SID: You know, during the break, Richard, God spoke to you. What did he say?


RICHARD: Thank you. Thank you, Lord. Your eardrum is opening right now in the name of Jesus. Deafness is leaving. There’s a person, you’ve had a terrible, it’s a man, you’ve had a terrible problem with varicose on your right leg and those veins are just going flat right now. And then the other word I got, there’s a tumor, this person has a tumor on the left side of your back and you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer as well as there is cancer in the tumor, and that tumor is just dissolving now. And someone is going to go back to the doctor and find out the cancer is gone and you’ll be testifying to Sid and letting him know and the staff know what God is doing. I release that into your life now.


HANK: And you’ve also been out of work, and because of that cancer you’ve been out of work. And the Spirit of God says not only is a work of restoration for your body, but it is a work of restoration that you’ll get your life back including your job and resources shall soon be released, too.


SID: You were minding your own business one day, walking your dog and a cloud shows up. What happened?


HANK: This happened to me last summer. I have two German Shepherd dogs. And if you know anything about German Shepherds they’re very high-energy dogs. As I was walking it was a very bright and sunny day. I feel like Brother Hagin used to say it was a bright and sunny day. But it was a very bright and sunny day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. And I was walking my two German Shepherds, and all of a sudden I looked up above some trees and I thought they were on fire, and a Glory cloud appears. And all of a sudden my dogs sat down. They were at attention and the Spirit of God spoke out of the clouds, and here’s what he said. He said, “Hank, I am going to make this nation great again.” But then he said this, he said, “This is my saying.” He said, “What does a nation look like filled with Glory?” I couldn’t answer him. I started weeping. I said, “God, I don’t the answer to the question you just asked me.” He said, “Watch. I’m about to show you and others because my Glory is coming upon this earth and it’s coming fast.” And it’s for the healing of the nation, and signs, wonders and miracles.


SID: What would that look like to you?


RICHARD: It would look like to me after something that happened in one of my dad’s crusades years ago. There was a night, and my father would tell the story if he were here, where in about a 14-minute span everyone he prayed for was healed. And the next day we came out to the tent and picked up arm loads of crutches and canes, and walkers, and ear pieces, and contraptions of all types and description, and the Glory of God came into that tent.


SID: You said to me when we were talking on the phone that when the prophetic and the healing ministry combine it’s greater than either one by itself. Tell me what you mean by that.


RICHARD: When you join together and you’re seeing the gifts of the Spirit operating in tandem, and that’s what Hank and I saw as we received your invitation to come here to be on this program, we saw the gift of prophecy and the gifts of healing, and the word of knowledge flowing in tandem together. I saw that in the spiritual realm. I saw a word of prophecy and then a word of knowledge, and then a word of knowledge and a word of prophecy. I saw it going back and forth, and we saw just a moment ago when I gave a word about cancer, suddenly he gave a word about a job. That’s what’s happening and that’s what God is doing. And as it happens the Glory of God falls.


HANK: The Lord said a lot of the anger and the bickering, and the fighting that’s going on right now, especially in the United States, is whenever Jesus showed up he had the Spirit without measure. He carried the Glory. The enemy would throw himself on the ground, they would protest, act violently because of the Glory that was moving in upon Jesus. The Glory is moving in among this nation and the earth. Whether we like it or not, whether we agree with it, we will not be able to stop it. You know what a nation looks like filled with Glory? Watch the Supreme Court when all of a sudden God establishes, like you said, righteousness and rightness on hearts. And we’ve got Supreme Court justices that will rule 6-3, 7-2 in favor of the Lord and what he desires. Watch as prayer comes back to our schools and they begin to declare the name of Yeshua cross this nation. For a season God is going to use Israel. Why? Because God’s Glory is coming from there. In fact, Israel, listen, Spirit of God says, “It was from you, you Israel, that a savior came to bring salvation and to bring healing. And this is my promise to you, Israel, that from you is coming a healing bomb as discoveries are being accelerated now to bring cures to those things that they said there is no cure. Watch from Israel. It shall be declared,” says the Lord.


RICHARD: We’re going to see tremendous healing among children.


HANK: Yes.


RICHARD: Many of you watching right now, you have children, you have sons and daughters, you have grandchildren, you have great-grandchildren. Some of them have been very ill. There is healing coming to children.


SID: I want you to reach out to God now, hear his voice, be his voice. Do you need deliverance? Do you need healing? Release your faith. Be healed.



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