SID:  Sid Roth with “Something More” and Dr. David Herzog.  And uh David, –




SID:  people’s lives are being literally transformed when they get your revelation on the Courts of Heaven.  Uh, explain wh – where did – uh tell me how you got this.  What were the circumstances?


DAVID:  Yeah, I was in this situation where the first time it happened, I was in a meeting, and miracles were happening.  And this woman was crying, and I said, “Why are you crying?  Uh, things – uh great things are happening tonight!”  She goes, “Well my son here, who is setting next to me, is going to go to court Tuesday” it was like a Thursday or a Friday night, –


SID:  Um.


DAVID:  “and he’s probably going to go to jail for a very long time, because he was caught with child pornography.”


SID:  Hm.


DAVID:  And in the State of Arizona I think he  – at that time you would get like 5 years in jail per thing.  And they  – they got his computer, and he’s in big trouble.  I think he was 17 or 18, and so he was in big trouble.  SO I said to the boy, “Is that true?”  He goes, “Yeah, I messed up.”  I said, “Well do you want to repent, and get saved?”  “Yeah.”  So he comes up; he gets saved.  Then I say to him, “Wait; um, it – let’s take it to the Court of Heaven!”  And I just thought well there’s got to be a court in – I had never heard a teaching on it at that point.  It was kind of by – the Lord just said –


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  “Take it to My Court, before he goes to the earthly court; ‘… on earth as it is in heaven.'”  If we can get a heavenly verdict on it, then hopefully we can match it with – on the earth!  So I just went by faith, and I said, “Okay, close your eyes”, and he closed his eyes; I said, “Let’s go, by faith.  Now imagine you see the Judge, because there is a Judge in Heaven.”


SID:  Right.


DAVID:  “Let’s present our case, and I’ll help you, and I’ll come with you.”  And I said, “Now Jesus is the Lawyer, His dad is the Judge, so it’s kind of rigged.”




DAVID:  “So you got a good Jewish lawyer, and you got a Judge who – who’s His Father!”  And I said –


SID:  You have a good Israeli lawyer!


DAVID:  Yeah, Israeli lawyer!




DAVID:  Israeli Jewish lawyer!




DAVID:  And – and I said, –




DAVID:  “So here, Father, we present this boy to You.  He just got saved.  He deserves sin -”


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Oh Father in Heaven,


DAVID:  uh I mean, “he deserves death and punishment.”


VIDEO:  BOY SENTENCED TO JAIL:  I want to be used of God.


DAVID:  “But because of the blood of Your servant Yeshua, Jesus, he’s been forgiven.”




DAVID:  “We ask You know, Father God, that You would take care of this court case on Tuesday.  Whatever Your will is, he is okay with it, but we want to present it to You first.”  Then I – something came to my mind, then I said, “Wait a second!  Do you have a call on your life?”, and the boy said, “Yes I do.  My mother told me since I was little I have a call to ministry, and this and that; and that’s why the enemy’s been attacking me, and I fell into sin.”  And I go, “Oh, okay”, and I go, “Time out!” as if I was in a court case.  “Time out.  Let me talk to my client,” you know.




DAVID:  Even though Jesus is the lawyer – Yeshua.


SID:  Right.


DAVID:  I said, “What if we presented to the Judge that you want to serve God also?  You want to do your calling?”


SID:  Interesting.


DAVID:  “Maybe that can affect the court case?  I don’t know.”  And he goes, “Yeah, I’ll do whatever!  I’m happy I’m saved!”  So then we go back, and I said, “Your Honor, Judge of Heaven and Earth, uh he wants to be used in ministry because he has a call on his life.”  And he said, he even told me, “Even if I go to jail, I don’t mind as long as God uses me.”  So you know it wasn’t a “get out of jail card”; he was just like, “I just want to be right with God.”


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  So we presented that, and I heard the Father say – the Judge, “Forgiven, and cleared.”  And at the time, the pastor was saying, when he walked by and he overheard it, and I think he mumbled something like, “Well he can be forgiven, but he’s going to have to pay for that,” you know.




