Sid:  My guest, Kathie Walters has been walking in the supernatural for many years, what is unusual for most Christians is normal for Kathie.  She says, “Everyone should become normal.”  Tell me about the angels that look like Israeli soldiers that you saw in Israel.

Kathie:  Okay, can I say something first because I’m feeling something on today’s broadcast, I can feel like heaviness on the mind.  And I feel like people listening today have been under, a lot of people have been under some real heavy religious mindsets and a lot of condemnation.  And so when you feel that people tend not to feel worthy of seeing angels, or not to feel worthy of seeing the supernatural, but the supernatural realm is for every single Christian, it’s supposed to be a normal part of our life.  You just have to decide to believe this is for me this supernatural realm, my inheritance.  Jesus died that we would all walk in it, not just a few special people, so I just wanted to say that because I feel there’s heaviness on the mind; it’s good to be light headed.  You know, you have your mind full of the Holy Spirit and you can be light headed and then it’s much easier for God to speak to you and then you begin to see the things of the Spirit much more clearly and easily.  But when I was in Israel and I saw this friend and she wanted to ask a rabbi some questions about a festival that was happening but we couldn’t get near the rabbi because there was a crowd around him.  So she said, “Oh I just wanted to ask these questions and suddenly in front of us appeared an angel, but he was dressed like an Israeli soldier.  And we were in the middle of a courtyard, there was nowhere for him to come from, but he just stood in front of us and he began to answer my friends questions in perfect English.  Now she hadn’t asked him the questions, but he just came and stood over us in front and answered the questions.

Sid:  We’re going to have more and more reports of experiences with angels with this brand new outpouring of God’s spirit, I believe that Kathy.

Kathie:  It’s happening, it’s happening.

Sid:  And you know something else that is pretty interesting, you talk about there are angels for ministries, angels for churches, and sometimes when someone is ministering that has their own angel, the angel of the church sort of sits down and lets the angel with the guest minister demonstrate the power of God.  Give me some examples. 

Kathie:  Okay, can I just finish that other little story, because what was interesting about that angel in Israel was, he answered the questions then totally disappeared.  Then my friend said, “Oh I forgot to ask, and he immediately was back again.”  But when he left the anointing on us was so strong, that people that came near us after that literally were not able to stand up.  So those angels are all over Israel.  Anyway, you were asking me about a meeting and I saw something very interesting in a meeting one time and there’s a principal.  I was in a meeting of end time handmaidens with Gwen Shaw and I saw an angel standing in the balcony watching over the meeting; he had his arms folded just watching.  And I said to the Lord, “Who is that?”  And the Lord said, “That’s the angel that’s over this ministry and he is under and Arc Angel Michael who is over Jerusalem.”  Well, I thought that is interesting; the next day he was there again but he suddenly moved over to the other side of the balcony and another angel came and stood in that place where he had been.  But the other angel was like a glory cloud with a figure of a man in it and I thought, “What is going on?”  And the next thing Gwen Shaw introduced Ruth Heflin’s going to speak.   So Ruth Heflin came and I realized the angel that I saw, the glory angel had come with Ruth.  Ruth ministered to the people and then she left, and when she left that angel went with her and the first angel came and stood back in his place.  So I saw that when, like if you are invited somewhere to minister at a church or conference of whatever, the angel over that church stands aside so that your angel can take control of the meeting.  And when you leave the first angel comes back again, that’s why you shouldn’t do things without being invited.

Sid:  Oh, well you end up being there by yourself.  There’s another interesting story that I think is fascinating about being translated in a mosque and knowing things about people.

Kathie:  Yeah, I actually was in a prayer meeting in Florida just praying with these ladies, I didn’t really know them very much and the Holy Spirit said to me, “You need to go and stand in the next room, the living room.”  I said, “I can’t walk around someone’s house that I don’t know.”  And so He said, “Just do it.”  And so I went into the next room and this light came down; it was kind of like being beamed up or something; this light came down and hit me.  I actually fell on the floor, but the nest minute I was walking in the streets in Jerusalem with Jesus and we were walking around.  He started to tell me about different people that we saw. The next minute I was standing in back of the mosques, well I’ve always been very careful to avoid the mosque, but I was standing in the back and Jesus was there and He said, “Just wait there.”  And there were a lot of men kneeling on mats on the floor and He went and touched three or four of them on the shoulder and He came back to me and He said, “These men are going to be saved and I’m sending someone here to minister to them.”  Then we walked out of the mosque and walked down the Via Delarosa, we walked in the old city.  And then He suddenly, I don’t know how long I was there, but He suddenly turned to me and said to me, “You have to leave now.”  So I said, “Oh no, I’ll stay you know this is interesting future move by different people.”  He said, “No, you have to go because I’m going to visit the prayer meeting in the convent.  That’s where Mother Barbara was who had that very famous Russian prophecy in 1904.

Sid:  Quickly, I’m not familiar with that prophecy from 1904.

Kathie:  It was given to a Russian Monk in 1904 and Mother Barbara brought it with her to Jerusalem, she went to Jerusalem and it was a prophecy about the nations.  But it said, “That the rivers of blood will flow in Russia, it said Germany would be divided in two, Great Britain would lose her empire and I don’t want to try to remember off hand but it’s very famous prophecy.  Anyway, He said, “I have to go and the next minute I was back on the floor in Florida but I don’t know when you have those experiences you actually do kind of leave your body. Sometimes in revival we say, “Talk about going away, they went away” and that’s happened to me several times I’ve been away somewhere, but when you come back the presence of God is so strong that you can’t move.”  I don’t know if you’ve had that experience but you can’t even move your eyelids; the people think that you’ve kind of died or something.  When I came back all these people were praying over me you know and it takes a little while to kind of come back again.  But yeah I went to different places that way and I perceive that that’s increasing too; but like I say, “It’s for everyone, everybody, everybody, everybody not just a few special people.  I wish people would start believing that and start believing that it’s for me.  You start declaring this is my inheritance, this realm of the spirit.

Sid:  Kathy, something very special is going to happen on tomorrows broadcast.  How do I know that?  Because there is, I don’t know if an angel came into this studio but something significant happened in the Spirit just about oh, five minutes ago into our conversation that wasn’t present before.  But even as you were talking about getting a little woozy I was getting a little woozy as you were saying that.

Kathie:  Well, there’s the angels that came around you with the blue lights you remember?

Sid: …Kathy we are going to talk on tomorrows broadcast about the Honey Angel, but give me just a little bit a preview of the Honey Angel.

Kathie:  Well, it finally represents the Spirit of revelation and so the Lord, I have known Him to release that Honey Angel, He’s been given honey to everybody that wants it and that’s the spirit of revelation and I’ll explain that.  And I’ll explain what happened when he came and how he’s been released everywhere now to bring the honey.

Sid:  Well, start just a little bit.

Kathie:  Well, the honey, you see people have had lots and lots of head knowledge even though it’s been kind of like charismatic head knowledge or something but the real revelation of the Spirit comes to take you into the spirit realm.  Not just to catch little glimpses, not just to have a vision now and again, but to actually be caught up and taken up into the spiritual realm which is the Spirit revelation and God is pouring that out.

Sid:  And one of the things when I think about you Kathy, I think about you in the Spirit you go on chariot rides.

Kathie:  Yes!

Sid Roth:  I mean you literally did that one time when we were having dinner together.  It’s, I don’t want to confess this, but I haven’t had that yet and you provoke me to jealousy.

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