Sid:  My guest by way of telephone is Bobby Connor; I’m talking to him at his home in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.  And Bobby any time I talk to someone from Moravian Falls I know that they are moving in the supernatural.  I hear so many stories about people seeing or having visitations from angels from Moravian Falls. I was reading in my notes about the time that you had a visitation of fourteen angels.

Bobby:  Yes.

Sid:  Tell me about that.

Bobby:  Okay, a man built a cabin here, I man asked my wife several years ago, “Do you think if I built a little cabin Bobby would come stay here some?”  So, she said, “I don’t know ask him.”  So finally I told him yes I would.  So there was no buildings up in here at that time so there was a little old creek running and beautiful little place.  So the man built a cabin, a little bitty small cabin and so we’re dedicating this cabin after he got it built so we’re praying and it’s around 9:00 at night and as I’m praying loud footsteps began to sound inside the cabin.  There’s only two of us there and neither one of us are moving. This man squeezed my hand real real tight and he said, I got to leave hadn’t I.  And I said, “Yes.”  And so he left and then I hear a noise out on the porch of this cabin and Sid I walked out there and there was fourteen to eighteen angels.  And they were dressed like pilgrims.  Now I’ll tell you why they were dressed…

Sid:  But wait a second, just out of curiosity had you had numerous angelic visitations before that or was this a first?

Bobby:  No, I had angel visitations before that.

Sid:  Okay.

Bobby:  So these angels were dressed like pilgrims because the Moravians had stationed them way back in the 1700’s when the Moravians’ had come through here, Zinzendorf that group.  And so the first question the angels asked me was this, “What took you so long?”  You know they were talking about picking up the mantle and coming to the land and occupying the land.  And so I stayed out on the porch, now this sounds crazy but it’s the truth, and I just fellowshipped and played with these angels.  They would jump off the porch, they would jump back on the porch, they were swinging in the porch swing, they’d swing around the post on the porch.  Now I’m actually awake I’m you know actual angels and then all of a sudden after about forty-five minutes one group got kind of quiet and I looked and they vanished.  And I looked and the other group vanished and then so it’s about 10:00 or 10:15 at night so I walked back in the cabin and I’m setting there on the couch watching the fireplace burning, and I’m kind of chewing myself out I thought, wow, I shouldn’t have played around I should have inquired of the Lord and something like that.  And Sid about that time a heavy knock came on the door real hard.  Now remember we’re up in the isolated mountain in a cabin no houses is a round.  Whop,whop the knock came, startled me my heart jumped up in my throat and I said, “Come in” and a voice said in a “No, you must come out.”   And Sid I go to the door, open the door and there stands Jesus Christ, not a vision, I’m talking about Jesus standing there at the door of the cabin and He had a bottle in His hand which appeared to me that looked like a Champaign bottle and here’s what He said to me, “He said, “We’re going to have a Christening service, but you don’t know anything about christening that’s what He said and then walked right passed me, didn’t stop in the living room where the fireplace was, went straight to the bedroom and before in just a flash He took the bottle struck the wall with it and the bottle shattered and an oil began to run down the wall.  Now watch this, I thought it, I didn’t say it, I thought it, I thought “Oh, my how am I going to explain the man that built the cabin the first night something has happened to his wall.  The moment I thought this the Lord Jesus rebuked me, he said to me, He said, “You never have to attempt to apologize for what I do or explain what I do.”  Then He said, “Look, He had me look at the wall and oil that was running down the wall in this cabin had been turned into a map of the world.”  “Have you seen a war room where the map is laid out straight, you can see all the continents at one time?”

Sid:  Yes.

Bobby:  That’s the way this was Sid then the Lord took His finger and would point at the map and where He would point would light up and He said, “You can only target what I target or you’ll become a target.”  And He stayed with me all most all night, every hair on my body stood up like I’d been electrocuted and it was the strangest thing.  My wife was in Texas praying, “Oh God give Bobby a visitation, I’m in Moravian Falls praying, “Oh God don’t kill Bobby.”  I’m telling you for weeks my hair, every hair on my body stood out like electricity.

Sid:  My goodness, now the places that He was pointing on the map. What was going to happen at these places?

Bobby:  He just told me that you can only target what I target or you’ll become a target.  When He would touch those places He would show me some of the things that He’s going to do, some of the events that’s going to take place there good and bad.  I’ll throw this one in, one of the place that He pointed at was Kiev in the Ukraine.

Sid:  Yes.

Bobby:  And hear what He said about Kiev He said, “The largest revival in the history of mankind will spring from Kiev and it’s going to start in Kiev and run down to Russia.”  And He said, “It will mainly erupt in Russia with youth, and then He said, “Watch this.”  And He showed me like a, do you remember in the old western movies they would light up a powder keg?  They would light a fuse, remember?

Sid:  Sure.

Bobby:  That’s what happened, He lit what looked like a fuse and I saw a foot run up and try to stamp it out, which was orthodox religion and they couldn’t stamp it out.  And then I saw another foot running and tried to kick dust on it and that was the mafia, but they couldn’t stamp it out.

Sid:  It’s interesting whenever I go to Russia or Ukraine especially in Ukraine especially in areas like Odessa and Kiev where I’ve ministered, but especially Odessa where every other person has Jewish ancestry, which is amazing, it’s like an open heaven there.

