SID: I know your story, Richard, but to be raised with one of the giants of men and women of God that move in miracles, but not even raised with them, but at his side at so many of his meetings. You can see God’s hand on your life from the very beginning. But tell me what you saw with your own eyes, creative miracles of your dad.


RICHARD: Sid, the one that really stands out to me is the one that you and I have talked about before, was a little boy that was born without a hip socket. And when his mother brought him into the prayer line he was about my age. And my dad read the prayer card and said to the woman, “I am so sorry. I just don’t have faith for a creative miracle.” The woman took the microphone and said, “Brother Roberts, I don’t ask you to have any faith at all. You just pray and I’ll do the believing.” And he prayed and seemingly nothing happened. The little boy left on his crutches and the metal brace, and he went off the same way he came on. But the next night when we got to the tent they had the little boy up on the platform and he was running and jumping. He didn’t have a crutch. His shoe was not built up. There was no metal brace and he was running and jumping. And my father went over and put his hand on the place where he put it the night before where his hip was all sunken in because there was no hip socket, and in the night God had supernaturally created a hip socket. And he’s still doing that today. Someone’s left leg, which is shorter than the other is supernaturally being lengthened and you’re going to find, in fact before this program is over, someone is going to find that their leg has grown out to the exact length of their other leg.


SID: Now Richard, I’ve read a lot about your dad and the devil tried to get rid of him before he got started. He had, which was really a fatal type of disease back then, TB.




SID: And God spoke to him about his call. What did he say?


RICHARD: He said, “Son, I am going to heal you and you’re to take my healing power to your generation.” And when his older brother, my oldest uncle, and aunt, my oldest aunt, his sister, took him to a healing meeting, a man prayed a different kind of prayer. He didn’t say, “Lord, if it be your will, heal this boy of tuberculosis.” Instead, he said, “You foul tormenting sickness, I adjure you by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, come out of this boy, loose him and set him free.” Someone is liable to get healed right now as I’m praying that prayer right now because the power of God is just as strong now as it was then. As the power of God came up his feet, up his legs, into his body, suddenly he could breathe without hemorrhaging. Before, for the period of five months when he would cough he would hemorrhage and spit blood across the room, and had lost the power to walk. But suddenly, the power of God came in, he could breathe all the way in and breathe all the way out. He had been born a stutterer, could hardly say his name especially when he was under pressure. They put a microphone in his face and he talked for ten minutes before he realized he hadn’t stuttered once. That was the beginning of the healing ministry of something supernatural.


SID: You recently taught on the subject of miracles are coming towards us.




SID: Or passed us.




SID: Tell me why they go passed us. I’d rather know how to come into me, receive it.


RICHARD: Just look at the scriptures, Sid. Here you see Jesus with a great crowd and the Bible speaks of two or three that were healed. Miracles were coming toward the people or they were going passed the people, some who wanted to be in the atmosphere to receive, some who didn’t want to be in the atmosphere to receive. So miracles were constantly passing by. What we have to learn how to do is to use our faith. It’s not just his power. His power is important, certainly, but we have to use our faith. His power and our faith have to come together and it happens through a point of contact. A point of contact is something that you do and when you release your faith you get yourself into an atmosphere for healing. The woman who touched the border of his garment, the woman with the issue of blood made the border of his garment, which was more than likely a prayer shawl, which had tassels at the base, representing the Law of Moses, which was the Word of God, she made the Word of God a point of contact. She said, if I can, really what she was saying was if I can just get my hands on the Word of God I will release my faith, and as soon as she touched it her faith was released because Jesus whirled around and said, “Who has touched me?” Now she touched the tassels on his garment, but he said, “Someone has touched ME.” We can touch him by our faith. We can release our faith. Faith, when I receive this prayer in the name of Jesus, I release my faith to you and I receive a miracle. You know, when my father prophesied and put a portion of his spirit on me, I said, “Lord, I want that. I claim that in Jesus’ name. That’s mine in the name of Jesus.” And that’s what she was doing. And Jesus whirled around and said, “Someone has touched me.” She told him the truth. He said, “Woman, your faith, your believing, the fact that you have released your faith has set you free.” And often times when I pray for people they say, well I didn’t feel instantaneous healing. Well who knows? It might come by the end of this program. It might come tomorrow. It might come next week. That’s why we hold in faith and continue to release our faith, and say, I’m not coming out of this prayer of agreement until the miracle is manifested.

SID: Richard, you have people healed of stage 4 cancer. So many people, tell me a quick story of one person.


RICHARD: I just got a testimony just this morning of a woman who called for prayer. She had a fibroid tumor the size of a grapefruit. And when we prayed she said the thing just went flat. The doctor said it’s no longer there. She released her faith. I wasn’t there to lay hands on her. I didn’t have a word of knowledge for her. But when I prayed, she took hold of her faith and let it go to God, and the fibroid tumor disappeared. We just got another testimony from a woman who had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and she’s the one you’re referring to. Just about three weeks ago, I got this testimony. She had called into our Abundant Life prayer group and we had prayed, and they had brought the prayer request to me. We prayed. She called back and said, “I went back to the doctor again. Now they cannot find a trace of cancer in my body. It is gone.” What God did, he’s still doing.


SID: Now when we come back Hank Kunneman and Richard Roberts are here to reveal how healing and the prophetic, they work together for supernatural results. Stay with us.

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