DAVID:  And so again, which is the normal res – earthly response.


SID:  Right.


DAVID:  Then he – then he came the next few nights beaming – like glowing – just so happy.  Then he goes to the court on Tuesday, and the judge and the lawyer happen to be Christians.  They took him out to talk to him, and then – before it started, and they said, “Listen.” the opposing lawyer said, “Listen, we have so much evidence -”




DAVID:  “against you, there’s no way you can win.  You’re going to go to jail for a long time.  You want to -”


VIDEO:  OPPOSING LAWYER:  You’re going to go to jail for a long time because of all the evidence we have against you.


DAVID:  “make sure you’re a Believer before you go, because you’ll need it.”  He says, “I already am a Believer.”


VIDEO:  BOY SENTENCED TO JAIL:  “That’s okay.  I’m saved.”


DAVID:  “I just got saved.”  Gave the whole testimony; told them he doesn’t even mind if he goes; he’s fine –


VIDEO:  JUDGE:  I understand.  This case is closed.


DAVID:  because he’s saved, and God’s going to use him in jail.




DAVID: And they were so moved by his testimony that they threw the case out.  And this happened.


SID:  That’s where you realize –




SID:  that you are on to something.


DAVID:  Exactly.


SID:  It – it’s uh, you know, “there is “nothing new.” It’s – but it’s new to our generation.


DAVID:  Exactly.


SID:  Uh now, that would – the – we could call that an – an amazing coincidence, but is this happening many times to you, and to many people when they get this revelation?


DAVID:  Well I – I had a – some people that owed us a large amount of money, in a faraway country, and they just decided not to give it!  They just –


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  They only gave a fourth of it, which they told me it was everything, but then later I find out it wasn’t; the Holy Spirit told me it wasn’t.  I pressed them, and find out it wasn’t, so I said, “Well send it!”  And they go, “Nope!  We’re just not going to send it.”  And I was like “Wow, that’s a bummer!  How am I – I cant do anything about it.”  And the Lord reminded me, “Take it to My Courts!”  “Aah!  I can go to the Court of Heaven!”  So we decided to fast and pray that day, just to – just to pray, with fasting, just to be more focused; so my wife and I went to the Court of Heaven and did the same thing!  “Here’s our case.  Now Lord, if we’re wrong,” you know.  And you know, when someone does you wrong, sometimes you get a little angry, or you say stuff you shouldn’t say, like “Oh, those people are jerks”, or –


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  so then the enemy – you go to the court.  There’s the opposing attorney – the devil – he’s “the accuser of the brethren”; the Bible says he’s there “day and night”.  So he uses anything that you do wrong against you in the court.  But the Lord told me “If you repent of anything you’ve done wrong before you go to the court, the enemy can’t use it as evidence against you in the court”!


SID:  You know we think about that in just your personal life, but we don’t understand that it affects everything you touch!


DAVID:  Thats why your prayers get blocked.  It’s not just God’s mad at you; the enemy uses it against you in the Court of Heaven, because He says, “he … accuse[s] … the brethren … day and night.” So “the accuser.”  So I said –


SID:  Makes sense.


DAVID:  so I said, “Okay; Lord, I repent of being mad that they kept all this money from – even though it was f-for ministry stuff.  Uh, I repent, Lord, for saying ‘Oh, they shouldn’t have done this.  They were jerks.’  I repent of it.  Now here’s my case:  They – this is what should have – I should have received; this is what they kept back”, and it was for something in Jerusalem we were doing actually – the project.  And in fact, the Holy Spirit was more bothered by it than I was, because at first I said, “Well, whatever Lord.  I just – I forgive.  I finally – I forgive them.  Whatever, you know, I trust You.”  He says, “No; but take it to My Court.  I want you to -,” and when I did, I presented the case, and then I felt at peace by the end of the night.  We’d prayed all day till night; at night I felt the Holy Spirit say, “It’s done”, like dont’ pray anymore, you feel a-a lifting.  And when you feel –


SID:  Mm.