Bobby:  Can I tell you what happened to me here in Moravian Falls?  When we came up here to live I go to a certain place, it’s a certain big rock and I’m setting there looking out over the land and I’m just praying, but I’m not really fervently praying, I’m waiting.

Sid:    Right.

Bobby:  And Sid the Lord Jesus Christ came and sat right down at my right and here’s what He said to me.  He said, “I’ve called you to this land to redeem it for its original purposes.  I said, “What is that?”  He said, “It’s the salvation of the native American and the protection of the Jews, get under this rock.”  That’s exactly what He told me.  And there’s a rock a great big rock the size of a big room in a house.  And then He said, “Get under this rock” and I protested, I said, “Lord, I can’t get under this rock.”  He said, “Get under this rock” and I looked and there was a lip and a clef under this rock.  So I climbed under the rock and as I’m pushing with my hand to keep from falling a rock fell off in my hand about the size of a dinner plate.  And He said, “What’s that in your hand?”  And I said, “Why” and I looked at it and it’s a perfect cut out of the state of North Carolina.  And so I showed it to Rick Joyner, he said, “Keep that its a sign.”  But the Lord told me, He said, I’m calling you here to this land for its original purpose, the salvation of the native Americans and the protection of the Jews.  Isn’t that strange?

Sid:  I have heard that about that particular land before, now when the Lord visited you He talked about it’s time for you to take up your mantle.  What is your mantle?

Bobby:  I’ll tell you our mantle I believe is really just being a prophet to the nations and just trying to show people the Lord does speak to them.  John 10:3 says “My sheep hear my voice,” John 10:27 says “and they will follow me and another voice they will not follow.”  So I believe we need to train the people of God to clearly and concisely hear the voice of God.

Sid:  … “God’s Supernatural Power” about walking in the anointing, most people don’t even have a clue what that terminology means.  What does that mean?

 Bobby:    It means doing the works that Jesus Christ did through the same power that Jesus Christ did through while He was walking here on earth.  It’s the power of the Holy Spirit.  And one of the verses we use in our new book is Psalms 92:10 “I shall be anointed with fresh oil, this fresh oil anointing will release my strength like that of a wild ox.”  And we need anointing; if we study the Bible in the New Testament Jesus did no mighty miracles until He was filled with the Holy Ghost.  Acts 10:38 tell us God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power.  And so that’s what we got to have we got to have that anointing and the power of God.

Sid:  Now I’d say the number one thing in addition to that though, but the number one thing is what you said just previous and that is hearing God’s voice.  Is it just becoming aware or is there something else we can do to hear His voice clearer?

Bobby:  I tell them, intimacy.  Nothing will intensify hearing like intimacy.  My wife and I have been married over forty-three years.  If she called me and I go “Who is this, woo we’re in trouble.”  But see I should be able to tell whether she’s happy or sad just by the inflection of her voice.  And so that’s what we’ve got to do; we got to become very and very intimate with the voice of God.

Sid:  Tell me some practical things we can do to accelerate this.

Bobby:  Number one we’ve lost the real art of getting still before the Lord, Psalm 46:10 & 11 says “Be still and know.”  And we’re in a very fast pace world and this world tries to get us so busy so we don’t have that time of meditating upon the Lord waiting before Him.  And so we need to learn how to shut the world out.  Remember it says, Jesus said when you pray inter into your closet.  Now we can’t spend time, 24 hours a day in a closet, but we need to learn how in a fast pace world how to get alone with God, to shut the world out and put our focus on the Lord.  And one of the ways to do that is the Word of God and getting still.  I like to listen to real soft praise music, you know there’s terms out there about soaking and marinating and stuff like that.  But I believe it’s good to be still and just wait before the Lord.

Sid:  Did God show you anything about these radio shows that we’re doing right now?

Bobby:  I’ll tell you what we’ve got to do, God is going to initiate a hunger in the hearts of the people.  But God’s going to start releasing prophetic words to people.  Here’s what I saw, I see right now there’s a woman listening.  Her name is Ruth, her last name starts with an L.  But she’s got a wayward daughter; Ruth has a wayward daughter that has been away from home and away from the teachings of the family and away from the things that she was trained in, but God going to bring her back.  And she goes by Nicole now, I don’t think that’s her real name, I thinks it’s almost like a nickname that she’s picked up for herself.  But I want to encourage Ruth that her daughters going to come home.  Her daughter will be back home and it’s going to be a wonderful time.  I see the month, by November, by this coming November Ruth’s daughter will be back home and it will be as though she never really broke fellowship with the home.  So I’m very excited about that.

Sid:  Now are you hearing what you’re saying or are you seeing a vision, what’s going on?

Bobby:  Okay, while I was talking to you a moment ago when I said that Jesus came and sat on the rock, and then I saw this woman named Ruth, and I saw that she’s been praying, she is listening to the program.  She’s been praying for her daughter.

Sid:  You saw this like in a vision or you actually?

Bobby:  I really did, I just saw it up in the airs is what I would call it because we’re doing this interview from the home in Moravian Falls and I can see my office and I can see the house hear.

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