, if you pray in the Holy Spirit it will accelerate your ability to discern Gods angels and to learn how to co-labor with them. Hallelujah. So shandai. Okay? And as Im praying in the Spirit what happened was the glory of God came into the room about 2 am and I had a candle lit and I could literally see the flame of the candle and it was flickering in the wind. And all of a sudden God opened my spiritual eyes and I saw these four powerful angels which had come into the bungalow. Big guys like 8, 9 foot tall. They looked like you know weightlifters with you know shields and swords  and these beautiful white robes. And at first I was astonished but I continued to look at em and in that atmosphere I got a revelation that I was to move from West Virginia to Kansas City and to submit to the authority of Christ Triumphant Church. Well Id only been to Kansas City once. Id never been to Christ Triumphant Church. I didnt know anything about that church. So what I did was I took that revelation to my spiritual mentor at that time which was evangelist Omega Dow. I told that to her. We evaluated it. We prayed about it. So theres keys to interpreting the revelation. Theres prayer, fasting. You want to submit it to spiritual authority and if youre going to stay up into this aspect of Gods kingdom you need to be submitted to spiritual authority. Can someone say amen to that?




KEVIN:  So my mentor told me, Kevin, I believe this is the Lord and when the time is right God will open up the door for you. In fact two years later God opened up the door for me and I travelled to Kansas City and I actually met the pastor of that church in Pasadena California, hallelujah, a year later, and what has ended up happening was by the unction of the Holy Spirit I realized that the revelation and the interpretation was right but I needed to wait on the implementation of what I had got from angelic ministry.  And so it took 4 years and after 4 years God opened up the door for me to move to Kansas City and I submitted to the authority of Christ Triumphant Church. Pastor Alan and Pastor Carol Koch, wonderful, spirit-filled pastors in the Kansas City area. In fact theyre still my pastors, hallelujah, 11 years later. Can somebody give God a handclap of praise for that?



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