DAVID:  that peace, you know okay, it’s settled.  Two days later, they wired like $86,000 back into your account which they’d kept back.  And I said, “What happened?  You guys said you weren’t going to do it.”  It was a really faraway country; they emailed me back and said, “We can’t tell the details, but there was suddenly today an emergency meeting, and everyone unanimously voted to send it back to you,” so I don’t know WHAT happened.  And another time in Russia!  I was detained at the airport because I had all these Russian books – my books in Russian – and they opened it; and they said, “Oh you can’t bring this in here”.  And there – they got really upset, and “You can’t come in the country; your books can’t come in the country”, and they got really mad.  And for a – about an hour and-a-half they detained us, kept our passports; and you could FEEL like something not good is about to happen.  You could really sense in the air like, this is – this is really not good, more than when you –


SID:  Was this at a time where they were throwing people in prison without even –


DAVID:  Um while Ed – Edward Snowden was still in prison, we’re still in the airport, um, being held at the time.


SID:  Okay.


DAVID:  And at that time, it was September – what, about 2 years ago?


SID:  Okay.


DAVID:  2012?  2012?


SID:  So – so it wasn’t that far back.  Okay.


DAVID:    2012 or 2013, the Lord told me uh the relations with Russia and the U.S. will also start to shift, as far as Americans easily going in and bringing the Gospel in to Russia.  It was like kind of a sign, and I –


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  so the ca –  I see where the cameras are; we’re in this room.




DAVID:  So I told my – my wife reminded me –


DAVID:  DAVID’S WIFE:  Why dont we just go to the – Court of Heaven?


DAVID:  “Hey, let’s go to the Court of Heaven, honey!”  She’s great, you know – Stephanie.


SID:  Hm.


DAVID:  I say, “Oh, yeah!”  Duh!


VIDEO:  DAVID:  You’re right!


DAVID:  By faith, though –




DAVID:  we go up to the Court of Heaven.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Thank You Father.


DAVID:  We present our case, –


VIDEO:  DAVID:  We come before You in the Courts of Heaven, –


DAVID:  and they don’t know what we’re talking about.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  seeking justice.


DAVID:  Five minutes after that, they RUN back and go, “Please, you can leave now.”


VIDEO:  RUSSIAN SECURITY:  You are free to go to.


DAVID:  Here’s your passports.  Go.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Why did they do this?


DAVID:  “Can I bring my – my books with me?”  “Yes.”  I said, “Why did you detain us, then?”


VIDEO:  RUSSIAN SECURITY:  Don’t ask; just go.


DAVID:  “Don’t ask; just go.”




SID:  Hm.


DAVID:  So it like – so I don’t know; and again, sometimes you don’t need to know the details.  But I think Paul had some revelation on this, because he had – he got out of jail MANY times – “get out of jail cards.”  Um, he knew how to go to the Throne; he knew how to go to the Father.  SO MANY situations where it’s just amazing.


SID:  Well you go into a lot of detail about the Court of Heaven –




SID:  in here, but uh, in so many other uh ancient secrets.  Speaking of ancient secrets, –




SID:  you’ve learned how to tap into the portals of God.  What – what is a “portal”, and what do you mean?


DAVID:  Well a “portal” in Latin, “port” just means “door”; so it’s not something weird.


SID:  So a “door”.


DAVID:  Yeah.


SID:  You – you know how to open the door.


DAVID:  And some Christians say, “I believe in open heavens, but ‘portal’ sounds demonic or something”, –


SID:  Hm.


DAVID:  which is uh ridiculous, because “portal” [CHUCKLES] just means “door” in Latin, and in –


SID:  Uh huh.


DAVID:  in French, or Thai.  So open the “doors” or “windows” of Heaven; how do you – you know, so there’s different ways.  Of course there’s praise and worship, there’s repentance, there’s fasting, there’s giving; but then theres also SEASONAL portals, like being in the right place at the right time, like when I was in Israel during the Feasts, worshipping God.  It’s like everything was lined-up because God does promise to visit also at certain SEASONS and times when you show up and praise Him.


SID:  Uh He calls them “set appointments.”


DAVID:  Yeah!  So when He shows up, the glory’s there – the “portal” is there – and He promises to show up at certain times if we show up.


SID:  And uh, huh, you have gone to Heaven.  Tell me the first time you went to Heaven.


DAVID:  First time I went to Heaven I was in Bethel, Israel, and we were there with a tour group.  We rented a bullet-proof bus.  Nobody wanted to go; the tour group didn’t want us to go.  You know the tour agency.


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  They said it’s  –


SID:  Right.


DAVID:  It’s “meshugganah” at the time; 2003.


SID:  “Crazy.”


DAVID:  2003; you have to rent a bullet-proof bus; you have to have a security guard with a machine gun.  You’ve got to pass Ramallah, go to the checkpoint, and you want to lay down there and try to get – okay, that’s crazy.  And I said, “Yeah!  I want to do it.”  They said, “Well this is going to cost you more money”, and they tried to really discourage me.  I said, “Okay, I’ll do it!”  I was so desperate, because Genesis 28, this is “the gate of Heaven”, Bethel!  I want to go check it out!  Didn’t say “it was”; it said it “is the gate”!


SID:  You didn’t care whether it was Palestinian or what!




SID:  You just wanted to go to that uh doorway.


DAVID:  Yeah!  Sometimes you’ve got to risk your life to get the glory!  [CHUCKLES]


SID:  Okay.


DAVID:  So we went over there; we laid on the ground.  Someone played guitar, and I said, “Everyone close your eyes,” find a rock like Jacob did, “and just see what God shows you!  Maybe you’ll have a vision; maybe you’ll get taken to Heaven!  I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’ll – we’ll have interviews afterward.”




DAVID:  So we laid down.  I saw Jesus – Yeshua.  I was taken up, and I saw the crystal sea.  I saw the Messiah, Yeshua; His eyes were flaming like fire.  I got closer and closer to Him.  He looked at me, and He said, –


VIDEO:  YESHUA:  Thank you for touching Isaac, My people.


DAVID:  “Thank you for touching Isaac, my people.”  He said two things to me:  “I want you also to touch Ishmael, and the Muslims, –




DAVID:  because theyre crying out for Me”; and number two, He said, “Please organize a conference for Me in Jerusalem”.  So I came out of it, and I thought, “Well, that could have just been my mind; it could have been my imagination.”


SID:  I understand.  A lot of people get talked out of the supernatural.


DAVID:  But then a few days later, a friend calls me and says, “Hey, we want to organize a – a conference in Jerusalem -”




DAVID:  “and in Bethlehem.  We’re going to reach all these Arabs and Palestinians at Bethlehem, but we also -“, or at – they’re actually, at the time, uh, oh, I think they were Palestinian by that time, but Arab-Israelis, “and we’re going to reach the Jews in Jerusalem.  But we want YOU to organize the conference in Jerusalem, because you have more of the Jewish connection.”  And I said, “That’s so crazy.  I would normally say ‘No’ because I don’t live in Israel, but the L-  Messiah just asked me those exact words, ‘Could you organize a conference in Jerusalem’!”  And then that – and then that week – the following week – all the doors opened to the Arab-Muslim world.  I was invited to Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain; within a few months I was in all those countries!  Uh, Indonesia opened up, –


SID:  So you did not doubt.


DAVID:  Abu Dhabi –


SID:  You did not doubt that it was God, –


DAVID:  I mean you –


SID:  and you did not doubt you were in Heaven.  Y-you said something interesting to me.  You said that once you have your first visitation to Heaven, it like it makes it easier if you want to go to Heaven again.


DAVID:  Exactly.


SID:  But let me ask you this:  Is it do you want to go, or is it only as God so wills?  I mean when Paul said he was in “the third heaven” –


DAVID:  Um hm.


SID:  uh, do you think he had something to do with it, or it was just a sovereign – uh your first time it was really a sovereign thing.


DAVID:  Yeah, but it was faith, too, because I really wanted to go to Bethel, because I wanted to see what Jacob experienced.


SID:  Right.


DAVID:  So I think it’s partly, like it says, “By faith Enoch … was not”, so uh, even that.  So I think a lot of it is faith; you have faith and hunger for the supernatural.  Some people just get it; they die, and then went to Heaven; and they don’t – they get in a car accident; they weren’t asking for it.  But others that don’t have to die; I think you can ask, because it does say you can “come boldly to the throne”, “the veil [has been] rent”; we have access to Him.  So I was just hungry for – there’s gotta – maybe there is something to this.  Well in my case, I asked the Lord.  But if you’ve been to Heaven – a lot of people will tell me, “I’ve been to Heaven 20 years ago; never been back.”


SID:  Hm!


DAVID:  “How do I get back in?”  I said, “It’s really simple.  Just lay down – you lie on your bed and just start to remember that time you were in Heaven.  Just imagine it, remember it, what it was like.”  And your mind is a gateway, you know.  Your – your words are a gateway, but your thoughts are too; “[As a man] … thinks … so is he.”  And as you start to think and remember, many times that gate will be [SNAPS FINGERS] instantly wide open immediately, and you’re – and before you know it you’re back in!  Just like if you talk about the glory, suddenly the glory shows up.  You start thinking about and remembering what happened; many times it opens it right up, just by doing that.


SID:  Now let me ask you a question.  Have you – uh obviously I’ve been to your meetings, and you’ve found that uh many people get healed of many unusual things at your meetings.


DAVID:  Um hm.


SID:  Uh, but from a distance, can someone be healed?  Like we’re – we’re in –


DAVID:  Sure.


SID:  t- uh, internet now with this.  Uh, can – can someone be healed just watching us right now?


DAVID:  Oh yeah!  They can be healed; even raised from the dead!  We’ve seen both from a distance!  Um –


SID:  Give me an example of uh one person.  Uh, in fact, the one that comes to mind that we were talking about earlier is where you knew someone’s name –


DAVID:  Yeah.


SID:  when you were speaking.  Tell me about that.


DAVID:  Yeah.  So I was moving in the prophetic, and the word of knowledge, and I said, “Theres someone,” I forgot the name now, but I – I was in Hammond, Louisiana.  I gave the first and last name of a man.  It’s wonderful when you get accurate like that.  Only problem is –




DAVID:  nobody lifted their hand that was for them.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Is there anybody by that name?


SID:  Hm.


DAVID:  So I go, “Is anyone here by that name?”; nobody raised their hand!  And I said “oh, great”.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Is there anybody by that name?


DAVID:  And finally a woman comes up and says, “Well that’s my husbands name, but he’s not here.”  She didn’t tell me what was wrong.


VIDEO:  WOMAN:  My husbands not here.


DAVID:  She stood up, raised her hand.  I said, –


VIDEO:  WOMAN:  He’s been in a coma for 4 days.


DAVID:  “Well, we’ll pray for you, for him.  We’ll -”


VIDEO:  DAVID:  We’ll stand in proxy for him.


DAVID:  “you’ll stand in proxy for him.”  And I just said, “Come back”, three times.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Come back.


DAVID:  She fell out in the Spirit.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Come back.


DAVID:  The next day, she came to the meeting –


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Come back!




DAVID:  and told me, “You didnt know this, but my husband was in a coma for 4 days.”


SID:  And you called his name out.


DAVID:  Called his name, and I said, “Come back.”


SID:  Hm!


DAVID:  But in my natural, I thought, “Oh maybe he left her”, or something, and –


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  no; he was –




DAVID:  gone.  Like, his –


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Come back.


DAVID:  he was in a coma!  And the hour –


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Come back.


DAVID:  that I called his name and she fell out –


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Come back!


DAVID:  in the Spirit, he came back too.


SID:  Uh, and, –




SID:  like, in a little while, if we pray what do you believe is going to happen to people that are just watching this?




DAVID:  Well I believe the presence of God is already here; it’s in their homes.  And if theyll believe when we begin to pray, the moment we pray, things will begin to happen.  They can believe if I give a word of knowledge.  Even if I don’t give them a specific word, while they’re listening, they can just begin to get in the Spirit and start to declare their miracle, and they’ll also see miracles.


SID:  You know, a lot of people miss this, because let’s say David or myself function in the word of knowledge, which we do; we may not say the condition that you’re believing God for, so well don’t miss what David just said.  He said whether he says it or I say it or NOT, it’s yours, in the glory.  Now, tell me uh, you’ve been teaching on these subjects.  Tell me about uh, it’s –




SID:  actually the uh “Aligning With Heaven” package.  It’s uh, it’s the book and the 3 CDs.


DAVID:  Um hm.


SID:  Uh when you teach on this, –




SID:  when you – people read the book, tell me the feedback you get.  Whats going to happen to someone that goes through this “Aligning With Heaven” package?


DAVID: People tell me they wish they had this information and revelation 20 years; their whole life would have been different.  They’re SO thankful, because they’re seeing prayers that they’d never seen answered in 20-, 30-years get answered within hours, days and weeks.  There s- – realizing there’s a – an acceleration.  “My people perish for lack of knowledge”, the Bible says.  Because we don’t KNOW that we have the right to GO that way TO God, we don’t get the results; so it’s a HUGE revolutionary transformation over people.


SID:  Uh tell me – tell me uh, a few of the more popular teachings they get from the CDs and they get from this book.


DAVID:  There’s another teaching about how to activate your DNA into God’s DNA, because the blood of Jesus is very powerful – the blood of Yeshua.  And in your bladder – your DNA – there’s memory; you – there’s memory of your sins, –


SID:  I know this; yes.


DAVID:  and that – your past sins; but there’s also memory of blessings down your family line.  And a lot of us only break the curses on our family line, but we don’t liberate the blessings off our family line.  Even if they weren’t saved, you can ask the Lord to –


SID:  You know, I’ve never HEARD of that before.  How did you?


DAVID: Well the Lord [CHUCKLES] began –


SID:  How did you even know about that?


DAVID:  the Lord began to show me stuff, and I said, “Well let me test this out!” And I started testing it on myself.  And on my Jewish side I had relatives that were scientists, and they knew 12 languages, and they were in business, and government; and I started asking God –


SID:  I’ll take a little of YOUR DNA!  [LAUGHS]


DAVID:  I asked – [CHUCKLES] – I asked – I want some of yours!




DAVID:  And I said, “Lord, cleanse my DNA.  Show me, you know, my mind, my -“, even my – even your I.Q. can go up.  Daniel – it said that – that suddenly he was “ten times [wiser]”, smarter “in all matter [of] wisdom … understanding and learning than his peers]”; it didn’t say he studied ten times more, in Daniel 1!  And so suddenly I’d be waking up for like 6 weeks of doing this, of asking God to cleanse my DNA with His blood, and cleanse my bloodline.  Not just break the curse, but open up the blessings down the line, that’s encapsulated IN your DNA but it’s blocked.


SID:  Hm!


DAVID:  And when you ask Him to OPEN it, you can know things you never learned!  It’s AMAZING!  And suddenly I wake up, and I’m getting quantum physics, I’m getting um understanding of time travel, space travel.  I start picking up languages on this app, and I was learning Finnish, Russian, [SPEAKING RUSSIAN].  I was just picking up just Russian –


SID:  I thought you’d never say that!  No –




SID:  I’m just teasing!  [LAUGHS]


DAVID:  A-and I was like, “WHOA!  My God!  THIS IS AMAAAZING!”  It – and – and it was like synching with my spirit, my mind, my body; everything was like going up another level!


SID:  Uh, uh okay.  Uh [CHUCKLES] Now th-this is fascinating, but he has heard prophetic words that are about ready to happen on planet Earth; I – I want to find out about that.  Uh, don’t you want something more?  [CHUCKLES]  We’ll be right back for “Something More”, and I’m going to tell you something.  I’ll also have David pray, and – a back was just healed.  That was a freebie.  [CHUCKLES]




SID:  We’ll be back for –




SID:  “Something More”.

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